Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fishducky's art corner

It's time for fishducky's art. ~ Enjoy!

Pen and ink drawings by fishducky. 

To see more of fishducky's art, her house, and her elevator that my hubby built, go to Popular Posts in my sidebar and click on: This is a Post About a Brilliant Idea.....

And to read her blog, go to: http://fishducky.blogspot.com/
You will get a kick out of her, I promise you.

And thank you so much, those of you who added your signatures to the petition to stop the donkey roping event. We were able to stop one donkey roping event earlier in the summer thanks to bloggers and other social media. I hope the states involved will make this act of animal cruelty illegal. I believe people are working to make that happen.

You guys are the best and I really appreciate your friendship.


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