Friday, February 22, 2013

This & That From The Canyon

Yesterday, I went to town and found a lot more snow than we had here in the canyon. I ran my errands, including picking up my new partial, which is much more comfortable and works much better than the one I got from another dentist up here five years ago. So now I feel like I can trust this new dentist and, with teeth like mine, that's a very good feeling.

I also went to the hospital for an X-ray of the painful area. Our hospital is basically only for emergencies, but you can have X-rays and some other tests done there. I was a bit concerned that the waiting room would be full of flu victims, but it was empty, except for two other old folks who also needed X-rays. 

Then I went to the vet and found that waiting room empty as well. Probably a lot of people decided to stay home rather than drive in the snow. Except there was no snow on the larger roads and just a little on the city streets. But this is California, even if it's in the mountains, and people here can barely drive in the rain. OK, if you are from here, you know this is true, even if it doesn't apply to you.

So why did I go to the vet? Because Samson is sick to his tummy again and I picked up a refill of his prescription. I also needed a new 12-pack of the cans pictures above, which not only cost $26.75, but are practically impossible to open. If I didn't have a husband, I would have to buy an electric can opener. As it is, I can barely afford Samson at this point. 

I so regret I didn't get vet insurance for him, but I never did for any of the other nine dogs we rescued during our years together (yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary), some of them half-starved from the streets of Los Angeles, some of them mutts, some of them pure breeds. None of these dogs was ever sick before the age of 10 or 11. So I fully expected that the second puppy we raised would be healthy. Well, that was not to be. And if you can imagine a Samoyed in full winter plumage with an upset stomach and the runs, it is no fun at all. Love conquers all though and good books, long walks, and the peace of canyon living really help me take it a day at a time right now. 

I have to go back to town in a bit and pick up Samson's canned food. Our town was truly snowed in as the freeway through the pass was closed during the storm, so the delivery was delayed. 

I will read as many blogs as I can before lunch and then catch up over the weekend. Hope those of you in the path of this storm as it worked it's way east are doing OK.  Take care and have a good day.


  1. really sorry samson is not well again! hope the roads continue to be dry for you!

  2. so sorry our boy Samson is sick again. hope the dog food does the trick and that is really Expensive.. wow... good news on the empty offices, i think the same thing when i go to the doc, dont want to get any germs from sick patients. hope they find what is causing your pain. the first and second pics are amazing. i love the VISTA in the first one and the tree in the second.


  4. Poor Samson, and poor you who has to tend to him. And, Congratulations on your anniversary, that seems a special and bright spot for your days!

  5. Taking life one day at a time is good advice. Good luck with poor Samson.

    Right now, we're cat-sitting a daughter's pet. It'll be here for another week or so.

  6. Poor Samson and poor Inger. Hope that food settles his system. Big dog sick is a handful as well as worrisome.
    Hope your X-ray finds the cause or your pain and you can get relief.

  7. I hope Samson feels better soon Inger.
    I really like that 'lone tree' photo. Great shot. Have a good weekend.

  8. Inger - Dexter had the same barfy/poopy stomach issues - we found out he was allergic to corn/grain/fillers!!! We switched him to an all meat diet and also no treats that uses grain fillers. We found that this one company, Taste of the Wild, has all meat in its dry food, and no grain, and it was like a miracle - its pricey, but it works for us; or should i say Dexter! heres a link to it -

    I dont know if that would help Samson at all, but since his immune system is compromised, i wouldnt be surprised if he had this issue at a young age. Dexter didnt have this allergy show up until he was about 8-9ish years old - it just got progressively worse until we had him tested and figured it out...the food and the companies products made such a difference that we also put the cats on it, and our oldest cat isabel (14 years going on 15) still climbs, plays etc. like a kitten (although she has cataracts!)

    We just hope poor Samson has a healthier year too (oh yes, and you too Inger!!! hugs!!!)

  9. Hoppas Samson blir bra...trist när det krånglar.
    Jag börjar bli lite bä är det bihålorna det ligger massa gojs som trycker uppåt o man får ont i huvudet.Nu är det 11 dagar o måste ge sig...

  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry Samson is sick. You don't need that.
    Hope your x-rays are good.

  11. Happy Anniversary - Happy every single creature you've adopted . . you treat them with LOVE -

    Happy me to visit your blog today.
    There are several inches of snow outside - I think we shared this storm . . It's pretty - and, it fit nicely into my schedule. (Color me grateful.)
    'bye for now,

  12. Hi Inger, am so sorry that Samson is sick, hope he will feel better soon.

  13. You are so right that people in California can't drive in weather -- especially in LA. It drives me nuts.

  14. Happy belated anniversary. I hope you had a good one.

    Sorry to hear poor Samson is sick again. He's lucky to be with someone who takes such good care of him.

  15. Happy Anniversary... Poor Samson ...poor you I know what you mean with bet bills our Nolan is diabetic... Special dog food ...insulin...needles it can add up

  16. Dear Inger, thanks for sharing your day with us and also the news about your denture and Samson's health. He's going through a rough patch . . . as are you.

    That second picture, the one of the tree: are those squirrel or bird nests in it?????? Peace.

  17. Life is always complicated, but softened by our love for those special to us. You live in such a lovely place!

  18. Believe me I know that pet care can be an expensive one...been there, done that and will again, Inger. Hope you and Sampson feel better and get back on track soon!...:)JP

  19. Poor Samson. He most likely hates it just as much. I understand though. One night Cody had diarrhea and when I got up I saw a puddle on the floor. Oh, at least she stayed in one spot, I thought. OMG, no, she ran all over the house (most likely because she knew it wasn''t right and couldn't get out)even went upstairs and she rarely goes upstairs. I have no carpet, thank goodness but it took me 2 days to get the floors clean. I put her in the kennel for awhile but it was just that one time.
    Hope you are feeling good. I hate pain.

  20. I hope Samson's feeling better. Our last dog, our darling Josh, had an awful tummy. He got so bad that the vet took him in for tests and diagnosed Addisons Disease. Sadly he died soon after at only 8 years old but if he had been diagnosed earlier he might have survived. Has Samson been checked for Addison's disease?

  21. Life can be tough sometimes! Glad the waiting room wasn't bad..

    Poor Samson. Tell him Gracie sends her love and prayers for quick recovery! Thank you and Samson for the good thoughts and prayers for Gracie. These two are going to send us to the poor house, right?

    Hope your Sunday is going well :-)

  22. A white furry dog with the runs? Oh, I'm counting my blessings now Inger.

    FYI -- took Buck to the vet last week for a floater in his left eye and found out he might have glaucoma now. He's on two different drops for two weeks -- the pannus spot is shrinking! I'm hopeful all will get healed somehow.

    Have a great week my friend!

  23. Poor Samson! I hope he gets better.

    I love your header.

  24. Happy Anniversary! Sorry to hear Samson is sickly again. People in Arizona can't drive in the rain either!

  25. Happy Anniversary!

    I am sorry that Samson is sick to his tummy again. I hope he gets better soon.

    Your header is gorgeous!

  26. Oh poor Samson,dogs hate to mess too. That food is expensive in the UK too.


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