Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trains On Track And Off ~ Same With My Diabetes Control ~ Notes: My Dog & My Mom

A train waiting.

Driving down to Bakersfield to see my endocrinologist last week, we passed a derailed train, cars off the tracks and a couple down the side of the mountain. It was on the other side of the highway, so I had to wait until we were on our way home to get pictures.

Ours is the busiest mountain railroad in the world, but still, this was the probably the third derailment in the past year. No wonder only freight trains go down these treacherous, winding tracks. As we drove along, we passed several trains standing still, just waiting for a train to come down so they could go up on the same tracks. Must be a bit difficult and certainly time-consuming for the engineers who drive the trains.

On our way home, I held my camera out the window and just clicked. 

Hoping for some disaster pictures, I feel like a paparazzi on the hunt! 

This one's from a crazy angle. Check out that house at the top. So many people build homes right at the edge of an abyss like this, as if they never heard the words earthquake, flooding, and erosion. 

This one gives a sense of speed, but we went very slowly, behind a truck with its rear red lights flashing. Driving too close to a fully loaded truck on this steep mountain highway is a dangerous practice as their speed is as close to zero mph you can get and still move. 

Then, when we were almost home, we had to stop and wait for this highly decorated train to go by. I love to watch the trains go by and never mind waiting.

The doctor's visit went well, only two problems: my three month average blood sugars (A1c) were too high, and my feet are beginning to get affected. But my eyes and kidneys are still fine. "It gets harder to control this disease as you get older," says the doctor, sensing my concerns. (While I, of course, don't tell him about my chocolate addiction. ~ I think I see a New Year's resolution in the making here, because I know once you feet start to go, other complications may not be far behind.) 

But then the doctor tells me of this new insulin pump, touted as the "World's first breakthrough in artificial pancreas technology." The pump has a sensor that senses when blood sugars go too low and automatically shuts down insulin delivery. This would be a huge help to me, as my fear of low sugars often overrides my desire for good control. I am Medicare eligible for a new pump and will pursue this one.

Samson Says: Enough already! Trains, pumps, so when do I get to tell everyone about my adventures tracking wild critters in the snow? And where's the snow anyway? WHERE'S MY SNOW? 

Today, December 18, is my mom's birthday. This picture is from her visit to Los Angeles in 1978, where she is actually standing outside the house that my husband would buy a year later. That's as close as they got to meeting each other. I still have daily conversations with with my mom, just like we did every day after school over hot chocolate and French rolls. As if she were alive, living in my heart somewhere. 


  1. i like the photo of your mom and I know you miss her. i have heard others talk about this pump and it was all good news. i hope you can get one to help regulate your insulin. of course my favorite pic is that gorgeous white dog in the bottom of the big blue sky...i have not seen decorated trains but i do like these...

  2. I love that you still talk to your mom every day!!

  3. Trains are very enchanting and let my mind wonder as they whip by. Great shots Inger and, yes, you would qualify as a paparazzi!!
    I think it's sweet that you talk with your mother regularly and also a testament of the bond you had with her.

  4. Happy Birthday to your beloved Mom and to her memory!

    Trains derailing are a frightening event. It has happened too much lately.

  5. Now, this is an amazing post. I am on a tiny break - but - i don't want to wait to respond. of course, I really like the entire post - BUT, my morning started with a conversation with a wonderful lady who kept referencing her grandmother- it felt as if that marvelous woman was riding the bus with us - and, on either side of me - was my great grandmother and my dad . . we were traveling together to story time, and i realized they are almost always with me - so alive - even though they are gone ahead of us . . SO, i thank you for continuing the conversation -with your mother . . and me.

    Love & Love to YOU!

  6. Well being diabetic myself it is hard. Lows are scary and it does make you not want to get to low - and the A1C is a bit high. I understand that. That new pump seems great. I bet it will help a lot.

    Next I miss my mom too - more now then ten years ago!

    Merry Christmas. sandie

  7. I guess either I am not watching the news on a regular basis or freight train derailments are not that newsworthy anymore.

    My SIL has been on a pump for several years now and has made life easier for her.

  8. I'm sure your mom still enjoys your chats. I have conversations with Brett's mom (who left us shortly after we married; not fair as she was a kindred spirit) often.

  9. Your mom does live in your heart. I love the photos.


  10. Oh my gosh, those train shots are unreal and scary.

    I think it's lovely that you still talk to your mom. I still talk to Pip every morning. They live on in our hearts!

    Kristin (pip and Ruby's assistant)

  11. I know exactly what you mean, Inger, I lost my mom in 2004.

    Thanks for all those train shots. Hubs looked over my shoulder to see those. We went by a large derailment once locally and yes, I did the same thing - took photos. We are documenters of events - not paparazzi - we're not hounding anyone.

  12. Oh Inger the photo of your Mom and her birthday being Dec 18 and the fact that you visit with her hit close to home for me. My Dad's birthday is Dec 19 and I have many a conversation with him even though I cannot really see him again either makes me happy knowing we are both so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.
    Oh Inger stop the chocolate if that is what it takes and being a chocolate addict myself I understand the desire.mTake care of yourself.
    I LOVE the beautiful art on the trains I always watch that when I have to stop. Hi Samson:) Hugs B

  13. Neat graffiti. Don't they know how to lay new track anymore, that they are having so many derailments? Everything is becoming a lost art.

  14. i love that you still talk to your mom. i think of mine often.

    i hope the new pump might work well for you! and i do hope your feet do not decline too quickly! you've got miles to go!

  15. Oh, Inger that new tangled gadget would help you I'm sure...Sampson can come to CT for snow...great that you and your Mom are still close...:)JP

  16. Crazy shots of the train - how scary that so many derail.
    I talk to my mom frequently. We used to phone each other while we each prepared dinner. Sometimes I still talk to her then... although I have to imagine her responses.
    A friend of mine had an insulin pump for years and loved it. It gave her so much more freedom and I think she felt much better.

  17. I love looking at the graffiti on trains -- quite creative, much of it.

    The pump sounds like a good thing -- hope it works well for you!

  18. Hi Inger - love the train shots - three derailments .. I'm glad I'm not a train driver then or there!

    It's interesting to hear about your trials and tribulations with insulin - it's good to learn, though I certainly hope you can get yours under control - the pump does sound a good idea.

    While Samson and the snow and your Mother by your house to be .. love both those photos .. Happy Birthday to her in the heavens above ...

    Have a happy festive season .. cheers Hilary

  19. Trains derailing have been in the news quite a lot lately. We had one in our area just a week ago. I love to ride the train and do use them a few times a month to go into the city. All this news is a bit frightening but we can't let fear rule us.

    Like you, I think of my parents everyday.

  20. Oh Inger and SHE IS living in your heart .
    Loved seeing her picture. How special that she was standing in front of a house you would eventually own !


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