Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Samson Says: "Amazing Grace"

Samson: Amazing Grace.........
Mommy: What did you say? 
Samson: You know I've been so very sick and now I feel much better. But why I said it was because when I was sick, I felt like I was wrapped in a big, fluffy cloud. I was just thinking back on that. Then I felt like Angel came back and licked my face so I could get well again. Oh, mommy, I miss her so. Then I felt like all the warm and fluffy thoughts everyone sent to me got wrapped around me, like a blankie, and made me feel much better. Is that possible?
Mommy: Yes, Samson, it's called prayers and, you are right, it is amazing Grace. I miss our Angel so very much too.

Samson: But mommy, when I couldn't see, you cried a bucket of tears. You stayed up all night and cried and cried. I heard you.
Mommy: I know baby, that's because I felt so bad for you, so young and not being able to see.
Samson: I was very scared when you took me to the smiley people's place. I hoped they could help me without sticking a big needle in my eye.

Samson: It was very scary to be there, I couldn't see at all and kept bumping into things. When they took me away from you, I thought I was done for.
Mommy: But, Samson, the vet saved your eyesight. He is a very kind and gentle man and he is a good vet too. He figured out what might be wrong with you and gave you lots of medicine to make you well.

Samson: I know mommy, I've been there five or six times now, and no needles. He takes my head in his hands and gently examines my eyes. I like him so much, I just have to lick his face every time. He doesn't mind.

Samson: The best visit was when the vet said I didn't need to take those nasty pills anymore. Just eye drops once a day. Which I don't mind because daddy gives me treats afterwards. But he said it might come back, didn't he, the vet?
Mommy: Yes, Samson, that's why we have medicine and that's why we check you every day. I'm happy you're doing so well, you're just like before.

Samson: Yes, mommy, but let me tell you one thing about us dogs: What's most important to us are our noses. So if I get so I can't see again, I don't want you to cry. Even if I never, ever could see again, I don't want you to be sad. You and me, mommy, we're tough and we'll just mush on like nothing happened, OK? Promise?
Mommy: Yes, Samson, I promise. Now, should we thank Gracie and everyone else for their prayers and good thoughts that had so much to do with you getting well again?
Samson: Yes, mommy, here goes: Dear Gracie, Puddles,  Sophie and all my human friends, Thank You for helping me get well again. You are the best friends a dog could have, XOXOXO, your Samson

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup Dog


  1. lots of kisses for you Samson and prayers your eyes will stay healthy. your face is so pretty I would like to hold it and let you lick my face like the vet. blog land is a comfort to all of us...

  2. Here I sit, teary-eyed. I know what it is to feel helpless when it comes to our best friends that rely on us so much.

    Love you Samson (and Samson's mommy).


  3. How very sweet of Samson.Yes they do need our help when they are hurt and thats what we are here for :)

  4. Oh Inger, This is the sweetest post, ever. I rarely cry for people but I sure do for animals. They depend on us. I'm so happy Samson is perky. Dogs are precious and loyal. I look at Cody and see some signs of age on her and I weep. Their lives seem so short.
    A big hug for Samson around that furry neck and a kiss on the nose.

  5. Stay well, Samson, you're a lovely dog. Inger, such a nice way to show thanks.

    Worrying about those dependent on us, including our animals, can make us humans sick too. So take care of yourself, Inger, during this holiday season.

  6. Beautiful Samson, it IS amazing grace -- something to ponder this time of year as many of us celebrate the birth of the author of Grace, whom we reach through prayer.

    And what a beautiful header photo, Inger. I've been on blogging hiatus for many, many months. I'm trying to get back, though I can't do as much of this as I used to. Just want to keep in touch with some of the closest friends I've made through blogging, and you're one of them!

  7. Samson, you beautiful thing--you made me cry!!

  8. Aww Samson.. you know mommy and me love you so much! I'm glad your better now and we will keep saying our prayers. XOXOXO Gracie

  9. PS I see my picture on the side of your blog! Huh! That's awesome. Thank you Samson!! (((MORE HUGS AND KISSES!!)

  10. Dear Samson and Inger, you are so blessed to have one another and to have so many friends who cherish you.
    I'm so glad that both of you are feeling better. Peace.

  11. Some people never quite realize how much family members mean to us - Samson, now you know how much you mean to your momma, and Inger, Samson is the happiest buddy on earth to have you as his momma. Theres a reason why you two are together; and I think you both figured it out ;)

    now excuse me, because your post reminded me of what is important today; im going to go take a walk with my Dexter...and maybe toss his football with him for a bit...:D

  12. Va trevligt inlägg...han är så go...så bra att han är ok nu. Mina vovvar ...2 ligger i soffan här, 2 i sängen o en i korgen...kl är ju 2118 här och snön vräker ner, klas 2 varning i Stockholm o klass 1 i södra delen av Svedal...mycket snö är på väg

  13. What a wonderful way to keep us up-to-date on Samson's condition. Keep healthy, dear Samson.

  14. Samson, I'm so glad you are doing much better. Keep up the good work.

  15. Samson, I am so glad you are doing better!

  16. Dear Sammson,

    I used to have a dog named Kesey who couldn't see. He managed very well, as long as we didn't move the furniture. I know Mommy loves you and she worries about you, but if you couldn't see anymore, she would discover that you would get used to it and nose your way around. But we all want you to be safe and well and happy, Samson, even though you taught my Franklin the word "bitch," which he now uses constantly and then giggles for hours.


  17. What a sweet sweet story and I am glad that Samson is better and I hope his eye site keeps healthy.

  18. Awww, Samson, what a wonderful post. I am so glad your eyes are better - I hope you have no more trouble with them.

  19. Samson is such a sweetheart! I'm so glad he's doing well :)

  20. Awww, I am so happy he is all well. Having our fur babies sick is so hard.

  21. OH SAMSON....you are so welcome....our prayers and your positiveness along with Mommy's loving personality(IngerDoodle's>>>>lol) AND the vet's beautiful manner have made you the old Samson again. Now take one day at a time sweetie and live life to the fullest.


  22. Oh Samson you have such a special Mom. B

  23. What a treasured relationship! Samson is a beautiful dog. My husband had a Samoyed growing up and they are a beautiful breed. I am strong in believing in the power of prayer, and glad to know that Samson had an angel's kiss. Along with yours, Inger....and healing tears. oxo

  24. I am so glad to hear Samson is doing good!
    Just lovely post, Inger!
    Many hugs and kisses to you Samson and to your Mommy.


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