Saturday, February 9, 2013

From those dark clouds in my previous post, snow fell in the night. About two inches, which is not much, but enough 

for my snowdog and me to find time for some play. Oh, why does snow always bring out the kid in me? 

We climbed up and down hills. Samson put his nose in every hole until his entire face was full of mud, while I enjoyed the fabulous clouds that hovered over Sugarloaf mountain.

The foreground is dark because the sun has not yet cleared the eastern mountain ridges, so what you see in the background is a reflection of sunlight on the mountains to the northwest. If that makes any sense. The sun comes over the ridges about half an hour after it rises in the desert below.

I drove to town in the afternoon to pick up a few things we needed. After I was done shopping, I stepped out into a snowstorm of large, wet, flakes that quickly made it difficult to see. When I was almost at the road that leads into the canyon, I noticed the electric lines for the railroad to the right in the picture and the regular poles to the left. They looked so cool in the mist and sleet, but I wasn't about to get out of the car to take a picture. This is what I got through the windshield. Not very good, I know. As soon as I turned into the canyon, I was greeted by sunshine and blue skies. So weird! I'll never understand mountain weather, but I enjoy it in the winter.

Then I heard about the huge storms on the eastern seaboard and my thoughts go out to those affected there. I thought about blogger friends and could only come up with J.P. in Connecticut, Lori Skoog, and Louise in New York state. So if you guys read this, I hope you are OK, that you have power, and that you didn't lose any large trees. 

And then I wondered why I don't know any more bloggers on the East coast. I mean the U.S. north east ~ I can't think of anyone else. Let me know if you are out there, please........


  1. Hi Inger - sounds like the NEStates have had a dump of the white stuff - I love your photos and that you're enjoying the snow and cold.

    We're about to get more here - I sincerely hope it's not bad and definitely not like the feet of snow they've got in Maine ...

    Like you - I wish everyone well ... good to see you up and about .. and the weather clouds always surprise us don't they ... I'm sure I thought they look like snow clouds to me - but .. we never know ..

    Enjoy the cold weekend!! Hilary

  2. The windshield photo is probably just the way it looked looking through the wet windshield. Enjoyed being there with you. Your clouds, light, and shadows always seem playful to me. Of course, if I lived with them, they might not seem so playful. Glad you and Samson got a treat.

  3. those clouds are just wonderful. and sugarloaf mountain was in a lot of my western books i read when growing up. your canyon and those mountains are on my bucket list, but only in the summer. our weather does that here, not snow, but rain on one street and sun on another.

  4. Awesome Inger, love the contrast of the blue sky, the clouds and the snow - looks like a perfect winter morning.

    The drive home, not so much. Handy that you had sunshine when you arrived home!

  5. I love your photos, through the windshield or not!

  6. Inger, your thoughts have kept us safe and warm...we haven't yet lost power (although we do have a generator, so do not worry!) is absolutely magnificent...hard work, yes...but BEAUTIFUL!!...:)JP

  7. I'm glad Samson had fun, even if he did get a muddy face.


  8. You still got more snow than we did and it brings out the kid in me too! :-)

    By the way, I heard from Louise this morning on facebook, and she said that she's doing just fine and almost all shoveled out!

  9. I was seeing your pictures of the snow listening the song " Time passages " of Al Stewart....very beautiful land you live, someday I will travel to see USA deserts...

  10. Nothing more beautiful than snow on the desert. I am from New England, but of course I'm settled down here in Florida now. No snow here! My family and friends are mostly up in Mass. and Maine - some enjoying the snow, some not so much!

  11. Love your capture of that early morning glow of the snow.
    Snow brings out my six year old also as well as Mighty Dog's dormant puppy. What a wonderful elixir snow can be.
    Of course if you are in the East buried under Nemo, it provides a much different view.
    Those in the dark and cold are in my prayers.

  12. I see what you were talking about with the two sets of wire lines heading to meet each other. You have a great 'eye' for these things, Inger!
    Mountain weather sounds a bit like Maritime weather in that it can change on a dime!
    Have a great day.

  13. A great shot through the windshield. Do stay warm and enjoy your bit of snow!

  14. That looks like Samson's kind of weather. He probably wishes you'd had more of that fun cold stuff.

  15. Such beautiful pictures of your world...the soft colours are so soothing...thank you for this IngerDoodle.
    We made it through all our snow and winds...Sophie is stretching beside me right now...winkers!


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  17. I love those clouds over the mountains. So many fabulous views on your walk. It certainly sounds bad on the East coast. Here in the UK it's snowing but not too thick. Keep warm :-)

  18. Hi Inger those are some pretty snow covered mountains.I love them.Spent some time in the Rockies during the winter fell in LOVE.Hope you and your clan are staying warm.

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  20. Vilka fina bilder....o snö har du fått....det var inte dåligt. Samson verkar gilla det.


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