Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  I never heard of Harry and David Gourmet before our niece and her husband gave us a magnificent gift from their gourmet selection for Christmas. It was called a tower and consisted of the prettiest boxes, from small to large, in the shape of a tower, wrapped with a pretty bow on top. In the boxes we found different chocolates, popcorn, nuts, and the best pears I have ever tasted. You can find Harry and David here. In case I tempted you.

2. It's so dry here that on a trip to town, I could imagine a caravan of camels trotting through the barren fields. Not quite Lawrence of Arabia yet, but we may be getting close as our neighbors just got

3. a pair of llamas. Not these two, they belong to another neighbor, but probably from the same stock. An elderly woman, who lives up above us in the hills, raises them.

4.  Samson's fur sprouted and multiplied many times over during the coldspell of early December. Now that daytime temps are in the 60s F, our house, our clothes, and ourselves are covered in incredibly soft and fluffy white fur. And I brush, and I brush.....

5. My friend Judy gave me several books for Christmas. When I opened this one, Russian Winter, I found that the author had dedicated it to the memory of a Hungarian couple I knew in the 1960s. Friends of my first husband, who was also from Hungary. Now, what's the likelihood of that, I wonder.

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