Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Holidays to One and to All

My grandfather made this Santa more than 100 years ago.

My grandmother made this table runner, a friend gave me the pewter candle holders, and my dad won the vase, playing bridge.

This is the time of year to look back and remember those who have played a part in our lives, for me: My family and friends in Sweden, my friends and family here in the 
U. S., and those who have passed on. 

This year, my beloved Angel died in May. The one dog who loved me above all. And mommy will always love you too.

Also in May, our sweet Pippi Birdie died. You cheered us all up with your constant twitter and song and we miss you so very much.

But life goes on and yesterday, as I went to town to do some Christmas shopping, the gumbo pots came out, my New Orleans born husband sharpened his knives and the chopping began. He was still at it into the evening hours. Two large pots of gumbo now rest in the refrigerator, some of it will be given away and some of it we will eat for Christmas. But wait, there's also a duck sitting in the freezer. Oh well, I guess if you're from New Orleans, the pleasure of eating and cooking knows no bounds.

With a fire in the fireplace (10 F here right now) and carols with Nat King Cole, Martina McBride, and others on the stereo, the Christmas spirit is slowly coming forward. 

All of the above would go in my tree, were I to have a tree. In  the Sweden of my childhood, the tree went up the day before Christmas Eve, so I still have some time to decide.

My straw goat, representing the goats that traveled with Santa (Jultomten) would stand underneath the tree. With Samson around, he probably will stand somewhere high up instead. Interestingly, in the land of the reindeer, Santa travels with goats. 


A cheerful Santa, a gift from a friend of my mom's.

In another day or so, my table will look like this again.

My parents wrapping presents, circa 1939.

Rachael and I celebrating Christmas here last year.

I bought Soldier a bed yesterday. He has rejected beds in the past and sleeps on a carpet remnant with his blankie, but he's getting so old now and I thought I would try one last time with a real soft bed. And, success! He slept on it last night and it must have felt good for his aching hips and back.

Recently, Gracie posted about all her toys and Samson has complained ever since. So I looked for some new toys for him, but didn't find any. I know I have a few more my friend Carol gave the dogs packed away, so I'll give him those. Rachael gave him tennis balls and Judy sent him and Soldier some very huge bones. So he better stop complaining, but with Samson you never know.

I end this with the little Tomte that protects our home here in the canyon. In olden days in Sweden, people believed that a small tomte lived in the barn, or somewhere close by, and kept watch over the farm. I love that thought and since I happen to have the likeness of one, he stays out year-round to keep an eye on things around here.

I will take a bloggy vacation over the holidays and come back with a new computer and, hopefully, all my new stuff figured out, after New Year's.

I completely forgot to post part 2 or my Wyoming Cowboy Adventures, so I'll post the whole story next year. And I'll continue with the California Missions then as well. 

Again, I want to wish all of you the best for this Holiday Season and for the New Year. I appreciate your friendship and that you come around to visit my blog. Samson says he does too and just wait, he will have lots more to say come next year. He's still feeling good without the medicine.


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