Saturday, November 17, 2012

Samson Steals a Slice of Pizza and Writes Another Poem

I saw it in the kitchen
at the counter's edge
there was a wedge
of pizza pie
oh my, oh my

Will my stomach swell
if I sweep the edge
and steal the wedge
of pizza pie
oh my, oh my

Will I go to the vet
where needles are big
no, this is my gig
gone is the pie
oh my, oh my

Here comes my daddy
the pie's in my tummy
Should I run for my mommy
or come up with a lie
oh my, oh my

I'm busted for sure
they're both freaking out
the wrapper, the wrapper they shout
now they think I will die
oh my, oh my

They feed me some bread 
and olive oil, not so great
now it's up to my fate
I slurp the oil and know I will die
oh my, oh my

I'm sorry dad and mommy too
I didn't know you'd fear
I'd choke on the plastic and die
after eating that pizza pie
oh my, oh my

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup Dog

This happened last week and Samson's OK. As some of you know, Samson has issues with his pancreas and needs special food from the vet mixed with his regular dog food to keep it under control.  He's absolutely forbidden ANY people food, especially spicy stuff like pepperoni, anchovies, and chili peppers, which were on the pizza. And eating plastic wrapper is not good for any dog, but it all ended well.


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