Saturday, September 8, 2012

Samson's Gracie Two Gets a Bath and He Has Something to Say About It.

Samson Says:

You are not going to BELIEVE  what happened the other day! Mommy took MY Gracie Two and put her in soap and water! Laundry soap, no less, like she was a dirty towel or something. Now she will never smell like my Gracie Two again.

Mommy: Samson, Gracie Two was very dirty, you've been slobbering on her for months on end. 
Samson: Slobbering?!!! Like I'm a bulldog or something. FYI, us Samoyedskaya sobaka, do not slobber. Where we come from slobber would freeze before it hits the ground.
Mommy: What were those words again? 
Samson: Samoyedskaya sobaka! That's Russian and it means I'm the dog of the Samoyed ~ the name of my Russian tribe and my breed. From Siberia....where it's COLD!! Get it: COLD!! Not like here: HOT! Maybe I'll move myself back over there.
Mommy: herself...Some things he says are best ignored.

Mommy: Anyway, here's Gracie Two now. I'm sorry I had to remove her other eye before it came off. 
Samson: You are a bad mommy, now she has no eyes at all.
Mommy: It's for your safety, Samson, so you won't swallow it and hurt your tummy.
Samson: himself...she's just worried about the vet bill, is all.

Mommy: Now, doesn't she look pretty and clean? She will soon smell like her old self again, you'll see.

Samson: Yes, mommy, she's very pretty now, I'll give you that. And softer too.

Mommy: So all is good in our world and you don't want to move to Siberia?
Samson: I love you mommy, I want to stay here with you..... to himself.......but sometimes she gets on my nerves soooo.


  1. Samson--I'm glad you still love Gracie Two so much. Sometimes love can be fleeting!!

  2. made me laugh!!! perfect conversation!

  3. Too funny, Samson is so cute. He looks like Bella except for the ears. Dollar had a whole basket full of toys, a donkey named Fonzie, a Tigger, a bear and a duck and a few others. You could tell her which toy to get out of the basket and she knew them all by name. Unfortunately all the toys had to be put up, Bella started ripping them apart to get to the squeakers, stuffing everywhere. Hope she outgrows that so Dollar can have her toys back.

  4. Now that Gracie is all clean and snugly soft, Sampson, you can chew and drool (I mean slobber) twice as much!!!!...:)JP

  5. Hi Inger .. oh I'd love to do that to Hardwick (my mother's stuffed fox terrier that was on her bed for the last 5 years) .. but he's full of sawdust - a tricky one ...

    Samson - you're jolly lucky if Gracie can have the odd bath .. and gets bathing conditioner too ..

    Desert Canyon will be smelling good ..

    Cheers Hilary

  6. i enjoyed this conversation and I must say Gracie two looked better after all and i am sure smelled better. baby girl likes for me to wash her pink blankie, she loves sweet smelling laundry and and all laundry, clean sheets and towels. i must fold and put away immediately or they will not be sweet smelling long.
    both our dogs had bathes today

  7. May be you can tell Samson that people wash their people baby's toys too or excuse me people wash their people toy friends too.

  8. Poor Gracie, lost an eye and it all started with a bath.

  9. Ha ha vilket roligt inlägg, Det var ju för skoj, skrattade gott. Varit på utställning idag med Trym o Vilja gick jättebra.
    Kalhygge är som det låter. En yta i skogen som man hugger ner totalt...sedan planterar man nytt.

  10. We've had similar conversations here too! :-)

  11. Samson, is she working your last nerve?

  12. I love that dog. Your are a naughty Mummy for washing his toy... But I do remember what dried dog slobber smells like so I guess it was inevitable.

  13. What a lovely post, Inger!

    Samson you are very beautiful! I am glad that you have your Gracie Two safe and sound.

    You all have a good Sunday!

  14. Of course, Samson does not slobber! Gracie Two looks much better!
    Lovely insight to the workings of a dog's mind!

  15. Hahahaha... how very cute. Samson is very handsome. I would call him beautiful but he would probably have something to say about that.

  16. How adorable! Love this post.


    I love the high desert and the mountains. Glad I have your blog to come and visit some times.

    We headed out one day towards your area - went through Palmdale but then turned around - ended up hiking at Devil's Punch Bowl.

    I'm loving Wrightwood!

  17. Tucker here, so sorry to hear the fate that befell your Gracie Two. Moms just don't understand how long it takes to get our toys just right.
    My mom washed Gypsy. Now when we tussle and I chew on her ears, she tastes like shampoo. Blooie. Hopefully she'll start to taste right after I chew on her some more!

  18. Samson Says: Thank you all you nice humans for understanding where a poor dog comes from. And Tucker, you better beware, if Gypsy got a bath, can yours be far behind?

  19. Oh Samson! You are truly a character!! You're mommy sure does love you, you got that right. Gracie Two looks beautiful now and I'm sure she smells beautiful too! Gracie One needs a bath really bad but I'm waiting because she goes to the kennel again next week for 4 days. I will tell her to behave herself with the other Sampson there... :-) She does love you and you are her #1!

  20. Dear Inger, I broke out laughing at the end. I suddenly realized that what Samson said is exactly what the cats here probably say, "Oh, she get on my nerves soooooo."
    Thank you for the laughter. Peace.


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