Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Five Friday

1.  I have come to love Samson's ears sticking up in my pictures. At first they were mistakes, now I catch them on purpose.

2.  The collage in my header is a bit dark, I know, but It's my first. Yes, I used piZap and, yes again, I have a lot to learn. Will work on it.

3. Thanks for your comments on the cows, our new neighbors. For now, they must get used to eating hay, which apparently they had not had to do in the past. I'm not doing closeups of them at this time, they look so depressed and I don't want to disturb them. I'll update as I learn more.

4. It was 8 degrees F (minus 13 C) this morning. That's about as cold as it gets up here and it's only the beginning of December. The sky was clear, the stars brilliant when I went outside at five a.m.

5. I hope all of you in the path of the storms hitting the country are OK. We're supposed to get ours tonight, snow down to 1,500 feet, maybe even flurries in Bakersfield. This cold is of course very bad for the citrus growers in the San Joaquin valley, but I can't help feeling excited about the prospect of some snow.


  1. Love your new header Inger !
    Aw depressed cows :( , you def need to send them some cheer !

  2. Oh Inger I love Samson's little ears in the photo it looks incredible. I have never heard of piZap but header looks good to me I must check it out. Don't worry about the cows Inger they will adapt they are going to be fine.
    Snow I do hope you get snow Samson will disappear in it though both being so snowy white but maybe you could put a hat on him:). Hug B

  3. I love Samson's ears in the photos... i have yet to figure out how to lighten or edit photos in pizap.. it is great for collage and for graphics but i can't find th edit button. will let you know if/when i find it. stay safe and i hope you don't get to much snow and shudder shudder at the temps... we are at 72 right now and climbing.

  4. Samson's ears in the picture are cute! Depressed cows? Depressed people? All the same.

    Today it is -28C out here, but feels like -38C (or -36F). Wind chill warnings last night and today. More depressed cows out on the prairie.

    Hope you survive the snow. Blessings and Bear hugs!

  5. I like your header and yes it does take awhile.

    And I think it is going to be a cold winter!


  6. Dear Inger, I'm liking these Friday 5 postings. I went to the one for the last Friday in November and so appreciated the photograph there, just as I appreciate the photo for today's posting.

    It's cold here, too. Single digits. But no snow in mid-Missouri, only to the south. We are expecting some snow tomorrow but probably only an inch. I do miss the Minnesota winters, but then I was retired for the last few years I lived there and didn't need to get out and about and to work on time!

    I hope all is well. Peace.

  7. brrr...

    we are getting freezing rain, but at least we are not THAT cold. i love samson's ears, too. :)

  8. Samsons ears in the photos is so cute!

  9. That will become an Inger trademark (Samson's ears)

    I like the multi-shot. How are you liking Bloglovin'?

  10. Uj vad kallt du har!!
    Tycker din headerbild var jättefin. Ska snickra på en ny med,haft min ett tag nu.
    Här har det snöat hela dagen o blåst som bara den.
    Kolla på aftonbladets hemsida. Det har t o m varit dödsfall nu i denna stormen som verkar varit mer jobbig än senaste Simone.
    Kram o ha en fin helg!

  11. Dear Samson,
    Yes, Osa Magillicutty happy Pants is a Lovely Girl. She is not fond of having her picture taken, I'll see what i can do.

    She is sleeping at the moment on her new bed. She has decided it is the perfect place to warm up after time in the snow. I would click away right now, but she'd be offended - so, I'll have to either find an older photo - or, ask her permission. I got her a new collar, she might be willing to show it off - we'll see.

    Please tell your mom I REALLY like the new collage on her blog. It's gorgeous.

    Love & Love to You!

  12. I hope the cows feel better in time to celebrate Christmas.


  13. That upper right photo--WOW!!

  14. I'm excited about snow, too, even though Brett is stressed about the pipes. I like your header a lot - if I feel ambitious I might try to make one too.

  15. I loves Samson's ears...they so fluffy. There is never a mistake when you gets a dogs ears or tail in a shot...hehehehe...happens here all da time.
    I not really thinks your header foto is too dark. I think it looks great.
    And them poor little cows...why dat just makes me sad dat they is sad.


  16. I was going to comment on your new header Inger! It is beautiful! Nice job!
    And you know, Samson's ears gives the photo some perspective, don't you think! And it is like having your custom 'water mark'!

    It was +12C here today! Just thought to let you know!! Not

  17. Great job, Inger, on your header and as for Sampson's ears...they are too cute!!!!:)JP

  18. You did a great job on that header!

  19. I love Samson's ears too! And the header is lovely.

    My Clancy is all excited that we have snow today. He loves it and I can't help but smile at his joy over it.

  20. The weather around the country continues to be very unseasonal with great extremes. It is a bit scary. Stay warm!
    I do love Samson's ears.
    I feel so sorry for the cows. I love cows - they have such sweet faces and soft eyes. I hate to see them unhappy.

  21. Your collage is really nice, Inger. It can be kind of fun to play around with these different programs. I hope you do get your snow--I think you will. It feels like it could snow here if it rains. LOL! And I've been concerned about the citrus growers. I remember a couple of years ago when they lost a huge portion of their crop. Stay warm, my friend!

  22. I also think your new header is beautiful, and Samson's ears are adorable! Hope the cows are okay.


  23. Hi Inger .. always love seeing your part of the world - but I hope the citrus growers don't have a devastating frost coverage .. always a worry.

    Samson's ears could be little snow mountains!

    piZap - I've never heard of either .. I will explore some time ..

    Sounds like it's cooling off considerably .. we've had storms, sea surges .. but here we're still 'warmish' .. but the coast got zapped a little even as far as here ..

    Cheers to you - Hilary

  24. You live such a beautiful place!!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  25. Inger
    You can get excited for me too. Haha Snow ceases to excite me, although I don't mind the cold weather, just don't like this bitter cold we are having right now.

  26. It is so cold where you live ,we've been having temps of -2 deg and I thought that was freezing. Love your photos,so atmospheric. I'll be blogging about a depressed cow next week,shame you have some to near you.


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