Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stockholm Tube Station ~ For Hilary

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. 

And Hilary, this one's for you. No ghosts in Stockholm, just pretty shiny escalators. (A sort of private joke, referring to Hilary's post about ghostly escalator innards she never got to see ~ you can read all about it here.)


  1. i like all the lines and patterns in that first shot. :)

  2. I read Hilary's post. I am a loyal Hilary fan. The escalator in your photo seems to go on forever.


  3. These pictures seem modern, yet retro at the same time.

  4. The first shot is amazing. The escalator is lonely.

  5. Will go and read Hilary's post, I'm a follower of her interesting blog.

    I like the second shot the best! But how did you get such an empty shot at the tube station? (early?)

  6. Very geometric and lovely. NYC tube stations could never equal these.

  7. Hi Inger - beautiful photos .. way better than mine. Stockholm underground looks as though it's come out of the art deco movement .. very angular, with that colouring ..

    Ghosts could easily create some interesting tales here ..

    I agree with DG ... how come it's so empty .. but wonderful photography .. ?

    Your snowy header is just a great shot of your Desert Canyon ..

    Thanks so much for posting these and linking across to my Ghostly Escalator post ..

    Cheers Hilary

  8. it is a great shot..both of them are...

  9. I too get a feeling of loneliness here. Has to be the almost total lack of people, except the one person enclosed in the shadows. Really interesting shots.

  10. There' a clock in the first picture that says 12:30, and it's afternoon. I think this is the last station of a small arm of the subway that ends by the Royal Garden park, and that, when everyone got off, I saw an opportunity to get a good shot and took a few pictures. The city stations of the Stockholm subway are decorated with different themes, this one was strange. I'll look for those pictures. and maybe, inspired by Hilary, do a little research.

  11. I do love all the works of art that you can find in the Stockholm subway system.

  12. That is a colorful place! I've never ridden on a 'tube'... Several escalators, tho.


  13. These amazing photos do fit in perfectly with Hilary's post, as the station is quite deserted making it more susceptible to ghostly hi-jinx!
    Beautifully done Inger!


  14. I can honestly say I've never seen an escalator that empty before!...:)JP

  15. That empty escalator is rather spooky! The great thing about escalators is that when they break down, you can still use them as stairs! Lovely pictures as always.

  16. Great photos, Inger!
    Thanks for the link to Hilary's blog.
    I have been missing to go up and go down on escalators... Lol!
    As you know, I live in country and here there are not escalators...
    Have a good day!


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