Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feeling Good Again!!

It didn't take long for me to figure out that there was no point in dwelling on what I can't do and just do what I can. So, for the past four days, I've been up and outside early enough to watch the sun clear the tall mountains to the east. That's before six am and I love being outside working or walking that early.
I just came back from here:
How great it felt to pick up the mail. Small steps forward.
Princess enjoyed her walk this cool morning.
When I came back, I started to water the cottonwoods, which look like this:
But I soon realized that there is a lot of water in the ground. I just sank in the mud, something unusual for around here.
The cottonwoods are not getting any leaves in a normal sense – I believe the buds simply froze. In pictures from last year, they had leaves in the beginning of May.
Now leaves are coming in from more protected places on the trees, like close to the trunk.
And there are a lot of shoots on their very long roots. So the trees are alive and I have no idea what to do with them. I'll probably do some research and then treat them the same way I do every summer. If anyone knows about trees -- advice will be much appreciated.
I decided to spend about an hour each morning clearing weeds, using these tools. Don't laugh, they work. So does pulling some tall grasses up with your hand. I also use a shovel to beat around the weeds and then listen for rattles, which is my way of checking for rattlesnakes. I hope I won't see any, because I won't be able to move them. Since I won't kill them, I would have a problem on my hands.
I've been out there, working, three days in a row now, but today I'm tired from the walk, so I'll just rest and work on my blog.
Yesterday morning, I started on the west side of the house, where there are wooden boards by the sheds. Critters live or like to hide under them.
Phew! Lot's of work here.
The rest of the yard – all that Rachael wasn't able to mow looks like this.  And it's only a small part of it: there is the back yard, up the hill, around the barn – I need to borrow a couple of goats here.
Yesterday evening, as I rested on my couch, there was a lot of bird activity outside.
Two ravens were courting in the cottonwood tree. 
 Getting cozier and cozier. I've never seen a raven chick, nor do I know where they actually have their nests. Something to check into.
Then a hummingbird peeked through my window and kept coming back all evening. So lovely!
I enlarged this a bit, but it's not very clear. My living room window belongs to the dogs -- it's the one they bark at, spit on, and really mess up. With all these fun activities taking place outside, I should keep it clean at all times and get better pictures…..
Pretty pink clouds appeared as the sun set on an altogether lovely day.

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