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Gracie's Diary ~ A Book Review

Gracie's Diary
by Bobbi Phillip

This memoir is about a couple, Bobbi and Gary, both divorced, who after finding each other online marry and settle down in their first home with Gracie, a small white Cockapoo, who has a naughty streak and strong opinions. I'm sure they imagined they would share a normal, ordinary life, watching their children grow up.

But a vengeful ex-wife moves to destroy a daughter's love for her father and the father as well. A part of this memoir is about parental alienation. It is heart wrenching to read about the methods used by this evil queen of an ex-wife to not only ruin a father/daughter relationship, but in the process destroy a young girl's life, her own daughter's life, using hypnosis, drugs, and a quack of a psychologist. Gary's love for his estranged daughter is so strong that he keeps fighting for her to the detriment of his own health. Bobbi reveals shocking truths about the court system, greedy psychologists and attorneys without conscience. We are all naive when we step into court for the first time, believing no one will lie, truth will prevail and justice will be served. So wrong! I can only imagine what Gary and Bobbi went through. 

But this is not a sad book, although parts of it will make you cry. Little Gracie keeps things moving as she notes her take on family life in her diary. There are wonderful stories of her as a young dog, not understanding that go potty means she's supposed to do her business outside, not on the white living room carpet. She writes about her first boyfriend, Poncho, and about her walks with Bobbi down country roads. Gracie didn't like their move to the city and she makes this known in no uncertain terms, but eventually she settles down. 

Ultimately, this is a story about Bobbi's strong faith, the love she and her husband share, and a father's enduring love for his child. In the end it is also about letting go. Eventually, grandchildren come along and life moves on for this wonderful couple, all along watched over and commented on by a small, white dog, named Gracie. 


Samson Says: Yes, you got it, this is about my girlfriend, Gracie, who helped her mom, Bobbi, write a very excellent  book. Mommy has read some of it to me and I must say, I'm astonished to find out what a bad girl my Gracie used to be. But now she's a good girl and as her mom says: At the end of the day only the good stuff matters.

This is a wonderful book ~ the first book Bobbi ever wrote, which makes it even more special. Both mommy and me, we recommend it very much.  

It will make an excellent Christmas gift! Just click on Gracie's picture in the sidebar and then you can buy it. It's easy. Merry Christmas, your Samson.

Bobbi and Gracie's blog: Gracie Owns Me


  1. i admire anyone who can be so honest about pain and struggles in life. glad it is a happy story after all...

  2. I bought this book last week on your recommendation--& I LOVED IT!!

  3. Thank you Inger first of all for taking the time to read it, and secondly for that wonderful review. You are precious beyond words! And to all others who have taken the time to read the book: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was a story I needed to tell.. (not an easy one) and It blesses my heart to see others willing to take time out of their busy lives to read about ours.

    Dear Samson: Just to let you know, Poncho was a simple fling - meant nothing. AND I wasn't nearly as bad as mom aka the nag made me out to be. She's such a drama queen. Geesh. XOXOXO Your Gracie.

  4. Oh.. 2 more things. First of all, I LOVE your header. This picture is so crisp and clear.. I feel like I am there!
    Secondly, thank you so much for taking the time to put your review on Amazon. It helps to have good reviews on there so (hopefully) others will be more apt to purchase the book...

  5. I like books that make me cry and laugh and i fully understand about being owned by a dog, we have two owners right now.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic read. I will put it on my list.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous book. One of our sons is going through a custody battle with his ex right now, so I have an inkling of how nasty things can become. Even though our teenage granddaughter desperately WANTS to live with our son and his wife, his ex is fighting it tooth and nail. It's a shame things ever have to come to this. Thanks for the heads up on this book. It sounds like my TBR list just got a little longer.

  8. Verkar ju jättebra. Bra inlägg förra med Samson.
    Här är det kallt.
    Du har väl följt med på nätete vilket kaos det varit i veckan i Stockholm med all snö??
    Kram nu skall jag sova snart kl är 00,04

  9. I am glad you have read this book Inger. We are waiting for our book to arrive and look forward to reading it too.

  10. Samson, Your girlfriend is a star.


  11. I enjoyed reading your review – this sounds like an interesting book. I’ll put it on my wish list.

  12. What an excellent review! This sounds like a wonderful book. I enjoy a book that inspires and gives a look at how others move through adversity. And I would love to get to know Gracie, too! Thank you, Inger.

  13. SophieDoodle waits patiently at the mailbox daily looking up the road for the mail delivery person...she's so patient and so understanding. She wants the guys to read to her when the package arrive. Coming all the way to Canada...takes longer...that's certainly OK..because the longer the wait the more exciting the read.


  14. Yes, I saw that SophieDoodle was getting the book. You must read the parts that are Gracie's Diary aloud to her. I did for Samson and he loved to hear all about Gracie's escapades.

  15. Dear Inger, thank you for sharing this book about Bobbi and her husband and Gracie with us. I'll order it today. Peace.


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