Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Country Walking

Samson sees them first, way off in the field. Ears up, nose twitching, he's not quite used to these large animals.

They march slowly toward home, the bull in the front, followed by the two cows, then the calves. No rain came from those dark clouds over the hills, not here anyway. 

I hope you can see the two llamas. I need better lenses to spy on my neighbors' critters.

Once, when I worked at the donkey rescue, for some reason a newly arrived llama was put in with some horses they boarded. I was alone out on the ranch when a fight broke out between the llama and a large white horse. The llama started it and it was a horrific thing to see. Rachael was the only one around; I called her at the office, and she had to first calm me down, then find another corral for the angry llama. I don't quite trust them since that day.

And Samson Says: All this activity, all these new large critters, I get so excited! I just don't know what to do with myself! I'm so excited, I dig a big, big hole! Earth flies everywhere, my face gets covered in dirt, 

and I turn into a fluff monster! 

Me: Thanks Tex for coming up with "fluff monster," I call him that all the time now. It's a perfect fit.

Finally, on Friday, Samson had his three-month eye check up. He behaves impeccably at the vet, he is calm and seems to enjoy all the attention he gets. As the vet puts green gook into his eyes, Samson licks his cheek. He gets a good report, his eyes are fine and he's doing well. And, he lost another two and a half pounds! 

P. S. 
I am so glad many of you like the header photo. My husband took it the first winter after we bought this place. The house was a horrible mess and he spent several months making it livable for us. He stayed here alone with Princess, a lost dog he took in. They would take long walks together all over our land and I have many great pictures that he took of her and the snowy landscape. I will post more as our snow-less winter progresses.


  1. Samson's going to make sure only friends come near his place. I've read where llamas can be temperamental, but to get into a tiff with a horse, yipes!

  2. I can imagine the llama and horse fight wasn't a nice sight, they do have a nasty side to them don't they but amongst them bulls they need to behave because those bulls will soon see that they are put in their place!
    PS, I too love the new header!

  3. so happy to her a good report on Samason and his eyes. i would love to have those cows as my neighbors, but i only have HUMANS for neighbors and phooey on that

  4. oh, too funny! as i viewed that photo of samson and read your words, i thought, 'yup - fluff monster!' then i read the rest of it. :D

    i like your bovine neighbors. a fight between animals of any size is frightening - can't imagine horse and llama. don't want to, actually.

  5. Would love to see those photos of the landscape that you mentioned. We have them here as well as Alpacas. Perhaps Llamas have an entitlement problem. . .

    Hubs had to help a friend once try to get two mean ostriches under control (they were kicking and had kicked the son of that friend.) Long story short - they became ostrich steaks.
    Life can be exciting in the country. . .

  6. I always love seeing the photos of where you live. It's so beautiful and so different from anywhere I've ever lived, but your pictures are so vivid I can almost smell it and almost can feel as if I've been there.

  7. I am so glad to hear the good news about Samson and his eyes. Just great!
    Beautiful photos, Inger! You live in a gorgeous region.
    The header picture is awesome, congratulation to your husband!

  8. So you got yourself a dirty fluff face Samson? This is just one of the many reasons why I love you so xoxoxo your Gracie.

  9. Vilka fina bilder från där du bor. Kul att se hur du har det. LIte skillnad mot svenska omgivningar helt klart. Torrt har ni nu? Här har vi fått någon cm snö, Det var kallt men nu är det noll. Stockholm har mer snö...du kollar väl in aftonbladet för jämnan nu :-)

  10. for many years i traveled with my "significant other," a border collie, Budmire. We traveled through plenty of rural places, if it was just us in the car, sometimes we would bark at interesting livestock . . with special attention given to Ostrich and Llama.

    me, I especially like Both Llama and Camel - because, they are prone to letting people know exactly what they think . . . something a performing artist had best NOT do . . . (giggle)

  11. Samson gets as excited as I do about new things, Inger!...:)JP

  12. Thanks for being a follower. This is my first time on your blog and I'm looking forward to getting to know you and I'll be following you too.

    I don't know much about Llama but by the sound of it, this one was aggressive.
    Animal are like people in some ways. Some are docile while others are aggressive.

    We sold a huge bull last fall that we used for breeding purpose, he was very aggressive and I raised him from birth. He scared me sometimes and I would not go in his pen. The one that we replaced him with, I call Elvis and he very docile although full grown.


  13. I see Samson. I see the llamas and cattle. Bu I don't see you. Are you hiding?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  14. I bet you're hiding from those ill-tempered llamas. Those wicked toe claws!

    Samson was digging a hole to dive in should those large critters get feisty!

    Glad to hear about Samson's eyes being better. I want to give the guy a big hug!

  15. That is a lovely header! Nice critters - hope these llamas are more peaceful than the one you had to deal with.

  16. It really is a 'cool' header! I had to stop a fight of smaller creatures tonight, can't even imagine a llama and horse.
    Samson is a fluffy one, alright!

  17. I once wrote a newspaper article about a llama visiting a school. The owners said llamas are only mean when they're taken away from their mothers too soon.


  18. I thought maybe you got snow in December as part of the storm that dumped on us. It is a beautiful shot. I'm glad Samson is doing so well. Sedona is doing well with her meds, too. But of course, she is old and Samson is young. So, I'm especially happy that he is doing so well.

  19. I'm glad Samson got a good report from the doctor! And I'm sure the cattle parade must be very entertaining for him. I really wouldn't think a llama would fit in with cattle, of all things. I'm sure a fight was very upsetting. Better just keep your distance! :-)

  20. I'm glad Samson got a good report from the Dr. Lovely views and area you have there.

  21. I am so glad Samson had a good check up. His being a good patient and having a great nurse is paying off.
    Careful of those llamas. My friend was attacked by her pet and it took her very strong blacksmith husband to save her.

  22. Hi Inger,
    Sofia loved your comment and asks to me to thank you so much!
    She loves dogs and enjoy seeing Samson and the very missed Soldier.
    Sofia has a dog, a female, named Brahma, that looks like so much Soldier. You can see her dog on this link:
    Have a nice day!

  23. What else can you do when you get so excited except dig a big hole and get all dirty? :D
    As always I love Samson's adventures. And I'm glad he got a good check-up!

  24. How does Samson stay so fluffy and white with all that exploring outdoors he does? What a cutie!

  25. Yes that is another spectacular header Inger!
    Loved those dark skies in the background....somebody must have been rained on.
    Good to hear Samson had a good health report....what a beauty he is!

  26. I am so glad that Samson's eyes are healthy. Hooray! He certainly is fuzzy!

  27. It just looks so beautiful and peaceful there - I can see why you love it!


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