Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Samson's Caught Between Two Jailbirds

Samson: Bitches, bitches......
Mommy: What did you just say? Don't you know that's a bad word?
Samson: Is not!!
Mommy: It is so.

Samson: I'm talking about Gracie and Puddles I guess you humans don't know that girl dogs are called bitches?!
Mommy: I forgot, sorry. So what's up with them?
Samson: Well, Gracie just went back to jail and saw that SamPson with a P dog. She said he was following her all around. Wonder why he's still there....he may be a lifer for all I know.

Mommy: I think lifers go to prison, not jail. Jail's like a temporary thing.
Samson: Whatever!
Mommy: So what else did Gracie say in her sweet note to you?
Samson: She said that I'm her one and only Samson, her one any only love. I don't know if she said love, actually, but I know she cares about me lots. I can feel it on the virtual airwaves, from satellite to satellite.
Mommy: Well then, so what's the problem?

Samson: I kind of like Puddles too. She's just so funny! You know, the way she talks and her blue toenails. And now I'm finding out that she's going to jail too!!! Maybe, unless that lawyer she hired can get her off. So I was just wondering what's wrong with me ~~ why do I like jailbirds so much? 

Mommy: I don't know, Samson, but I think you should stay with Gracie, it's clear she loves you lots. And, if you really think about it, you love her too. I agree about Puddles, she's definitely the coolest and funniest dog we've met in Bloggyland or Blogville, which is where she lives. But you know, you can just go on and like her as a friend, OK?

Samson: Thank you mommy, I really love my Gracie. I just got a bit worried.
Mommy: I'm sure you don't have to worry any longer. 
Samson: OK, mommy, thank you for listening.
Mommy: You're welcome, any time.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup


Samson Says: If you are new here, please click on these links to see the blogs that belong to Gracie and Puddles. You will love getting to know them, even if you are a cat lover. 


  1. well said, Samson. they are both adorable so either one is a good choice, maybe you could start a harem? i think that is allowed in canineville....

  2. So even doggies can't make up their mind about women...decisions, decisons.

    Puddles reminds me of my sister's dog, Frank(enfurter). We do get to love our pets, and in their minds, we're just one of the pack.

    Amusing post, I really like these Samson posts. He's such a sensitive dog. (and your humour shows, Inger)

  3. Take my word for it, Samson--life is easier if you're a one bitch male!!

  4. Ahahahahahaha...Oh Samson, your fotos is killin' me. You has da bestest expressions. You really gets your point across.
    nows, lemme breaks it down for ya is one of them dogs dat likes BAD girls. And well, let's face and Gracie is bad girls...always up to no good. And I loves da Gracie so I can sees hows you so smitten with her.
    And seriously buddy, have no fears cuz hers is just smitten withs you too.
    I am so glad you and your mom could talk all dis through. Moms are good likes dat except fur givin' out da treats. But if you eves needs to talk, I is right here for ya buddy.

    Oha nd I had no idea you hads a crush on me...I is blushin'.


  5. Oh, Sandra, don't give him any ideas, my computer is way too slow for me to manage a virtual harem! It would be on overload! fishducky is right, a one bitch male is the best. Yes, Puddles he has a crush on you and who wouldn't.

  6. Hej där borta!!! Här är det kväller nu 2240 och läggdags strax för mig...höstrusk ute och kolmörkt. He he Samson är ju kul ju...han ser så go ut, han vill ha många vad jag förstår :-)
    Vovvarna här sover redan...i sängen såklart :-)
    Kram o godnatt från oss!

  7. Oh to many decisions poor Samson. Funny! B

  8. Dear Inger, I'm running out of time today, but I'll go over and meet Gracie and Puddles tomorrow! Give my best to Samson. Tell him I so admire the way he wants to be friends with others. Peace.

  9. I love Samson's expressions! And he's quite the conversationalist, too :-)

  10. I can't imagine a gal not being in love with Sampson. His eyes do me in. But it is nice to know Sampson gives some thought to which gal is best for him. He's not a kiss and tell guy.

  11. LOL> Oh Samson. YOu are so funny!! And believe me, SamPson is in no way going to win Gracie's heart. It belongs to you. She's still a little worried about Puddles though... and those bedroom eyes of hers. SamPson is not a lifer, he's a rescue and lives at the jail with the owners. Just thought you'd like to know that. Puddles is right. Gracie and her are bad to the bone. And Samson, sweet and innocent Samson... you do like those bad girls now, don't you?

  12. Samson Says: Thank you auntie Bobbi for letting me know more about that SamPson. And please tell Gracie that she doesn't have to worry about Puddles any more. It was just a crush. You know us boys! Puddles and I are going to be just friends from now on. And thank all the rest of you for your comments. I especially like KIttie Howard's. She says some very nice things about me that could make a boy blush.

  13. Who's a good Samson? What a good Samson. Please give him a treat and tell him it's from Aunt Janie.

    Samson's Aunt Janie

  14. This is what 'mommies' are for!! Loved this Inger!

  15. Didn't know that Samson had a thing for the "bad" girls. :)


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