Monday, June 14, 2010

Spa Day -- Sort Of -- Mostly Brushing

Hello Everyone, it's me, Princess!

Before I tell you about our spa day, mommy and me want to welcome a new follower to our blog: The Cottage Garden Farmer.
We found out that we were going to have a spa day yesterday. You never know exactly what that means. If it's just a brushing, it's fine with us dogs.
But none of us likes a bath and when we saw all the stuff mommy took out, we got a little worried.  We don't like to get our ears cleaned with this stuff even if we can hear better afterwards. And we're all scared of our pedicures.
Look at Angel; she's trying to hide all her paws! And doesn't she have a worried face?

Yesterday mommy gave each one of us a good brushing. Then she wiped us off with some nice smelling doggie towels. That felt very good. She told me I was the dirtiest dog of all – I bet that's because I just LOVE to ROLL: in the snow, in the grass, and, I must confess, in the dirt too. Here I am, rolling in the snow:

I like rolling in the snow the best!

We also got our ears cleaned, but then mommy got tired and said she would do our nails later. She said she had to go and take a shower and brush herself too. I wonder why she thinks she needs a brushing; she doesn't have any fur, except for that long hair she needs to get cut. Us dogs never quite understand what our persons are doing most of the time.
So she disappeared in the bathroom and was gone a long time. When she came out, she was rosy all over and smelled real good. But she wasn't done, she brought out a towel and put a basin of warm water on it and said she had to soak her feet. That always looks so nice and I wonder why us dogs don't get to soak our paws. I heard that Martha Stewart's dogs have to soak their paws before they are even allowed in the house. I bet you Martha Stewart has a cleaner house than mommy does.
Then mommy brought this out. Oh, I've had my eyes on that orangey/red nail polish for the longest time. I think it would go so well with my black fur, don't you? I guess mommy may put some on me if I agree to have my pedicure without fuss. I have to think about that.

This time mommy just put on clear nail polish and after that our spa day was over.

Thanks for visiting – we all hope to see you here soon again!

Posted by me, Princess!


  1. How was the brushing....Inger?
    Sophie has almost the same eye solution as Princess does. She hates it!!!! But, strangely enough doesn't mind her nails being 'done'.......guess it's because she get a little treat for each foot!

  2. Hi Princess! I bet you felt better after the good brushing and toweling and getting your ears cleaned! You probably smell better too! If Mommy felt better, she would be brushing us down really good too, we have hair tumble-weeds all over again, since it got so hot!
    Wet kisses,
    Jack and Jill

  3. sweet...I can see that you love rolling in the snow. Looks like a lot of fun to me too. Good that you enjoyed your spa day and I bet you were glad that your mommy was too tired to do your nails.:)

  4. I love primpin'(not pimpin') 'cause I love the peeps just takin' care of me.

  5. Jack and Jill: We don't like the hot weather either. Don't complain too much or you may get hosed down.--Princess
    Jabacue: Heavenly!! But not as thorough as you described.
    Tina: Pretty soon everyone is going to wish for some snow around here.--Princess
    Sophie: I know you need a lot of primpin, beachcomber that you are.--Princess

  6. Leon and the Girls beg to inform Princess that they are glad they are cats, because they take care of their own grooming. Well, except for the pedicure thing. The human has to do that. But, only because the human won't let them go outside and trim their claws the natural way, on tree bark.

  7. Hey Princess. Tell your mommy that she outshines Martha Stewart any day of the week!
    You looked very, very happy rolling in the snow. I love the snow too!
    Maybe, just maybe if you put your charm on your mommy she will paint your nails!!

  8. Leon and the Girls: I used to have a cat here too, he was very sweet, so I know about cats a little. Thanks for commenting -- it's the first time I got a cat comment.--lol, Princess
    AJ-Oaks: Mommy says thanks for the compliment and we'll see about the nail polish.--Princess

  9. Wow, what a relaxing doggy-day at your house!
    You all should get together and give your mommy a pedicure. She deserves one, don't you think?
    That bag of nail polish made me laugh - I saw a show on tv the other night called "Extreme Poodles". These dogs were dyed and fluffed and snipped into all sorts of different characters and designs. And every single one had some kind of crazy color on their nails. I can't imagine you guys looking that way! :-)

  10. farmgirl-dk: I saw a it too and I didn't like it one bit what they did to those poodles. Like I said, us dogs will never understand some things our persons do. Nail polish is as far as I'll go.--Princess

  11. Hi Princess-That is a dedicated mommy you have - that she makes a spa day for you with only one good arm! I can feel the love:)

  12. Rachael K.: Yes, our mommy is pretty good, except when she decides to put me on a diet!--Princess


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