Friday, December 20, 2013

Samson Does A Not So Random Five Friday

1. When the snow finally came, I got sooo excited, I ran around in a circle, sniffing my own big paw prints, while waiting for mommy to take me outside.

2. Once we got outside, we saw so many paw prints left behind by the wild critters I like to track.

3.  Mommy said she was surprised at all the ACTIVITY that takes place in our backyard while we're asleep. No surprise to me since I smell them every time I'm out here. See, when you're a dog, you don't need to see, you just smell the ground and it's like a human reading her newspaper.

4. Then mommy said she's impressed by how neat they are, the wild critters. I agree, they walk daintily on our land, leaving no messy prints behind. It's just like the coyote trails, straight as arrows. Mommy and me we mess up the snow when we come through. My big paws, her big feet, going here and there, back and forth, and all around again.

5. Mommy and me we thought these were the most interesting of all the tracks, predator and prey right next to each other. It didn't smell like anyone got killed, so maybe they walked here at different times. 

Mommy says she let me do this cause I was whining so about her not letting me blog. I know this wasn't very random, cause I learned what random is. But I stuck to five, well six, cause who knows when I next get to blog. 

I just had to post pictures of me in the snow so we all remember where I come from and where I belong once it gets to be 100 degrees again. If I use my imagination, I could be out on the big tundra here looking after reindeer, instead of in my backyard looking after mommy.


Puddles: These are trolls from Sweden, you can borrow them to scare away Chrissy if you want.

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


  1. Dear Samson--I'm SO glad you got to play in the snow again!!

  2. It must have been fun for you Samson. I wish that I could have the keen sense of smell like you do.

    Have a wonderful weekend or even a "Funderful" weekend and wish the same for every one else at home.

  3. How exciting to have beautiful snow. Here in Kentucky we just have rain today.

  4. these are awesome paw print pics and you look great in the snow and if you lay down and be real still mom could not find you.... the snow is really pretty and i know you are happy to see and feel it and all that good cold air to make you feel happy. perfect weather for you

  5. hooray for cool weather for you, samson! but i worry about your eyes and that brightness bothering them. be safe and keep your mom safe, too!

  6. Oh Samson I would be right out there with you tracking those pretty little tracks, that is the best part of snow the very best part seeing what we may miss.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family Samson. Hug Mommy for me or at least try. HUG B

  7. He is so pretty in the snow and I know he must love it with all that fur!! So tell me this - where he is from? What area do they originate from?

  8. do belong in all that snow...tell Mommy to buy a warm coat so she can let you chase her around in it!...:)JP

  9. Hee hee -- mommy's big feet. :) Love your randomness Samson. Give mommy a hug for me.

  10. Tex, thanks for remembering Samson's eyes. I try to get him out before the sun clears the mountains, but if I don't I have a path that is mostly in the shade. He also keeps his eyes in the shade when he's in the dog run. Sunshine definitely makes his eyes uncomfortable. And he gets hysterical when I try to put on the doggles.

  11. Thanks for posting all the pretty pictures and comments Samson, have fun playing and tracking all the critters in the snow.

  12. A dog tells it like it is. Or as he sees it. Lots of animal prints means they remembered the garden and water source.

    We had snow today, too, Inger, wet and slippery here, yours looks dry.

    Happy Holidays! Stay safe.

  13. Samson, you look much like a Great Pyrenees, maybe a small Great Pyrenees, but still :O)... Keeper loves snow as well. He loves ice and cold. He too will remember in our horrid hot summers here the ice and sleet that he has loved so far this winter!

    You and your Mom had a fun time for sure it looks like!

  14. Samson, Dexterdog always wonders why I dont want to play nerf ball with him after I feed the horses in -3 boys have the winter coats us gals envy!

  15. Glad you had fun, Samson!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  16. Hi Samson - you sure know which side your bread is buttered .. I'm so glad you stayed around to look after Mommy during this Christmas season. Lots of critters enjoying their cold walks too ...

    Those trolls are just amazing to look at - I'm quite glad they're within a picture ...

    Cheers from a rainy south coast!! - Hilary

  17. He would be hard to find in thick snow with his lovely white coat,such a lovely dog.

  18. Hej Inger ! Så du får snö hos dig också. Trodde inte det i dina trakter. Här är det bara regn och blåst så ingen vit jul i år tyvärr....Men hoppas tomten kommer ändå:-)
    Ha en riktigt fin jul och ett gott nytt år !
    /Hälsningar från ditt gamla hemland, Lasse

  19. So you finally got some snow, it looks beautiful there.Strong winds and rain here in Ireland.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  20. Vad fint ni fick med snö!!
    HÄr är det barmark o 6 plusgrader


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