Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Samson Goes Hiking

Samson Says:

Now that the air is cool, we go hiking, mommy and me. We climb up these little hills, sometimes I have to pull her up, but she's pretty tough for her age. Of course she's gotta stop everywhere and take pictures of weeds ~ go figure that one.....

Mommy says this is called a gully and when it rains real hard, water comes gushing through here. Hard to believe, cause now we can hike in it. I hope mommy takes me here when it rains so I can see it. 

I know what this is cause I got a good nose to smell with and I can tell who walked here and how long ago. Again, mommy says it's a coyote trail. She's in her lecturing mood, should have been a teacher, is what I think. She's always telling me stuff. Then daddy wonders who she's talking to. 

Sometimes when daddy says she's talking to herself, she says, "no, I'm talking to Samson." She's not, but I won't tell.

Did you notice how pretty the sky is here? 

This is the hill we come down after we go on our long hikes with daddy. 

The hump you see sticking up between the hills is called Sugarloaf Mountain. Once a long, long time ago, a bandit buried a sack of gold there and no one can find it. I bet I could, if I knew what gold smelled like, my nose is very excellent. I bet the people who went searching for the gold forgot to take their dogs with them. That's why no one can find it.

This is a view of the road that goes from our house to the mailboxes. 

Auntie Feral Woman wants to come and hug a juniper. Well, she could try this one! Mommy says when she sees a fence line, like in the picture above, she thinks of auntie TexWisGirl, and when she sees a juniper, she thinks of auntie Feral Woman. Us dogs don't think like that, we just look, sniff, maybe we pee, and then we move on. 

Nothing much to read on this newspaper. Some coyotes went by, some rabbits hopped, some mice scurried, but I smell no bear activity. And the raggedy trespasser hasn't been by since I growled at her, heh, heh.......

Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog


  1. Hej!
    Vilka härliga bilder från din trakt, lite skillnad i natur än här i Sverige. Det väntas storm och mycket snö under tors o fre. Stockholm kan få 3 dm sägs det. VI ska klara oss rätt bra här. Du får kolla på nätet, Aftonbladet har skrivit om det.
    Kram Majsan//

  2. thank goodness there was no smell of BEAR... and you look wonderful, Samson.. tell mommy my favorite photos are 4 and 5... spectacular... i love the trees against that blue sky... not sure you would want to be at the gully when it rains, so be careful

  3. Tell Mommy that talking to yourself is OK--it's only when you ask yourself a question & then say "What?" that you have a problem!!

  4. My favorite photos are the ones with you in them, Samson. Willy Dunne Wooters always thinks I'm talking to him and I have to say, No, I'm talking to Harper and Franklin. Why would I talk to Willy Dunne Wooters when Harper and Franklin are here?


  5. yup, i love me a good fence line! and i'd give you a hug, samson, you wanna-be gold-digger!

  6. You tell such wonderful stories, Samson! I hope your mom does take you to the gully when it's full of water, so you can see it (from a careful distance).

    I hope you keep enjoying your walks and telling us about them.

    Blessings and (very gentle) Bear hugs!

  7. Samson, you're a sweetie -- and I have a hunch you could find that gold. Please tell your mommy I've heard of Sugarloaf mountain and that it's exciting she lives so close to it! Oh, almost forgot -- talking to one's self is okay!

  8. Well Samson, Gracie and I really enjoyed going on this hike with you. Your Mom is very smart and I have learned so much from her... so I hope she continues to tell you stuff so you can tell us... ;-) Now Gracie is after me to read your last post ... so I have to go and catch up. Also, Gracie says: Good point about the cookies and Summer. I will try to look for the positive from here on out.
    psst... Samson... I think she has her paws crossed.

  9. Oh Samson Mommy Auntie Feral and Auntie Tex are so lucky to have you. I would hug that Juniper too and you. Hug B

  10. Glad there was no bear, but what a great view!

  11. Those blue skies are delicious! Nice to see Samson too.

  12. You have got a good company of your mother to have a good walk. Photos looks good...

  13. Hi Inger - I loved the softly taken photo of Samson - but he displays well in true light. Those skies you have are gorgeous ...

    Then the Canyon such a pleasure to walk and talk with you on your travels .. and I'm so glad Daddy is home ...

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Devon Cows .. hope they adjust soon .. cheers Hilary

  14. I love your canyon and Samson is a very clever dog.

  15. Nice post, Samson. I love seeing where you get to walk.
    Gypsy & Tucker say you can come any time you want. They say the snow is overrated... it is annoying to get snowballs in between your toes!

  16. I enjoyed my hike with Samson! Thanks so much for signing up to follow the photo blog as well. I hope to take lots of new photos to share while I am on my break. Have a lovely festive season and I wish you all the best for 2014.

  17. I enjoyed hiking with you this morning Samson, it looks beautiful where you are and the sky is lovely. I love those hills and open places.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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