Monday, September 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures and Things

Central Stockholm is built on fourteen islands and in the surrounding waters, there are many smaller islands and islets. Pictured above are four little islands, called Fjaderholmarna, or the Feather Islets.

A few pretty old wooden houses, painted in the traditional red with white trim, dot the island, reminders of its past.

The main island is now a tourist destination, with a boat museum, an aquarium, featuring fish from the Baltic Sea, and a marina. There are also a couple of good restaurants and several arts and crafts shops.

It was to the shops that my friend Inga and I headed when I was in Stockholm last. You take a small boat from Stockholm and after 20 -25 minutes you arrive at the island. We spent a wonderful day there, browsing the shops, enjoying the beauty of Swedish handcraft and art, as well as the beauty of the day. 

It was there, in one of the shops, I found my moose bag. Some creative person went wild decorating the moose, who I believe may now have replaced the Dala horse as the number one symbol of Sweden, at least as far as tourists go. I swear, you see moose in all shapes, forms, and colors everywhere in the tourist shops of Stockholm. But I had never seen moose like these before, so I just had to have the bag.

I have received more compliments and questions about this bag than anything I else I own, now or ever. The latest was a very cute woman who came up to me in our local K-Mart, grabbed me and said in a rushed manner: "I just had to tell you, I love your bag, I love mooses so much!" And off she went. Mooses (?) I thought, hmmm, I don't think so, but I had to smile, she was really cute and she did inspire me to write this post. And to remember back on a lovely Swedish summer day spent with a good friend. 


Samson Says: Thank You for your nice comments on my and Soldier's snoozing skills. 
Inger: I'm glad you liked my glasses. I wasn't sure if I did myself, but with my hair shorter, I think they will be just fine. And yes, thank you so much for your compliments on how I look. At my age that means a lot. Now all I need is a new tooth!!!


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