Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Doctor, Remains of Richard III Found, & Canyon News

I am so happy to report that I now have a new doctor who I'm sure will help me with all my medical needs, as well as communicate with me and show empathy when needed. I chose an older male doctor who has provided care here for over 30 years. This doctor works with a group of specialists, which is great and the main reason I wanted to see him. I called Monday and got an appointment for Tuesday. He told me he sees many elderly patients and likes to see them every three months, just to ensure they and he stay on top of things. I already see my diabetes doctor every three months, but this guy wants to see me too and I think it is a good idea. Now that I'm elderly and all......

Then he set up a referral to the gastroenterology (phew, what  a word, yes I looked it up) doctor who comes to our town a couple of times a month and works out of the same office as the internist.  So I won't have to traipse down the mountain. He said if I don't hear from the office today, to call tomorrow morning to schedule the appointment. I'm so relieved, this past year has been the worst I have ever experienced. Can you imagine, after seeing doctors at UCLA Medical Center, the best in the West, and at Cedar Sinai in Beverly Hills for 35 years, to get literally stuck with this doctor up here, who so lacked in compassion and ability to communicate. I would even call him rude. It's worth every penny this high option plan costs us.

Not much news from the canyon. My hubby made a feast for Superbowl Sunday. Since my two favorite teams were playing, I had a bit of a problem, but decided to root for the Ravens because I really like their coach better. But I so enjoy watching San Francisco's young quarterback. When he gets in a groove, he is very exciting to watch. So we ate and enjoyed the game ~ a nice Sunday together. 

I woke up to a misty morning in the canyon and took the dogs for their walks. We haven't had any snow and just a little rain, but it has been very cold. Today though, it was 40 F and overcast, so great weather for climbing the hills with Samson and walking on our road with Soldier, who by the way, also walks in a straight line, like coyotes and, as I learned from Nancy, foxes do. I've never had a dog do that before. Soldier puts his nose in the air and steps out, one paw in front of the other. He doesn't care if he hurts (which he often does), he just marches, rarely looks left or right, just marches on. The people who had him before named him well.

Source: Wikipedia

On the NBC Nightly News on Monday, Brian Williams announced that the skeleton found in a parking lot in Leicester, England, was confirmed to be that of Richard III. I let out a yelp that scared both hubby and dogs. Why, you may wonder, well, since I was young I've been in love with the history of England, particularly the history of the Plantagenets, of which King Richard was the last. Last fall, my blogger friend Rosalind Adam, who lives in Leicester, began to write about the discovery of a skeleton in exactly the place where King Richard was thought to be buried. By now, it was actually a parking lot. I have followed this and I know the entire town of Leicester must be so thrilled. King Richard's remains will be buried in the Leicester Cathedral. 

You can read Rosalind's blog here and if you want to know more, Rosalind provided a link where you will find details of this remarkable discovery: University of Leicester website 

Thanks again for your support in my hunt for proper medical care and answers to my medical issues. Hopefully, my quest for answers will soon be over. In the meantime I will post about things other than doctors and stuff. Promise! 


  1. SO glad you like this local doctor AND that he seems to want to stay involved and on top of your care!!! yay!!!

  2. Isn't it a miracle these days to discover a doctor like that? And in close proximity?

  3. I find it difficult to think of you as elderly. I'm very glad you like the doctor.


  4. Showing empathy yes thats a rare trait in a doctor.They sure dont here lol.

  5. Va bra att du fått en bra läkare som du känner förtroende för. Värt mycket. Jag har gått ont i handlederna av allt dataarbete men fått mer råd av ergonom nu. Jag har ju det bästa hjälpmedeln bl a slim tangentbord, bar mousse, sitta rätt. Men idag är jag totalt öm i hela kroppen :-) tränat rejält 2 dagar nu så det känns.
    Det har kommit snö igen, suck

  6. its good to find a Doctor you feel comfortable with...

  7. Good to know he (the doctor) is so conscientious and caring!!! I was glad that King Richard was found...I too loved history!...:)JP

  8. Sounds like you finally found the perfect doctor for you!!

  9. so happy for you that you found a good doctor that does not require driving into LA in all that traffic and Soldier looks fantastic... keep up posted on what the G doc finds, can't spell it har har

  10. The right doctor is very important. One of the first one I had in Canada looked like Bella Lugosi as Dracula, and wouldn't look me in the eye. (not sure if it was cultural or dislike of women) I kept looking.

    The one I see today takes care of the whole family and is part of locum of doctors. He has known our kids since they were born. It's comforting to have a doctor that understands and talks.

    Glad to hear the good news.

  11. So glad you have found a doctor you are comfortable with and believe in. Not easy to find these days.
    Interesting about King Richard. Curious whose DNA they used to identify him. I thought it amazing how they reconstructed his face from the skeleton.

  12. Glad to hear you found a good doctor. Those can be hard to come by. I found the King Richard skeleton findings to be quite interesting and have been reading about it on the news.

  13. I am thrilled you got a better doctor - it makes a big difference.

  14. A good doctor is priceless.
    The discovery of Richard III's remains is very exciting and interesting to me too.

  15. I'm so glad you found a doctor that you can talk to -- that's so important!

  16. pleased you found what sounds like a gem of a doctor

    and I am excited about the Richard II I finding. I am eager to see how they will treat the internment. I hope there is appropriate pomp. I like the discussion about how Shakespeare was pretty much a propagandist for the elite of his day. Understandable. There is certainly talk of having proper historic ( and accurate) accounting of the politic of Richards ascent to the throne.

    I will probably get the book "Sonne in Splendore" which many are talking about.

  17. Your new doctor sounds wonderful.... old school! What we used to expect.

  18. I am really sorry to hear that you were previously treated badly by a doctor with apparently no bedside manner! We have to feel comfortable with our medical providers! I chuckled at your using the word "elderly"-what are those arbitrary numbers that advance us from middle aged, to senior citizen, to elderly? I don't really care about the terms, but I do think that some doctors are very dismissive and not very compassionate towards the needs of older patients!

    I'm quite excited about Richard III, also, Inger. I can't claim that I know so much about the King, but I love the story now, and think the discovery is terribly exciting! oxo

  19. Hi Iner - that does sound like good news all round ... someone, who on a regular basis, will keep an eye on your medical aspects ..

    I know the straight walking soldier does that too, as too the playful Samson ... and your dearly beloved hubby ..

    The Richard III story was fascinating to see and his recreation by the facial professor from Dundee University ... just brings him to life - there's a controversy to take him to York Cathedral ... but I hope he stays in Leicester ...

    Now they're looking for King Alfred near Winchester in Hampshire, and then Kent raised its head and questioned whether King Stephen is buried in Faversham ...

    I love these types of cold cases ... so much research is put into their exploration, then the wonderful scientific abilities of today's laboratories and professors can help us understand so much ...

    Lovely you're joining us and remembering your days here in the UK ...

    Cheers Hilary

  20. Isn't it thrilling to hear the news of Richard lll. I am so excited and feel especially close to this because of friend Rosalind's posts.

    What a find in your new doctor.

  21. Sometimes 'doctors and stuff' are things that have to be shared and discussed to work things out. I am glad Inger that you have found the doctor for you! A huge relief I am sure.
    Thanks for stopping by today, always good to see you.

  22. Inger, I know how a good doctor and one that you like that also has empathy and true compassion and concern for you as a person, makes a huge difference, I am glad you found him--They are worth every 'extra' penny you pay!!

    I hope your day has been just as enjoyable as your Sunday was!

  23. I like these photos, and good luck with the new Doctor. You might be interested in looking at my blog, I share some stuff about my experiences with a chronic illness, I'm going to follow you now, take care,

  24. Oh Inger a local doctor you like with access to specialists sounds perfect. Yeah.
    I love following the Coyote tracks here that is very cool maybe he is part coyote. Take care. B

  25. it is really important that you get along with your doctors. they're the ones who knows whats the best for us, but if we're not comfortable with him, it's better we look for another one.

  26. Dear Inger, you have a gift for writing warm and touching postings. Partly that's because you write about Samson and Soldier. But mostly it's because of your great curiosity and your eagerness to always know more. Peace.


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