Friday, December 20, 2013

Samson Does A Not So Random Five Friday

1. When the snow finally came, I got sooo excited, I ran around in a circle, sniffing my own big paw prints, while waiting for mommy to take me outside.

2. Once we got outside, we saw so many paw prints left behind by the wild critters I like to track.

3.  Mommy said she was surprised at all the ACTIVITY that takes place in our backyard while we're asleep. No surprise to me since I smell them every time I'm out here. See, when you're a dog, you don't need to see, you just smell the ground and it's like a human reading her newspaper.

4. Then mommy said she's impressed by how neat they are, the wild critters. I agree, they walk daintily on our land, leaving no messy prints behind. It's just like the coyote trails, straight as arrows. Mommy and me we mess up the snow when we come through. My big paws, her big feet, going here and there, back and forth, and all around again.

5. Mommy and me we thought these were the most interesting of all the tracks, predator and prey right next to each other. It didn't smell like anyone got killed, so maybe they walked here at different times. 

Mommy says she let me do this cause I was whining so about her not letting me blog. I know this wasn't very random, cause I learned what random is. But I stuck to five, well six, cause who knows when I next get to blog. 

I just had to post pictures of me in the snow so we all remember where I come from and where I belong once it gets to be 100 degrees again. If I use my imagination, I could be out on the big tundra here looking after reindeer, instead of in my backyard looking after mommy.


Puddles: These are trolls from Sweden, you can borrow them to scare away Chrissy if you want.

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


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