Monday, December 17, 2012

A Short Update Gets Longer

The other day, the UPS truck came bearing gifts. It had to stop at our closed gate, so I walked down the field and met the UPS guy half-way. He gave me a very heavy and very cold package. "Why is it so cold," I asked. "It says it's fish and needs to be frozen, it's from Judy," said the man. "We got some fish from Judy," I called out to my husband, who immediately lit up in a big grin, probably thinking this was a salmon from Alaska. "I rather it were books," said I, knowing that Judy was going to send me some after she cleaned out her bookcases. 

We both got a good laugh as we opened the package. Judy had used an old box, on which clear instruction were printed all over: Keep Frozen! But it was full of books, Christmas presents, and the above Kindle, in the beautiful cover pictured in the top photo. So elegant! Thank you Judy, you are way too generous. This is her old Kindle, which will work great for me. In addition to this, I got a free Nook when I ordered my new computer on Cyber Monday. It will come any day now. So I'm going from none to two, just like that! Wow, I'm excited! And I'm so glad I didn't buy one ~ the Nook alone is worth $99.00, so thank you HP!

A cloud picture from our walk this morning. We've been promised snow for a week now, but so far just a little rain. 

Friday, we drove down to see the urologist in Bakersfield. The doctor was an older guy, very nice, very thorough in asking questions. He ordered a CT scan and said he will not do anything until he gets the results. I liked him and felt very relieved. It's so immensely important to have doctors you can relate to. 

 It has been cold here for the past week and the snow that fell in the mountains remains in this canyon, which is where the fire closest to us burned so badly last summer. I can now see the burnt out trees, contrasting against the snow, looking like sticks from a distance. 

After the doctor, we went to Costco, where my husband lingered at the meat counter forever. I don't find meat counters fascinating, so I strolled over and looked at the cheeses and found a nice big chunk of Jarlsberg. 

Then we drove up the mountain in the dark. It's a very steep drive, you get from the valley floor to 4,000 feet in no time. Hwy 58 is a major truck artery and wall to wall trucks, lit up like Christmas trees in the dark, took up the slow lane as we drove home. The really slow trucks are so slow, they almost stand still, and must flash their rear warning lights to avoid being run into from behind. 

There's pogonip, or ice fog, in the distant mountains in the center of the picture. You can perhaps see that strange light green color of the ice crystals that form on the trees. It's hard to capture with my camera, but I remain fascinated by the phenomenon. 

When we came home, the sky was lit up by a thousand stars. It was one of those cold winter nights and we were glad to be home. 

Let me add: I just read your comments from yesterday and I'm deeply touched. I'm glad that the ancient prayer helped you as it always helps me. Thank you for letting me know you were comforted by it.

Header photo taken by my husband. ~ From Archives 


  1. Thanks for sharing those photos, Inger. It's cold up our way, as well. We had snow flurries yesterday, but not yet today. We normally just get a light dusting, unless a storm arrives.

    Green winters are fine with me.

  2. you are surrounded by so much beauty. I wish i could see it with my own eyes. happy days are here again with a kindle and a nook. wow. you can read free books from Amazon on kindle and free books from Barnes and Nobles on the nook. did not know if you knew this. i am addicted to my Kindle and i think you will love yours.

  3. Va fina bilder du tagit, vackra. Nu har vi mildväder o snön har krympt en del men det blir minus igen...
    Hoppas du mår bra! Kram!

  4. We just got back from brunch--just the 2 of us--me & my Kindle. Being a book nut, like me, I know you'll enjoy yours as much as I do!! (As SANDRA said, be sure to check the free books.)

  5. I love it when Santa comes early! Now you have two 'readers'....we'll never see you again!! lol
    I am always blown away by your landscape is breath-taking!
    I can imagine the view you have of the sky/stars at night there....

  6. Wow Inger you are having a great start to Christmas. Good for you.
    I have read all the posts I missed I am so late on visiting I am so sad about Friday I am having a hard time getting anything done.
    I am glad you get a doctor you like and I am sure everything is going to be alright. HUGS B

  7. I love my Kindle! It's my security blanket at night.

  8. I adore my Kindle. So many books at my fingertips and so many FREE books from Kindle. I hope you enjoy your new e-readers.

  9. What a fun gift! Hmm, now I'll wait to hear what you like best, the Kindle or the Nook :)

  10. Your canyon is just gorgeous, Inger. I can imagine the early morning sky and the starry nights are just incredible! I'm really delighted for you to suddenly have found yourself with two reading devices. I was given a Kindle as a gift, too, and I never imagined I'd like it as much as I do! What a lovely gift for you to have received. Now I need to go back and see the prayer you offered yesterday. How lovely!

  11. What a great gift :) and congrats on the new computer. The picture of the canyon covered in snow looks lovely. We haven't gotten any snow here in Ireland either. Enjoy your day

  12. Like everyone else, I love my Kindle! Which reminds me -- time to re-juice!

    The Canyon photos are beautiful and so atmospheric -- you can almost feel the snow hovering -- as if trying to decide what to do with itself ...

  13. What a great gift!
    I am glad glad you get a good doctor and I also am sure everything is going to be alright with you.

    Thanks for these gorgeous photos!

  14. I love Judy's sense of humor!! And what a wonderful friend you have to gift you with so many great presents!!

    Thank you for taking us along with you on your day...

  15. Please let us know what the doctor says. Hugs and prayers. sandie

  16. How wonderful! The photos of the desert were inspiring.

  17. Hi Inger - what a lovely set of goodies ... pity about the lack of frozen fish! But the Kindle and books will do you so much better in the long term ...

    I love seeing the photos of your canyon and that top header shot is brilliant ...

    I'm pleased the new (old) doctor seems to be more in tune with you - and hope they can resolve the issue for you ..

    Big hugs - and enjoy those new toys .. Hilary

  18. How funny receiving deep frozen books. Good job it didn't upset the workings of the Kindle. Take care and keep warm.

  19. Oh Inger, you are going to love your new Kindle. That is a Kindle DX, I have one just like it, along with a Kindle Fire & I want one of the new Kindle Paperwhites. I love my technology :)

  20. Pogonip- very rarely do I come across a word I've never heard of so thx for the treat!

  21. Such beautiful photos! And I love learning a new word!


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