Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Latest News From the Canyon

Thank you for your comments and well wishes. I appreciate all the good thoughts coming my way and I hope to begin visiting you tomorrow. 

After I messed up my other computer, which was also old and would cost a couple of hundred dollars to repair, my friend fishducky, gave me hers. Fishducky is such a kind person that I suspect she decided to get a new one so I could get hers. Money was tight for us last year and will be again next year, since I had to change our health insurance because of that stupid doctor and the lack of PCPs up here. So with a small window of opportunity, I bought a new computer for $320.00 on Cyber Monday. It comes with Windows 7. I could have gotten Windows 8 for the same price, but I really don't feel like learning something new right now. 

Google Chrome crashes a lot on this computer, it's old and slow, and freezes anytime it has to do an update and I try to do something else on it. All I want to do is to be able to write my posts and read other posts, which takes so much time now. And I get so frustrated!!

So a huge THANK YOU to my friend, fishducky, whose blog  can be found here. To have had this computer for the past year has been WONDERFUL. Thank you my friend.  

I'm seeing the doctor today. I have been sick on and off since Thanksgiving. I have an infection somewhere, bladder maybe, maybe not. My temp is normal one minute and then 101 the next. Last night I was really ill. I was so cold, my teeth would have been clattering had I had enough of them, which reminds me -- I just spent the money for my partial or a part of my partial on the computer, oh well! 

While sick, I have been reading this wonderful book:

I haven't finished it yet and I will not review it formally, but I just have to give it a five-star very strong recommendation. It's a modern book, Mark Adams writes about following in the footsteps of an early 20th century explorer, Hiram Bingham III, who searched for Vilacabamba, the legendary Lost City of the Incas, but found Machu Picchu instead. The author has a great sense of humor and all kinds of interesting adventures as he treks around in the Andes. This is a must read for anyone who's ever been to Machu Picchu or dreamed about going there and to those of you who enjoy reading about explorers and their adventures.

Talk about adventures....  A while ago, I promised to write and post some stories of my own somewhat adventuresome life. Giving my life some thought, I don't know how many actual adventures I can come up with, but much happens in life and some of it I will try to write about. With that in mind, there will be a new post called Wednesday's Story, which will appear on some, but not every Wednesday. The first one was the story of the Vicar that I posted a few weeks ago and I will post the next one tomorrow. It's about friendship, inspired by Dee Ready's blog coming home to myself

My blogger friend, Bobbi Phillip, has written a memoir called Gracie's Diary. Gracie is Bobbi's cockapoo and Samson's virtual girlfriend, so of course as soon as the book came out on amazon, I ordered it. It arrived yesterday and Samson was so excited to see Gracie's picture on the cover. I think he'll soon be prancing around bragging about his famous girlfriend.

More about Gracie's Diary later. Bobbi's blog with Gracie's  commentary on life can be found here: Gracie Owns Me

Finally, Samson continues to do well. He's been off steroids since the 19th and is coming back to his old playful self. His hunger is abating and he doesn't inhale his food any longer. I had to soften his kibble in hot water because he had a very scary choking episode due to being so hungry. Now he's coming back to his old food fussy ways, looking at the soggy mess for a while before deciding to eat it. I will stop the soggy stuff once I feel sure he is eating normally again.


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