Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning Walk in Color and Black & White

We had a lovely walks this morning, temps were below freezing, but there was a promise of spring in the air. Then Soldier picked something up from the ground. He dropped it when I told him to, unusual for him, but good he did. It was an intact coyote paw! Broken off at the ankle, fur, claws and paw pads looking as if it had just come off. It was a disturbing sight for me and I threw it way out in the field so we don't have to run into it again. 

Samson is so, so. I will call the vet and ask for a refill of the antibiotics, which will be the the next step. When Angel had this problem, I would feed her some stuff that would help, some food that's good for the runs. But Samson has so many problems, so I will just go step by step, listening to the vet. Based on what has happened to Samson so far, and also his siblings, who all  died, the vet believes his immune system is really messed up.

Samson Says: Please everyone, say a prayer and send good thoughts for my Gracie , she's having bladder stones removed today. I worry! 

Talk about bladders (boy, at my age, there are so many fun things to write about)! Today, we are going to Lancaster to see the urologist, that's for me, and then we'll stop by Costco and pick up the OTC stomach meds and the grain free chicken kibble for Samson.

It is getting warm here and it should be like spring in the desert. I'll bring my camera. Have a great day everyone.

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed fishducky's painting ~ I will get better about posting her art. I still have lots to share.


  1. the soft colors of your canyon are beautiful - but even in shades of gray it is lovely!

    i do hope samson will get better - and his girlfriend will be okay, too. :(

  2. I love love the b & W of the fenceline - that one with the hard frost took my breath away...

    Oh Samson, I am so sad for you - I hope that things get on the right track for you soon and you get that immune system back on track to getting healthy!!

    And prayers for to Gracie for kidney stones...

    and prayers to Inger for those darn Dr appts...!

  3. I wouldn't like seeing a limb from an animal either (or a human).

    And, sorry about Samson not feeling well. We send good wishes for recovery his way and to Gracie. It's sad to see them having to suffer like us humans with surgeries and meds.

    Also, hope you doing okay as well!

  4. What lovely countryside around you. Poor Samson hope the vet can make him well.

  5. The coyote paw! Oh my gosh--I would have flipped out.

    I'll be praying for Samson. I'm so glad he has you to take such good care of him.

    I hope everything will go well at your appointment today.

  6. Any friend of fishducky is a friend of mine!

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


  7. the black and white in the middle with the road by the fence, speaks to me most of all. they are beautiful. so sorry Samson is not doing well, and i do pray you find a way to keep him comfy. i bet that poor coyote got caught in a trap....

  8. Poor guy...health issues in our pets are so difficult. :(

    the coyote paw..thats amazing!!!

  9. Neat pics:) My brother-in-law works at the Grand Canyon so when we visit him pass through a lot of varied landscape. Cool post:)

  10. Beautiful Photos - thank you for taking me walking with you. Healing Thoughts and Comfort for You and Gracie!!!

    AND - I LOVED "Cold Mountain!!!" You really know how to pick excellent books.

    Love & Love,

  11. Perhaps that chicken kibble will do the trick for Sampson, Inger..hope so. And yes, I agree with you about the coyote paw...strange but your pictures look great done in B & W!...)JP

  12. I'm so sorry Samson is doing poorly. I hope he gets better soon. The photos are so soft and lovely. I especially like the b&w.

  13. Your photos are art, too, Inger. I want so badly for Samson to be healthy. I visited your friend Jim's blog. His father's nursing home is beautiful.


  14. Beautiful photos. Um coyote paw, nope Mountain man would have had to inspect it and see what the story was behind it ...but that is what he does. Me I just enjoy the beauty of the walk, hopefully without coming across coyote parts. Lol

  15. Aw the snow is all gone but your beautiful desert is back.
    That is unsettling about the coyote paw. How on earth did he lose it? Chewed off, caught in a trap?
    So sorry Samson is still struggling.
    Could probiotics maybe help? Sometimes antibiotics kill the good bacteria also.
    Hoping you are all feeling better soon.

  16. I like your comparative pictures. B/W photos have a certain expression to them.

  17. Oh Inger these photos are amazing. My thought go to Gracie.
    I do hope your tests go well. I am a little freaked out about the coyote paw strange. I do hope Samson feels better too. Hugs B

  18. I've tried several times to leave a comment, Inger, and I'm having trouble, so I'll just try one more time to say I certainly wish you well! Your photos are just lovely, and I hope Samson is feeling better, too! Debra

  19. There is such serenity in those pictures!

  20. Great photos. I am partial to black and white photography.

  21. Vilka fina bilder du tagit!!! Så vackert du har fast väldigt stor skillnad mot Sverige.

  22. Dear Inger, I'm not able to articulate why I like black and white photographs better than colored. I'm not able to clarify my thoughts about this. I know only that the pictures touch me at some deeper place than color does. Thank you for these. Peace.


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