Sunday, November 18, 2012

After the Rain ~ An Update From the Canyon

Soldier was in a lot of pain Saturday night, so after I woke up around 2:30 in the morning I gave him a pain pill and sat with him until he quieted down and went to sleep. After that, there was no way I could go back to sleep. So after lunch, I slept the afternoon away on the couch. No one got to walk because it rained. A pretty good rain and the first rain of any substance this fall.

I woke up late this morning, 5:30, and had to rush to get Samson out before the sun came over the mountains. He got his goggles, doggles, but my husband has to put them on the first time and make the adjustments. I will share pictures as soon as he does that. However, there was this big cloud over the eastern range, so I didn't have to worry about Samson's eyes. The first picture above shows the reflections of the sun on the mountains to the northwest. The second shows the clouds to the east.

This is a strange looking weed that grows close to the ground. It was green in the summer, now it's this color. It's the only one of its kind around here. The fields turned a dark brown color from the rain and it smelled lovely from the wet earth.

Samson was happy because this was also some good earth for digging and smelling stuff. His paws didn't stay white for long.

Samson is doing well. He is not as thirsty as he was and is now able to control his bladder again. He is still enormously hungry. I feed him twice a day, but it doesn't seem to help that much. He's on one prednisone every other day and eye drops twice a day. We're going to the vet on Tuesday and I will check to see if he can snack on some veggies, like carrots, which someone suggested, or what else I can do for him. He's not allowed any people food because of his pancreas problems, but maybe veggies are OK.

My husband made a gate of a part of a fence and then built a nice surround for it. He just finished it and it looks good. He will paint it later. Soldier, who is a road dog, got mad at it. He just marches on and doesn't pay attention and, suddenly, he was stopped by this contraption. It did not go over well at all. And it was so funny to see his reaction.

So now we have to go through a gap in the barbed wire fence in order to get in and out. I could unlock the gate and open it, but that seems like too much work. So here we are on the way to the barn. You can see there was a little frost on the ground. But it wasn't cold, just a cold wind blew early this morning.

I couldn't believe Soldier this morning, he was so full of joy! He took off running, tried to get out of his collar (he can get out of any collar, except this contraption he has to wear). Once he get loose, he takes off for the hills. This dog marches to his own drummer, that's for sure.

Those extra pain pills really worked. He went from being in a lot of pain and barely able to get up yesterday to running around like this today. 

Seeing him running this morning was such a joy. He will be 13 next year, so he's an old dog, but he's tough and courageous. Soldier doesn't stay down for long.

The ravens are very active here in the early mornings and watch us when were're out for our walks. 

Other than that, I went to the diabetes meeting Thursday; we talked about supplements. Then I have been working on cleaning up contents of boxes and I've now finished the office. Next we have to work on the kitchen and get it organized. It was simple and organized when my husband lived in L. A. with his business stuff and personal mail, etc., and I lived here. Then he moved up here with everything!!! This house it just too small, there's no room for stuff, so you have to purge. He procrastinates on this. Hopefully, I'm an inspiration. Trying to be, anyway.

 And today, I finally cut down the last gray rabbit brush bush in my field. Now I have to put away about 10 of the bushes in plastic bags and take them to the dump. I have to wear my rain poncho because the burrs stick to everything. These bushes are out for revenge! 

Have a nice day, everyone.


  1. poor soldier. maybe it was the rain that made his pain unbearable. now that it's cleared again, and with your extra pain care, he's back up and ready to go. bless those boys of yours...

  2. so sorry to hear Soldier is having pain, but glad to see the pill worked. I bet he was upset with the gate. Samson looks great, and seems to be doing great to, which makes me happy. our house is little to, i am constantly getting rid of anything i can and slowly whittling it down to having a few empty spaces in the closets. I hope both your boys have a good night tonight and that you get your sleep also. when they hurt we hurt.

  3. Perhaps all Soldier needed was that little something to get his vim & vigor back & it sounds like Sampson is well on the road to recovery, Inger!...:)JP

  4. Dear Inger, your family of Samson and Soldier and your husband and your diabetes keep you full-time busy, so I'm glad to learn that you take an occasional nap. The scenery is breathtaking. Be good to yourself. Peace.

  5. I felt like I was there with you & the boys, sharing everything...

  6. Was Soldier's pain brought on by the change in weather? I'm glad the pain meds worked and he was a happy dog again.
    Gypsy had a weight problem... and she is always hungry. We add green beans to her dinner to add some bulk, and recently we've been giving the dogs some canned pumpkin. They love it!

  7. Yes Inger, you do have a busy routine with your animals and I know you love every moment you spend with them. Good to hear that Soldier and Samson are doing better.

    Do you think your husband would make us a fence like that for our place? lol It looks really good and secure. Good job Mr.Inger!!
    Have a great week ahead Inger.

  8. I always enjoy your posts and the peek into your day, the scenery, and to see how the doggies are doing. Love that one of Soldier taking off! There's a dog in action. You have a lot to take care of in your canyon!

  9. Aww poor sweet Soldier.. but I'm glad the pain pills are helping. Samson looks to be enjoying his walks. Beautiful pictures, as always.
    I need to do some purging here too Inger. And I have... but then I keep getting stuff to replace that which I have purged. Ugh!
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  10. So glad the medication fixed Soldier's pain. That dog is well named.

  11. All I can say is you are one busy lady. The dogs are so loved with all you do for them. I hope they stay ok..

  12. They really look like they were having fun,isn't it great to see them happy?Glad they are both doing so well.

  13. I am glad Soldier bounced back so quickly and that Samson is doing ok as well. They keep you on your toes, don't they?

    We haven't had any decent rain in almost a year... we are getting it all now, with interests :)

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  15. Hi Inger .. love seeing the photos of the canyon ... the brush and the lichens, then the storm clouds - the rain must be a blessing.

    The dogs look well considering all things - and you're both coping - as you're out in the yard, and clearing things up in the house .. stuff is terrible isn't it!

    Have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving .. cheers Hilary

  16. How wonderful Soldier and Samson look! Wonderful news that the pain killers have released Soldier from his agony. The photos are stunning even though the clouds have rolled in and it must be wonderful to smell the rain again. I suffer with type 2 diabetes -- in a few minutes it's off to the clinic for a regular visit with the diabetic nurse. So far -- after around 7 years things are under control -- hope all is well for you, too.

  17. Glad to see the dogs are really doing well. Soldier is responding well to his treatment this is wonderful. I love that strange plant that turns silver in the winter, have no idea what it is. Have fun sorting and ditching things! We as humans have way too much stuff don't we!

  18. Thanks for inviting us all on your walk!

  19. Härliga bilder från er, trist att Soldier har ont, men du verkar ha bra tabletter.
    Hämtade ut medicin till Tyra idag. Hon verkar lite piggare idag men det lär nog ta tid med hennes sträckning. Har visst rehab på försäkringen får se om jag kan använda det , för höra med vet igen.
    Hoppas ni inte tar ut er nu med allt jobb ni gör, Kram!


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