Saturday, September 15, 2012

Samson's Making Up For Missing Napping 101

Samson Says:

Auntie Mad Snapper said it was OK for me to show my  followers how we nap around here. 

OK, so we all missed the nap class 101 cause we were probably snoozing anyway. That's something we're awfully good at. Wanna see how it's done? First I yawn, like this.

Then I turn over on my back and before you know it, these loud sounds come out of me: ZZZZZ, ZZZZZ, ZZZZZ, it's called snoring. Few dogs know how to it, but I know -- trick is you've got to sleep on your back.

When I was little, I'd sleep with my second mommy, Angel. I heard she never slept most of her life until I came around. She was busy keeping watch and guarding my other mommy. But I played so hard with her, cause I was little then, so she got tired and slept with me.

Here we are, a big pile of dogs. And again below here. Of course, Angel is gone now. She went over the Rainbow Bridge mommy told me. I don't know where that is but I for sure miss her lots.

So now it's just Soldier and me. When I had hormones, testy something hormones, all of a sudden Soldier would get on my nerves, so I just had to beat him up. But then I injured him badly and everyone was mad at me. And he got presents and stuff, all the way from Colorado, special EXPRESS  delivery and all, and I got NOTHING!  

Mommy said it was all daddy's fault and I had to get fixed. I didn't know what that was all about, but then I found out. I got fixed all right, don't ask me about it. Now I love Soldier again, but I'm not being trusted -- I guess I have to prove myself before we can be together again like this. We walk together fine and I kiss Soldier lots then, but not to sleep like this. Sorry Soldier.

But this was about sleeping -- I, what's it called again? Digress...  Soldier is the sleeping expert around here. 

Just look at him! He could teach Napping 101 any time if you could just manage to wake him up.

Sometimes he plays chicken without a head! He looks sooo funny!

Sometimes he grabs mommy's slipper and hugs it in his sleep. Boy, I tell you this dog can SLEEP!

Me, well here I am guarding my bone and no one dares to take it away from me while I sleep. That's all for now about our sleeping habits around here.

Have a nice day everyone!

P. S. (That means more to come) And looks who's here! 

It's mommy in her new haircut auntie Rachael gave her. And her new glasses she bought herself. The reason she looks funny is cause she's still missing that tooth on the front side of her mouth. She says she's self-conscious cause she can't smile properly cause then it will show. I say, who cares? 

Auntie Rachael came and went in a hurry so there's nothing more to say about that, except she'll be back next month. 

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.


  1. Awe your pups are soooo cute when they sleep - all of them. And love to see a picture of who I am blogging with - love your haircut.

  2. i love comfortable, happy, contented pups - in a pile or otherwise. :)

    nice new 'do!

  3. Beautiful photographs, dogs these are wonderful friends. I am greeting

  4. I like the new haircut. Hearing Samson's thoughts on YOU is funny.(Your subtle humour comes through in your posts)

    Loved the pics of the dogs sleeping together. Sounds like Samson has 'teenage tendencies' to get into trouble.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Samson you did a fantastic follow up post, and you could have been the teacher of the class and Soldier your assistant, that is if you could wake him up. tell mommy i like her hair cut and that i smiled and giggles all the way through these pics of pups you posted.... love the headless soldier and the face above he bone

  6. How cute,dogs are so sweet when they sleep.Mine snores and farts and whew it stinks!He don't care it's all good in his world.Glad the fire didn't get to your property.Nice picture Inger.I hope you and yours are doing great and have a beautiful Saturday!

  7. Härliga bilder på vovvarna...vilken fin bild på dig...du ser verkligen svensk ut!!
    Kram från oss!

  8. Hi Inger,
    I'm catching up here reading your last few blog posts. Nice photo of you I love your flaxen hair, when it turns white it's hard to tell lol..
    We just got back from a 1264 mile trip (I drove) to Fairbanks and back. Dogs were so good on the adventure. Nan

  9. I love your new glasses. Sedona snores really loud at night. She doesn't sleep on her back ... I think it's just old age.

  10. Lovely pictures, the dogs are really cute. I like your glasses. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Samson your Mom is right, you sure looke a lot like our Keeper, a bit smaller version of him but ya'll really look a lot a like!

  12. Love the picture of Soldier with his head under the bed! What a cutie.

  13. Dear Samson, I hope that everyone in your family knows just how sorry you are that you hurt Soldier. It was those dratted hormones, not you. You are just too sweet to hurt anyone.

    I've always said that if the Olympics had a sleeping contest, I would win the gold medal, but maybe Soldier would instead.

    You two are quite a pair and Inger loves you both so much. I think she looks really stylish with her new glasses and her haircut. And as you know so well, Samson, a missing tooth doesn't matter at all!

    Please give her a woof woof for me.

    Peace to you and Solider and the rest of your family.

  14. You dogs should all have your Master of Sleep (M.Sl.) awards by now. Of course, you're not as good as a Bear when it comes to sleeping, but for dogs you're pretty good. Thanks for the news, Samson.

    P.S.:Good-looking Mommy!

  15. Samson, your Mommy is beautiful!! Loved ALL the photos--especially the headless Soldier!

  16. What a cute post. Your mommy looks very nice in her new glasses and hair cut ;-)

  17. Hi Samson - do you have some spare sleeping space ... I'd love to have some zizzzzzzz time with you - sleep is so special - but you obviously roll around in your sleep a little - I think I'll stay here and perhaps get some quiet unsnoring sleep in!!

    Mummy looks quite special in her new glasses, new hair cut and then hiding successfully that space - things like that happen to us .. just us humans want to take photographs.

    Hi Mummy - congratulations on 3 years of blogging - love the photos etc ... Quite agree too with your thoughts on blogging ....

    Happy weekend and week ahead .. cheers Hilary

  18. Oh Inger, it's so great to be able to read and comment on your posts again! This is a joy to read -- had me smiling all the way through! And you look fabulous!

  19. There is definitely an art to napping, isn't there?

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend Inger--What a lovely picture of you and your new 'do!! :-)

  20. Awesome haircut, Inger and it looks great...very becoming! As for naps, we know all about those here too!...:)JP

  21. You look great, Inger! My dogs nap in much the same way. Often times I wish I could relax the way they do!

  22. I love a dog's soft snoring. I'm so grateful my boys sleep with me and snore.


  23. Wouldn't it be nice if we humans were as talented at taking naps as our four-footed friends are? Hmmm. Come to think of it, my husband comes pretty close, but I still have a lot to learn. I've gotta tell you, whenever I come to your blog, as the header picture unfolds, it takes my breath away. Every time. It's like looking out the window at that beautiful vista. Oh, and talking about beautiful, your haircut is absolutely loverly.

  24. Hello Samson: Well, doesn't mommy look pretty! And you have such pretty little teeth, so clean and healthy looking. Don't tell anyone, but if I sleep on my back I snore, too. I don't like it, though, because it wakes me. I know how Angel felt. Yesterday, I made a blueberry-blackberry cobbler to take to our neighborhood picnic. Then I was so tired I thought I couldn't go. I was told to take a nap, which I did (I'm getting pretty good at those.), then I was much better and I went to the party. All the berry cobbler was eaten, not a crumb of leftovers for us to have today. I think that nap saved the day!

  25. I LOVE the new haircut :) You have the same hair color as The Hippie (Sky). Such a pretty color ;)

    P.S. These photos would make such a cute picture book. My toddlers saw these and started yawning LOL!

  26. Yeah, I would say that Soldier can sleep! Love the new haircut and glasses Inger.

  27. Oh Your Mommy looks fabulous Samson and the rest of you look way to comfortable I need a nap now. B


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