Saturday, December 8, 2012

An Update From The Canyon

Yesterday, the clouds came in low and wrapped themselves around the mountains like cotton candy. I had to grab the camera and take some pictures. 

This morning, I took the dogs for their walks for the first time since I started the antibiotics about 10 days ago. It was a frosty 19 F degrees out and Samson said that's about the right temperature for him to be comfortable, poor thing.  Soldier was once again reminded of the obstacle to his road tripping that daddy erected. 

And I was faced with the fact that my husband also plugged up all the holes in the fence, so now I have to either unlock the gate or walk up the mountain. Today, I wanted a short walk, so I took them up around the barn, where I heard coyotes yapping and a pack of dogs barking not too far away. I don't worry about coyotes, but semi-feral dog packs can be very dangerous, at least I think so. I didn't run into any critters, except ravens that kept watch from above. 

There were lots of dry leaves still left on the tree in our front yard, but I fell for the charm of this lonely one, hanging on.

We accomplished a lot yesterday, including washing several loads of laundry. These were not quite dry last night, so left on the line over night they were quite frozen by this morning.

My husband got this wood storage thingy from a client several years ago. While it would have fit fine in our Los Angeles house, we never used it. And I couldn't figure out what one was supposed to do with it anyway. But yesterday my husband cut up a lot of leftover construction wood and filled it up. This house is way too small for it to fit indoors, but it will work just fine here. I think it is a pretty nifty idea for wood storage.

While my husband was cutting up wood, I took some pictures. This was supposed to be of a scrub jay that landed on the little shed. You can't see him, but I still liked the picture......

This little bench was such a good companion and seating place for me when I lived alone up here and was still strong enough to work outdoors all the time. I came upon it by the woodpile and remembered this was one of my places to sit quietly while watching the sun rise over mountain ranges. My mornings are rushed now that I have to walk Samson before sunrise, so I forgot all about it. I should fix my little bench and give it a paint job. Maybe in spring........

Samson got so tired from watching us all work hard yesterday, he thought he'd climb up in this chair and take a nap. No luck with that, big as he has gotten, he soon returned to the floor to continue napping more comfortably. He's gained five pounds since I started to feed him twice a day and he was a perfect 66 lbs before that. His raging hunger is gone now that he's been off the steroids for several weeks. He's still doing fine. He will see the vet again before Christmas and I will see a urologist on Friday. So another trip to Bakersfield for me. 

My new computer and printer have both arrived and I really should do some prep work to get my data transferred. Instead of sitting her writing about nothing much..... 

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  1. glad the pups got out again! and you, too!

    cute little bench for enjoying a nice breath of fresh air and a view.

  2. Hej! Bra att du kommit ut lite idag . Vilka härliga bilder från dig. Vilken fin blå himmel du hade.
    Vi var inte ute på älgjakt idag då det var kyligt att sitta still på ett pass. Men det blev visst 2 kalvar. Vi lär inte skjuta kvoten som vi skulle. Nu tappar tjurarna hornen och då ser man ju inte tagg antalet mer. VI får inte skjuta under 4 taggar. De skall sparas.

  3. Dear Inger, I like to think of you sitting on that small bench and watching the sun rising with Samson and Solider by your side. That's a serene picture filled with silence and love.

    I'm glad you will be seeing the urologist soon and that Samson will see the vet. I'm hoping that your Christmas gift from the Universe will be better health for both of you.

    Good news about the printer and computer. And good luck with all that you have to do to get them set up! I'm really technologically challenged and so the mere thoughts of doing that sends me to something that I know how to do--reading blogs!!!!
    I've been away from "blog world" for several days because, as you know, life happens. But today I hope to catch up with all my favorite bloggers--like you. Peace.

  4. Nice day for a walk. Peaceful and snowing lightly in Montana.

    I like that little bench. I like benches and footstools. Since I've had the cat, I have to fight her for a footstool.

    I like your profile picture. Is your hair longer? It looks great.

  5. The picture of the clouds embracing the mountains is awesome - nature is so amazing. It is lovely to see you had a nice sunny day!

  6. I enlarged the photos and that first one of the canyon is absolutely beautiful, magnificent. me thinks Samson needs a bigger chair, that is so cute and sweet.
    hope all goes well with vet and doc visit.
    oh no on the computer/printer set up. I Love to get a new computer, I also hate to get a new computer.... I love it after it is up and running and after the data transfer..have fun, good luck.

  7. I love your world - even though you are very busy taking care of your health and samsons, i can feel the poetic stillness you have created there! Hoping that stillness will be yours again soon :)

  8. Poor Samson doesn't fit in his chair anymore. I hope that doesn't happen to me. In my chair, though. Not Samson's.


  9. That was a great update, Inger. I liked the little bench seat. At a craft fair, I bought a small stool made from old fence pieces. I like things like that. Creative use of materials.

    Thanks for sharing those photos, too.

  10. The scrub jay is on the top of the roof on the left corner, isn't he?

  11. Love that cloud taking a nap on the ground.

  12. You guys are high up there, aren't you!
    I love posts like this....a little of this and a little of that. All interesting to this guy on the east coast of Canada!

  13. Yes, the scrub jay is there to the left, good yes, fishducky.

    Feral woman and Dee, I am thrilled the stillness here shines through. I have fallen so in love with stillness and the peace it brings.

    Manzanita, thanks, I think my friend Rachael just cut my hair before I had that picture taken.

    Janie Junebug, "poor" Samson, while a puppy destroyed two love seats and a recliner. All that's left are the leather chairs we got from fishducky's beach house and our couch, which he is not allowed to jump on. So, it's the floor for him.

    Thanks for your comments, those of you who didn't have any questions. As always I appreciate them very much.

  14. Gosh Inger, I just love these pictures! I especially love the laundry hanging on the line. I don't know why, but I have always been drawn to this.
    The way you described the clouds wrapping around the mountains like cotton candy was so poetic! I think you should write a book!!
    I wish I could get myself up and about before daylight to walk Gracie. Mornings are always so peaceful. But the looks of things there, it is always peaceful... morning, noon and night... right?
    Gracie says to tell you that her favorite picture is Samson...

  15. That photo of the low-hanging clouds is amazing. And I hope you do paint that little bench. It has a lot of character.

  16. Hi Inger .. the clouds remind me of Table Mountain in Cape Town ..

    So pleased you're improving - all of you .. and things are slowly getting done. I love the wood storage unit - so neatly packed ..

    Look after yourselves and good luck with that next trip ... big hugs and thoughts - Hilary

  17. Inger, when my Kiera was on steroids she gained weight and ate like a horse too. You need to take care of yourself, sweetheart...please!!!...:)JP

  18. It is so beautiful where you live. It reminds me of the landscaping around my property down south. Love that little bench.

  19. "... the clouds came in low and wrapped themselves around the mountains like cotton candy" That is exquisite writing!

    You live in such splendor.


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