Saturday, November 17, 2012

Samson Steals a Slice of Pizza and Writes Another Poem

I saw it in the kitchen
at the counter's edge
there was a wedge
of pizza pie
oh my, oh my

Will my stomach swell
if I sweep the edge
and steal the wedge
of pizza pie
oh my, oh my

Will I go to the vet
where needles are big
no, this is my gig
gone is the pie
oh my, oh my

Here comes my daddy
the pie's in my tummy
Should I run for my mommy
or come up with a lie
oh my, oh my

I'm busted for sure
they're both freaking out
the wrapper, the wrapper they shout
now they think I will die
oh my, oh my

They feed me some bread 
and olive oil, not so great
now it's up to my fate
I slurp the oil and know I will die
oh my, oh my

I'm sorry dad and mommy too
I didn't know you'd fear
I'd choke on the plastic and die
after eating that pizza pie
oh my, oh my

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup Dog

This happened last week and Samson's OK. As some of you know, Samson has issues with his pancreas and needs special food from the vet mixed with his regular dog food to keep it under control.  He's absolutely forbidden ANY people food, especially spicy stuff like pepperoni, anchovies, and chili peppers, which were on the pizza. And eating plastic wrapper is not good for any dog, but it all ended well.


  1. Oh Oh .. and you caught him at it - or nearly so! Hi Inger ..

    Crumbs Samson - you have to be more careful .. these camera fiends are seriously dangerous at recording events and then never forgetting it and (AND) having a digital record for that man with the needles ..

    Love the header Inger, plus the story is great fun - so pleased Samson's tummy sorted life out ..

    Honestly!! Cheers Hilary

  2. darn it, samson! you need to stop that thievery!

  3. I am glad Samson is doing alright. Issues with Pancreas probably keep you guys on your toes.
    The poem is cute.

  4. I think Samson's related to my daughter's dog, he steals food if it's there. Too much temptation. Remember they have a good sense of smell, which wrapping didn't deter.

    At least his eyes and his nose work well.

    Nice poem, Samson, you ought to submit it.

  5. I guess if he didn't eat the pizza pie he would not have had a topic to write a poem about. Glad every thing came out ok. Take care. We are getting a very light rain now, maybe enough to get the grass to sprout. I hope, I hope.

  6. An addendum:

    It wasn't my fault.
    They left it out there &
    I couldn't resist but I declare,
    The plastic wasn't as good as the pizza pie.
    oh my, oh my.

  7. Samson Says: Thank you auntie fishducky, I needed a good conclusion to this poem. And you're good, next time I'll call on you.

    And, don't forget, I'm on medicine now that makes me very, very, very HUNGRY. And it was daddy that left it, not mommy, she HIDES everything.

  8. You're very welcome--feel free to call me any time!!

  9. He he va kul inlägg, har du diktat det? Så duktig du är....
    Vi har varit ute idag på älgjakt men ingen tur.
    Tyra är inte ok ännu efter drevprovet i måndags. Hon vill bara ligga i korgen. Jag har klämt på henne men hittar inget. Får gå till vet på måndag annars. Fredag är nästa prov ju

  10. Oh, Samson. I am naughty, too. I understand how you felt when you saw that pizza.


  11. Oh my Oh my!
    You are the guy,
    The one with mischief
    On your sleeve.
    Waiting for the moment
    To take your leave...
    with Pizza Pie!!!!!!

  12. Samson Says: oh my, oh my, Sophie Doddle, my friend has added to my poem. I'm giving everyone that poetic feeling.

    On another subject, my Doggles arrived! Best of all there was a bag of treats in the packet too. Do you think she gave me one? Not YET. Nor has anyone bothered to try on the Doggles so I can see how I look. They are both so slow around here. Sigh....

  13. Samson Says: I meant Sophie Doodle and yes I do know how to spell, for a dog, pretty good. You should see my friend Puddles!!!!

  14. Cute...! I remember sitting with mine during those years... wonderful image...

  15. Hi, Inger! Oh, I'm so glad Samson is okay! The tempatation was just too much for the dear boy! :)Thank you so much for visiting me and for your sweet comments ~ I always love hearing from you!

  16. Our dog Kalen has been on a rampage lately with getting past the kitchen gate to eat something off the counter. My gosh I'm going to have to think beyond babygates he's getting it open. The cabinet door has a baby lock where the garbage is so that is safe but not if I leave something cooling on the counter! It's a cold 14 degrees tonight.

  17. oh my oh my and oh my again. so happy it did not make him sick. my thoughts are a one time eating of people food would not hurt, it is the every day. i know exactly how you felt because a coupled years ago Jake got the discloth off the sink and ate the whole thing, we found a few pieces of it on the floor and in his mouth. it was one of those blue ones that come 4 in a package and are made of some kind of papery stuff that we can use for washing dishes and then after a couple of weeks toss it. we called the vet and he said just watch him for a week he should be fine. we fretted and watched and worried for a whole week. he was fine like Samson is. I met a dog yesterday at the festival that is blind and deaf i can't wait for you to see him.

  18. Oh my! Dear Samson! I'm suspecting that I am a bad influence on you. This sounds like one of my antics for sure... I'm glad you are okay!! Gracie.
    P.S. How was the pizza?
    P.S.S. Wow! You are a great poet. For valentines day, I am requesting one just for me. You have time to think about it.

  19. Dear Inger, what a relief. Peace.

  20. I was cheering him on until you mentioned him having health problems. BAD, SAMSON! (LOL?)


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