Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Finally & Soldier Climbs a Hill

After two dry years, a real snowstorm finally came to the canyon. 

We got several inches of snow; it was difficult to tell how many because it was very windy, some places were bare, others a foot deep.  

We took the dogs out early and played around in the snow. Soldier is so tough; he did amazingly well. I don't know how much he hurt, but he kept up with Samson, negotiated the snow, and climbed up a couple of hills. I know he had the best of times. 

Samson was so full of joy, he jumped straight up in the air, several times. We saw tracks of a lone coyote and followed them for a while. Nothing else disturbed the pristine landscape.

A lone raven flew overhead, but too far away for me to really capture him. 

The pictures are so dark because it was overcast with clouds low over the mountains. I guess I should have lightened them up a bit, but I didn't. 

Yesterday, I drove to town in a terrible wind storm that made the Wrangler rock & roll like a sail boat tacking in the wind. I didn't like it and avoided the freeway. I have so many doctors' appointments in the next few weeks, some just check ups, like my diabetes doctor and my annual retina and eye checkup, but also some to find out what is wrong with me, if anything. Yesterday, I saw the doctor who bills himself as: "The High Desert Gut Doctor!" Seriously. But he was OK and gave me prescriptions for some stuff to help for the time being, a script for an x-ray, and an appointment on March 7 for a colonoscopy. I won't bore you with that, or maybe I will. 

After our walk, my husband made a fire, and then he proceeded to go through some boxes of old papers, envelopes, and so on, that have accumulated over the years and started to burn them. Wow! My purging efforts around here are beginning to rub off and that's great. This house is so small and there's no garage, the sheds are filled to the brim, so we both have to get rid of old stuff we no longer need.

While he did that, I came in here with a cup of hot tea and wrote a blog post, similar to this one, but longer. Then I wanted to copy a picture I ran into on Picasa from here to a new post, got the message I would lose unsaved data, still clicked Yes, and proceeded to lose everything!!! So I had my lunch and then came back here and wrote this post. 

Hope you all have a very nice rest of the day!


  1. the snows look great! always love to see pups excited in the snow fall!

  2. I'd say you had a wonderful amazing day. A cup of tea caps it off perfectly.

  3. Lovely snowy pictures. We have snow in the forecast, but so far the day has been sunny. I love the sun, but we need the snow!

  4. When it says you'll lose your data, Inger, you have to stop, not click yes. I usually open up another browser or you have to save and come back to start a new post. Enjoyed the pics.

  5. I hope your Gut Doctor is able to help you. That made me smile! I took my Dad's lady friend in for hemorrhoid surgery. Her doctor introduced himself as the "Poop" Doctor. If I need that sort of thing, I am going to visit him - I like his sense of humor.
    I hear that we are getting snow at home, too! Hooray! Finally some moisture. Luckily, the snow where we currently are camped has gone away.

  6. Computers can be so frustrating. Glad that you finally received some snow and were able to enjoy it!

  7. Inger the snow is beautiful. Samson looks happy and invisible in the white snow. Lots more tests but they will turn out fine. Take care. Hug B

  8. Oh what beautiful snow!! I loves to sees da doggiesplayin' in it. My brudder acts like a puppy in it...when and if we gets it.
    I so hopes your tummy dr. can helps you, and hope da meds help til your next appt.


  9. We loves the snow so we know your pups loved it too! Thanks for coming by our blog!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley
    Online Doods

  10. Inger, I have been wondering where OUR snow is, and now I know--It's lovely and I wish I could be there to enjoy it with you and your pups! :-)

    Take care, and stay warm!!

  11. So glad the pups are doing well.
    It's snowing like crazy here.

  12. I know you're thrilled to see the snow. You might not jump up in the air like the dogs, but I imagine you're pretty psyched on the inside.

  13. Lovely snowfall, Inger, nice photos! Soldier is a real trooper keeping up with Samson. My dogs love snow too. I hope all goes well at your doctor appointment!

  14. Hi Inger .. the snow does look wonderful doesn't it - and then so pleased you were all able to get out and enjoy a decent walk ...

    Good luck with all those appointments - but hope the roads are easier for them ... cheers Hilary

  15. i am doing my happy dance that Soldier did good in the snow and hills. looks like both dogs were enjoying the snow and it is good for your drought. love that fireplace...oh no on the data loss. makes me so mad.

  16. Snow is definitely Samson's element. Now he can appreciate that massive coat he carries around.
    I know you are happy to be getting any moisture.

  17. Hi Inger! Don't you just LOVE IT when it snows and everything gets covered up! The dogs looked like they enjoyed it too.
    Oh the colonoscopy! I had one 3 weeks ago to get a polyp removed. Done! They 'put me under' because first attempt was too painful...but remember I am a man and we just don't do pain as well as you women do! lol.
    Good luck and I hope they determine what is 'ailing' you.

  18. The snows are beautiful and will no doubt we around for a short time. Such a refreshing feeling to walk in the white stuff...just love it when I'm all bundled up.
    Hope you appointments go well...yes Jim just endured the colonoscopy regime...phew glad that's over. We have a system in our province for colonoscopy I had mine with flying colours while Jim's not so much. He OK though it was just the waiting period.
    Hugs to the 'puppies at heart'!


  19. A winter wonderland and a cheery fire! Lovely!

  20. Beautiful photos and the dogs look like they were having a wonderful time. Purging is hard but the reward is great!

  21. Oj har du fått snö?? Det brukar ni väl inte ha??
    VI har fått lite i dagarna så vintern är inte över här ännu.
    Nu blir det valpar om 63 dagar. Parningen gick bra igår med Tyra. Du får läsa om det på hemsidan Lade ut någon mer bild där på Pappa Gusten från igår

  22. I've had days when I also lost my entire post! It's so disheartening when that happens. The high desert snow just amazes me with it's beauty...and it is just so cold! I enjoyed the photos. We have a trailer kept up in the mountains near Idyllwild and I'm sure it's "snowed in." :-)

  23. Dear Inger, I'm so glad that Samson and Soldier had such a good time in the snow. Solider is a real trooper. Just as you are. Peace.

  24. Love snow pictures, Inger!
    Sounds Soldier and Samson had a great time in the snow.


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