Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Part One of: Two Awards and Let Me Tell You About My Friend

The name of her blog is very appropriately: A Little Farm With a Big Heart. I think most of you are familiar with this blog, definitely one of the cutest and most heart-warming blogs around. And my friend, who is a staunch supporter of the welfare of all animals, also vents her anger and frustration at animal abuse, abandonment and other issues close to her heart on her blog.
Homeless animals of all kinds seem to find their way to this little farm and no one is ever turned away. My friend also has a real talent for finding animals in need of a good home, like those cats she got at the feed store. Never mind she already had about twenty cats at home (I don't know the exact number, but I know there are many). My friend has a very big heart and a huge capacity for love. I cried with her, from a distance, when she lost her beloved dog, Rose, and her bird Joey. I laugh with her, also from a distance, at the antics of all those kittens. And I love that she named her chickens after her good friends, and it just so happened that the one named after me, Little Inger, became the star of the chicken coop and the blog. 
You may not see this in the blog, but let me tell you that A Little Farm With a Big Heart is home to about 50 rescued animals, probably more now, with Little Inger and all those chickens.
And now someone has complained to the authorities that there are too many large animals at her farm!! See her blog post of June 1. I'm still fuming about this and I want my friend to know that I love you and will support you in any way I can.

This is the first award I got from my friend and I will just be honored to accept it. It was given to me back in March when my internet service was down for a couple of weeks and I found out about it later.
So thank you for this award, thank you for what you are doing for the animals, and for just being you.
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  1. Visst är det roligt med lite uppskattning.
    I det förra inlägget där du visar en orm. Då känner jag att det är tur att jag inte bor där du bor för jag tycker det är så otäckt med ormar. Vi brukar ibland hitta huggorm på vårt sommarställe men den skickar vi till en annan värld där ormar får vistas inte hos oss.

    Ha en riktigt fin vecka

  2. You know, Inger, that really ticked me off, too. I just can't understand the meanness of people who would do a thing like that. Then, there's a lot I don't understand about people.

  3. Gunilla: I agree, it's a good thing to not be shy about showing appreciation for people who wotk hard and make a difference.

    Louise: In LA, we'd get complaints about our dogs barking and that I can understand, but in the country?! What harm can possibly be done? Oh, I'm sooo mad!!!

  4. Big Inger you made me cry!!! Thank you for your kind and caring words. You are a very dear, close to my heart friend. I know that your energy you sent up this way helped tremondously.
    Little Inger says hi!
    Love you very much my friend. Hugs.

  5. I think what happened is so unfair and mean spirited. I'm glad if this helped and you felt some good energy coming your way. Stay strong my friend. Love to you and all the critters. Big Inger

  6. I just saw that post, but thankfully I only saw it today when the good news was already posted there as well. People are so mean... to be honest, I do lose it when people act against animals in any way. I then get accused of impatient or intolerant attitude.. but do I really have to be tolerant towards people who are not tolerant towards the animals? Should I rise above them? I probably should, but lots of times I choose not to because they won't get it and at least they fear I will press charges if they harm an animal they threatened to harm (like they did towards the stray cats that I've been feeding). Animals must have people who will speak for them...

  7. Sandra: I feel I could do some serious harm to people who are cruel to animals. But how great that things worked out at the little farm. That's what's most important.


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