Thursday, November 8, 2012

Google/Blogger Issues & Questions ~ Accompanied by Pictures From the Canyon

 From an early morning walk with Samson.

Today, I'm asking for your thoughts and feedback on some Google/Blogger issues. I'm also bringing up this follower issue and while I'm at it that darned Word Verification nonsense. Accompanied by some pictures from here. We only have two trees now plus the suckers growing from our dead little cottonwood.

I don't know what others do, but when a new follower shows up, I want to find that person's blog and follow them. I also want to leave a comment to thank the person for deciding to follow me and then see if a blogger friendship will develop or not. I believe this is the right thing to do. 

Samson's smiling, a good sign. I have ordered Dog Goggles for him. This being America, of course a new term for those things has been coined: Doggles!! As soon as his Doggles arrive, I'll let you know what happens.

I get frustrated when I click on the new follower's avatar to open their Google Friend Connect form and find that they haven't listed a link back to their blog. Of course, they may not have a blog, but as far as I know there's no way to tell. 

 Soldier sitting, which he hasn't been able to do for over a year. 

If there's no link, the only way for me to trace back to their blog is if they leave a comment. Which, of course, not everyone does. So, if you read this and you are new to blogging, it may be a good idea to check your form and enter the link if it's missing.

Then to Google+. A while back, Madge Bloom became a new follower. She doesn't have a link back either, but she has left some very nice comments on my blog. So, of course, I wanted to read hers and leave comments and become a follower. However, Madge uses Google+ and it won't allow me to leave a comment without signing up for Google+. Which is like, here we go again, Google taking over. And I can't stand it! 

I don't do social media stuff. While I have a Facebook account, I never use it. I just keep it in case someone needs to find me or I need to be reminded of someone's birthday. I only go on FB once a year to thank my friends for the birthday greetings they sent me. So I blog, that's it. And I signed up for something called Blogger. Then it became Google and now what's up with this Google+? Those of you who know about these things, could you please let me know 
your thoughts on Google+. Are we all going to be forced to move to it eventually?

Finally, while almost all blogs I like to follow have gotten rid of Word Verification, there are some new folks and some old favorites who have not. It's so simple, just go to Setttings/Posts and Comments/Word Verification and change the setting to NO.

I once read a very moving blog post. It really touched my heart and I wrote a long and heartfelt comment, then I clicked on Publish, and the dreaded word verification came on. Because I really cared, I tried to decipher it about five times, I even just entered xxx to see it a less difficult word would show up, to no avail. I finally gave up and felt really sad about it.


  1. I agree that if you follow someone they should follow you back! I'm glad that you do and look forward to reading your posts! I turned off the work verification long ago. It is so annoying!!

  2. Let's see--how can I put it delicately? The best I can do is WORD VERIFICATION SUCKS!!

  3. i do have a google+ account and have for quite a while. i do not link it in to my blogger profile, however, as i prefer to blog under the name TexWisGirl and G+ forces you to use your real name. i have lots of people in my circles, but i do not even visit G+ much at all.

    you're the 2nd person i've seen mention something about g+ making you join their circles or whatever. that hadn't been the case before now.

    at least for now, google is allowing you to keep g+ and blogger profiles separate, but i'm guessing they'll force that on us at some point. and that would be a shame.

  4. when you click on the ones with Google friends, look up in the top right corner of the box and click on Follow and it will take you to follow her blog. I follow Madge, here is her link.

    i don't like google friends and don't use it, but it might come down to doing it or not blogging. so far not.
    i love all these photos. wow. your header is awesome and so is the last shot of all those bushes you hate so much.
    what i do if there is no email when they comment, i don't answer, and I never look at new followers or even go there. i only go to blog where people comment on mine.
    so happy soldier can sit and hugs to him from me and glad to see Samson smiling and Seeing.

  5. What I hate worse than the word verification itself is the out of focus numbers included. Some are so small and dark, I have tried looking at my screen from different angles and still cannot read some of the numbers.

  6. I too try to follow back new readers, especially if they are kind enough to comment. I don't do Google+ so I really can't help you out there. As for word verification....I can't read those darn things either...makes me nuts!

  7. Thanks TexWisGirl and Sandra. I think I understand how Google+ works now. you can sign up for it, either separately or link it to your blogger blog. Getting the link to her blog really helped explain this further.

  8. Bra synpunkter....fina bilder. HOppas ni har det bra, verkar fint väder i a f. Vi har det milt nu igen upp till 10+ i södra Sverige.

  9. Wonderful to see Soldier sitting!

  10. I blog and follow blogs because I am interested in that.
    Anything else I refuse to do. I will not be hooked into FB things or Google + --- as for an avatar. No way. Of course I have to sign up for some things to blog at all. But the bare minimum. So if it don't work for you I am sorry. But I won't pay the big companies game.

  11. You have to decide what you like best and do that well. That's better than doing three things halfway.

    I blog (two places) because I enjoy it and I don't have time for FB and Twitter. As for comments, I have approval on mine, necessary due to past experience. I find the word verification a pain, so I don't have that on. It's a spam filter for some bloggers.

  12. I have the same problems as you and, unfortunately, I don't have any good answers. I went through the comments here for suggestions for myself! I follow back and when there is no link, I just don't.

  13. Thnks to you, Inger, I turned Word Verification off.Thanks!
    Oh, and Doggles... Love it!

  14. I, too, HATE word verification! I went to another blogger's blog to leave him a message and question this morning and I had to try six times before I could barely make out the numbers. WHY do they make the numbers so tiny? I was ready to give up!

  15. oh, I had no idea I had it on! ;D I'm sorry. I'm not good with technical stuff :D

    and those pictures are so cute :)

  16. Inger, I have been thinking I should let you know, and this is a good time, that my old computer is dying rapidly, and I'm seriously thinking of not replacing it. I am trying to make my life simpler, and learning new computers, systems, and programs is not fun for me, and not part of simplifying and streamlining. So, if I vanish from blog-land, that is the reason. It's been fun, but I've had enough of electronics. At 76 years of age, I'd rather go back to a simpler life. Will see.

  17. I am hooked in and focused on what ever comes around, because I like challenges. G+ has gone to the way side for just doesn't seem useful or friendly...I don't know there's just something missing with it's layout....I think maybe it's because it's like starting all over again...why bother when you've already got a system that works well. With all this said, I should check my G+ account to see if there's something I should delete or re-educate myself with....does this sound exhausting...oh yes !

  18. Hmmm, your pet peeves are my pet peeves!
    Samson and Soldier look great!

  19. Oh I joined Google+ to comment on followers blogs and I still have trouble it is the most frustrating thing. I have it but never use it in case anyone is listening just like facebook I am a Blogger only I guess that is all I am and all I will ever be. :) Hugs B

  20. Doogles cool he will look handsome. HUGS B
    Hate word verification yes done it six times once so now I can't do it it makes me mad. B

  21. Word verification is a royal pain in the patootie. As for clicking on a commenter's avatar and being transported to her Google+ page, usually if you click on "about" you'll find a link there for her blog. Works on most of the ones I come across, anyway.

  22. Dear Inger,I don't know what Goggle + means and I've never seen it. But I have had problems with Blogger, specially with the size of the type on my two blogs. I feel technologically challenged much of the time when I sit at the computer.

    Recently I began a Facebook page for my family and also a "fan" page for those who want to know about what I'm writing. But I'm so confused by the whole process that I'm considering just opting out! Peace.

  23. Hi Inger .. I struggle with Google+ and I've joined, but don't want to use til I'm ready - not when Google is ready .. it irritates me!

    Re followers - I've had new followers ... where do they come from? who are they? - if I can ascertain that they've got a legitimate blog - then ok ... if they leave a comment then ok (almost always .. unless it's trash then both go spamwards).

    But followers who just appear - I am very uncertain of .. and actually have deleted some - because they have access to others on the blog and access to me - not happy. It's only a mini turn off .. but I do try and keep the blog free of people who aren't people who blog that I can ascertain ..

    Another blogger has commented on a blog I'm dubious about, someone who recently followed me - the blogger I know well.

    It's a nightmare .. Google + is a right pain I agree ..

    It's being vigilant somehow ..

    Cheers (and captcha can be awful even for someone with good eyes - me .. ) Have a good weekend .. Hilary

  24. Thank you so much, all of you, for your comments, tips, and advice. Now that I have found out how I can perhaps connect with new followers who don't have a direct link, I think I just lost interest. Let them leave comments and I will then reach them and comment back. I don't quite understand this following stuff anyway.

  25. I've been round and round with my email not being linked to my blog for some people and don't get it. That's been my issue for awhile. I believe the old Blogger profile will be going away soon. Such is progress I guess.

    Good to see Soldier and Samson doing so well. :)


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