Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midsummer, A Wedding, A Birthday, And A Bad Puppy

In Sweden, Midsummer was celebrated this past weekend with trimming of Maypoles, followed by dancing to music played on accordions and fiddles long into the light summer night. Well, that's how I remember it anyway. Tradition also has it that if a young girl picks seven different wildflowers and puts under her pillow, she will dream of the man she will marry. Of course these are old, old traditions and I don't know what modern families do. But I saw Maypoles when I was there in 2005 and I also picked this small bouquet of wildflowers and put in the window.

Saturday:  In Stockholm, there was a wedding: Crown princess Victoria married her long time love, Daniel. I believe they met when he was her personal trainer; at least that's what they said on CNN.

These photos from my computer are not good, but I loved how she reached out and touched his face during the ceremony. Such a sweet gesture.

All these people, 500,000 of them, gathered to celebrate the event. Whether you support the monarchy or not, a love story will always make you smile.

Sunday: Fathers Day -- I watched the end of the US Open golf championship at Pebble Beach, California. A young man, McDowell, I think his name was, from Northern Ireland, won. It was emotional for me to see his dad run out to embrace this son after he won. I could relate to this, coming from the old country and experiencing something that huge.

Monday: Summer solstice, longest day of the year (in Stockholm there is no midnight sun, but it doesn’t get dark either) and my birthday. I have a sentimental love for Sweden this time of the year. And who wouldn't…it's so lovely.

A midsummer night south of Stockholm.

This year, my birthday was HUGE: 70! When I was young, I thought for sure you were supposed to feel pretty old by 70. So far, so good…I feel just the same as always.

My husband came up, of course, and took me for a drive around the countryside. We saw the huge flock of sheep that mows the large fields all around this area. Some horses that could have been wild mustangs and fields full of wild mustard and poppies. Spring came late here; usually you see poppies in May. It was so much fun for me to just get out -- it has been about a month. I know my husband wanted to either cook something special for me or take me out for dinner, but I could see how very tired he was, so I suggested we just pick up a pizza. I could tell he was relieved. We got a Little Caesar's pizza with extra anjovis that we both enjoyed.

After that, we had this:

with ice cream. In Sweden, even birthdays, 50, 60, and so on, are celebrated in a huge way, but this one was just what I wanted and needed. Quality time with someone I love, simple time, spent together. I loved every minute of it.

Tuesday: We went to town in the morning and stocked up on food and supplies for me. When we came home, this darling boy

had not only pooped in the house, he had dragged out a box of classical CDs and chewed up a Pavarotti boxed set, where he destroyed the first CD, that included some of my favorite arias from Verdi operas. Then he also demolished one of my favorite CDs with music by Erik Satie. There was that hard plastic with sharp edges everywhere and one couldn't help but wonder how much of it was in his stomach. So I fed him a lot of soft bread and I think he will be OK.

They went back to LA late last night, so a short, but heartwarming, visit that I will treasure for ever.


  1. Inger, You had a fun-filled birthday weekend....Happy Birthday to you!
    Samson was a naughty boy! Trying to tell you something!? I guess.
    You are 70? Keep up what you are works for you.
    Erik Satie is one of my favourites....been listening to him for years now. Great to play when you want to be by yourself for a while.

  2. Happy Birthday, just a little late. I'm glad that you had the kind of weekend that makes memories, even memories of Samson chewing on CD's. May you make many more wonderful memories!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to you! Wow, 70, We sure wouldn't know it! That cake sure looks yummy! The pizza sounds pretty good too. Samson is pulling a Jill, isn't he? Naughty boy, the joys of raising a puppy, huh?

  4. 70!!! I would never have guessed

    Tell me, does the 7 wild flowers work at any other time?

    I could use a sweet dream

  5. Happy Birthday to you Inger. It really is nice to hear that you feel just like always before, age is really just a number and you are only as old as you feel. So many happy more returns for you.
    Growing up in Europe I remember watching all the royal things happening and I remember when Victoria was born. She was cute as a kid and certain has grown into a very pretty young woman. Made me so happy to see those pictures of her wedding.
    Well Sweden, never been there, but my uncle was there once on vacation and he just totally loved it. He said it was absolutely stunning and beautiful. Definitely one country I would love to visit.
    Hope you are having another great week without any more puppy incidents.:)

  6. Poopy Puppy...shame shame on you...You need me there to help. At least Samson has great taste in music...poop on! lol

  7. Jabacue: I first learned of Satie from the Blood, Sweat and Tears album back in the day.
    Louise: Thanks.
    Sharon: Thanks and big as he is, Samson is still a puppy. Will be one year old on 7/7.
    Upupaepos: You could always try it.
    Tina: I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of Victoria. I'm glad she found someone to share her life with.
    Sophie: Never thought about his taste in music. No more poops..don't say that.

  8. If you hadn't said what your age was I would never have guessed it. Today's 70 is the new 50.
    Oh my, bad Samson. Bad! He had quite the party himself while you were away. And why is it they always seem to destroy what you like most! I can only imagine the other dog's faces while Sampson was being bad.
    I am so happy you enjoyed you birthday.

  9. happy birthday!! and wow at that wedding dress...lovely!

    naughty puppy...bless :) xxx

  10. Thank you for sharing this time with us ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may your year ahead be a lovely one. Sorry to hear about your CD's 'ooops !' but I guess it could have been worse ! Mmmmm .... your birthday cake looked delicious, too ....

  11. Happy Birthday Inger! I really wouldn't have guessed you were 70 years young!
    Princess Victoria is my favorite royalty these days, she is so beautiful and so sweet!
    Hmmmm Samson.... not a classical music fan? You could have just barked so...

  12. Of course, I love fairy tale weddings, royalty, and her gorgeous gown! I also enjoy reading and seeing pictures of Sweden. Happy birthday...every decade is a milestone, but every year is another one cherished for a life well lived.


  13. AJ-Oaks: I wonder too what the other dogs were doing -- Angel likes to be in charge and keep an eye on things -- maybe she doesn't like opera either!
    Amy: Thanks.
    Sandra: I heard a lot of people in Europe looked at the wedding. Glad you like her, she seems sweet. The way she touched his cheek.
    Lynda: Thanks for the good wishes. Store bought carrot cake, but delicious.
    Ninny: I'm glad you enjoyed my post about various things.

  14. Samson is a couple of weeks younger than Jill, no wonder they are so much alike! ;-)

  15. Sharon: I'm kind of glad Samson lives in LA. I feel a bit too old to deal with all that puppy stuff. But he is adorable and I love him very much.

  16. Well, all I have to say about that dog least he has good taste! LOL Too bad too, I also love Pavarotti, what a voice! HAPPY BIRTHDAY too, I am so glad it was a good one for you,,you do not look 70...I hope I feel the same at reaching that age. And yes, a romance..we never get tired of hoping for that! Love the cake too...:D

  17. Julie: My About Me photo was taken four years ago. I look much older now I think. But thanks. And you for sure look like a very young grandma.


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