Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clouds, Snow, & A Little Bit of This & That

The snow came on Saturday, a complete whiteout storm, with howling winds and up to 55 MPH gusts. My BIL once said, "the wind speaks to you here." And it does. Angel, always vigilant, never got used to it and would bark feverishly as the wind whistled around the corners and windows of our house.

The snow ended at sunset and gorgeous clouds appeared all around the canyon. I went outside with my camera and didn't know which way to turn. The wind gusts were strong and it was difficult to stand upright. I felt like the weather guys you see on TV, reporting in the midst of a hurricane. I could barely hold on to my camera.

This cloud appeared to the east, reflecting the setting sun. During the day both satellite dishes got covered with wet snow, so we couldn't access TV or the Internet. Instead, we watched movies all day long. We both enjoyed it and realized we used to do this a lot but got lazy with it. Maybe a new beginning. 

When my my husband was in Los Angeles, he stopped by Pete's, a guy who sells New Orleans hotlinks, and what a perfect day it was for hotlink sandwiches. We sat by the fire, in front of the TV, which had by now come to life, and had an indoor sort of picnic for dinner. There's just something about a cold winter evening, complete with snow, wind, and a warm fire that brings you close together, a bit out of the ordinary, every day togetherness. 

The view to the north.

And to the south. These look like such happy clouds, dancing in the sky.

When I came back in the house, my husband pointed to a woodpecker hanging on to the trunk of our tree. We rarely see them here. This bird was hanging on for dear life, pecking away, in the middle of this massive storm. Fortunately, without noticing him, I had captured him while taking my pictures outside, which was good, since he took off as we looked at him through the window. Do you see him? 


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