Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Update and Thank You

First and most importantly, thank you so much for your support and words of concern and encouragement, friends and blogger friends, you are coming together in my mind ~ all friends now, whether we met in person or not. And thanks to my pair of supporters, pictured above. You have been amazing!

On Tuesday, I had a dental hygienist appointment and after that my husband took me to Emergency for some X-rays and a consult with a doctor. My ribs are bruised but not broken, however, they could have hairline fractures not showing on the X-rays just yet. They still hurt like !@#$%^&* (so much fun to do that!) but I have discovered that taking regular headache, not migraine, pills from Walgreens help me get rid of the pain faster and better than Vicodin, without side effects. 

I will see my doctor for a follow up next week. The ER doc said to deep breathe often and to be as active as I can be. So that's good. 

I was getting really bored the other morning with nothing to read. I'm in the middle of reading this spellbinding book, called Death in the House of Life, by fellow blogger Roland Yeomans. If you like magical writing, please check this book out here. I will review it here and on amazon after I finish it. It's only available as an e-book, but I have it on a PDF in my computer. I haven't been able to sit at my computer since I injured myself, so I was getting bored, but didn't want to start another book. It was then I remembered a binder I made up a long time ago.

My mom saved practically every letter I ever sent home and I sent a lot. I also had a very good relationship with my parents so I told them almost everything I experienced in this new land. That binder contains many of the letters from my first years in the U. S. 

I found the binder and began to read the first letter: Princeton, Tuesday, February 19, 1963. After I read a few, I realized I had a treasure trove of my early 1960's impressions of America and much more, for example: How much money I made; what I thought a good career move for a woman might be (just in case I didn't find a husband); my first taste of corn on the cob; how much a pair of sneakers cost me, and so on. 

I will create some posts from these letters, and call them: Letters from America, 1963. 

It will give me something to do and, hopefully, something you may find interesting to read. Thinking about it has left me feeling inspired and happy again after a pretty miserable week.

Samson Says:

Don't worry, I take very, very good care of my mommy. If she cries out in pain, I'm at her side right away, licking her and watching over her. Daddy took me on two long walks, maybe he'll take me again today. Tuesday, I was alone all day, way past my dinnertime! They came home with pizza, but I didn't get any. Just my regular dinner. Yesterday, they both "rested." Things are getting pretty boring around here......

Have a nice day, everyone.

Your Samson


  1. Oh, i am so glad to hear you are doing better . . and that you found your own way towards pain relief . . I admire ladies that know their own mind (and bodies.)

    That Samson is a remarkable and brave protector. Color me impressed. (hey, the hole digging? he must have a similar philosophy - "When in doubt, do Something.' See, some of figure, as long as we're doing - God can get life going in the most helpful direction.)

    love to you!

  2. You are the best caregiver, Samson. Buck and Sioux are sending licks and nuzzles. xo

  3. So glad you're feeling better!! Looking forward to those letters.

  4. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better Inger and that you've found a way to manage your pain with no side effects.

    I wish you continued healing.
    How fortunate that your mom kept your letters. What a treasure those must be to you now. I bet the price for a pair of sneakers would be pretty cheap by today' standards.

    That Samson is a good boy.

  5. Thanks for letting us know how you are, Inger, and with those two supporters,you can't lose.

    I would love to hear about your early years in the US. What foresight your mother had to save those letters.

    Great that you're enjoying Roland's book, so am I - I'm reading it, like you, on my pc.
    It's a great combination of magical and historical. Love it.

    Take time to heal, so you can get back to your usual routine. And, it's a good time to read.

  6. i am glad nothing is seriously broken and that you can stay as active as you feel up to. love that you have your old letters to your parents. :) and hi, sweet samson!

  7. samson, get mommy to read her letters out loud to you so you will not be bored. poor boy home alone...
    what a find, all your American history in one place. I am happy to hear you had the x rays just to find out how bad the fall was and glad it was not worse than it is...
    did you see on the news today about the tumble weeds burying the town in NM and they are digging them out? made me think of a couple of your posts.
    copy and paste this to see the video.

  8. Good to hear you are managing the pain Inger. In time you will be fit as a fiddle again!
    Yes, what would we do without out our companions at our side in times like this.
    Those letters are truly a treasure as you said. Will be looking forward to reading how it was with you back in '60's America.

  9. You pace yourself, hear? And Samson, it wasn't your fault, but sometimes humans hurt themselves and have to mend.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your 1963 impressions of America. It was almost a different country back. Startling how much was different back then and sad how little other things have changed.

    I am so glad both you and D.G. are enjoying DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE. My prayers are with you!

  10. I can't wait to "read" your letters! I remember when you did a feature on your travels first coming to America, and it was fascinating.

  11. I am so looking forward to your letters! 1963 was a red-letter year for me -- graduation from high school and the start of University. It will be very interesting to read about what was happening to you at the same time. It is utterly fantastic that you should have the letters you wrote and that you wrote so prolifically. I was not a good correspondent and so am reliant on a memory that is often faulty! Am also glad to hear that you are in a good recovery mode!

  12. I remember banging up my ribs some years ago. The x-rays couldn't tell if there was a break, but I was in a lot of pain. Breathing. Rolling over in bed. Sigh! Not something I want to repeat

    I'm glad Samson is looking after you! Quite the boy you have there.

    I didn't write letters home very much. But then, I didn't leave home until I was married and we were starting our family. I'm sure your letters are fascinating to re-read.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  13. Soooo happy you're on the mend, Inger. It's also very good that you've found what works best for you. Your treasure trove of letters will lead to some fab posts -- think you've also got an e-book here!

  14. Breathe deeply - sounds like fun with your bruised ribs...
    Excited to see your letters from '63! I was a new bride then...

  15. How interesting about the letters! Previous post when you wrote about your fall, your cry of pain, then Samson started digging a hole, I expected him to say he was going to roll you over into it. But, then I have a weird sense of humor sometimes. Whew, happy that things are looking up for the three of you.

  16. Returned - just to say You Are Fabulous!!!! love & love to you.

  17. Check your email, Inger, I had a few suggestions for you and more info on our mutual friend.

  18. Oh Inger I am so glad nothing was broken and hop nothing else shows up. Those letters home are a wonderful piece of your history your Mom was very wise in keeping them I look forward to hearing more about them.
    Samson and your husband are taking great care of you and that makes me smile.
    By the way I live in Ontario Canada not Alberta I wished I lived in Alberta it has the most beautiful foothill mountains. :) Take care of you. xoxox Hug B

  19. I would read anything you wrote - even your grocery list would have insight that i could learn from...


    ps - you are living up to your Swedish Goddess status if you can handle pain that well! I had a few broken ribs once from a horse accident and....even breathing hurt! YOU BE TOUGH!

  20. Oh, Inger!! I am so glad to see your name! And to hear that you weren't bashed.

    Looking forward to the letters and your reflections of that time period.

  21. Inger, happy to hear the "good" news that you are home and recovering with trusty Samson at your side...:)JP

  22. Oh Samsom ~~~ please snugggle nice and close to my IngerDoodle and yours too!! There that should help a lot!!

    Sophie Doodle here!

  23. Oh goodness!! I had to go back and read what happened. I am so glad nothing was broken. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  24. How wonderful to have that treasure trove of letters. When I tried to keep mementos, X would sneak around to throw them out. I don't know why. Samson, I'm so glad you are there to take care of Mommy.


  25. I am so glad that nothing appears to be broken, and that you have found a way to deal with the pain. May every day bring you less discomfort than the day before!
    The letters are remarkable!

  26. Take care of your health. Nice to hear that you have all the letters with you. Sweet memories of your parents writing.
    Happy weekend!

  27. I'm so glad you're feeling much better, Inger! So great you have many letter of your parents and I would love to read about your early years in the US too.
    You must to write a book, Inger! Would be great!
    Love the first photo with your lovely pair of supporters. Samson is really so sweet!
    Many hugs.

  28. Hi Inger ... some of those stories would be so good for the A-Z .. should you be thinking of doing it - and then if you made a book (in due course) .. you'd be almost ready to go!

    So pleased things are easing and your ribs aren't broken ... and that master of all things, Samson, is being looked after so well by the Mister - that he's got plenty of love to give to you ..

    Keep happy .. and yes I like the idea of reading to Samson .. you could do that too - an audio book ...

    Things to think about while you heal! Cheers and enjoy the Bowl, if you watch .. most Americans seem to .. we are very sodden here .. Hilary

  29. Så bra att du är på bättringsvägen. Ser fram emot ditt tema om breven.
    Skulle vara så trevligt om vi kunde snackas vid....tjatar ännu om SKype ha ha ha. Varma kramar från mig!

  30. Oh wow, what an amazing find. I can't wait to read your posts from these letters.

    So glad Samson is taking good care of you! Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly. Take care.

  31. You're mom is so special to have done that. What a treasure (your mom and the binder)!

    I'm excited to read Roland's latest too.

    Sending good thoughts, and only good thoughts, your way, new friend.


  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am so thankful that California got some rain!

  33. Dear Inger, I'm so relieved that you went to the Emergency ward and discovered no broken ribs. I only hope that none are hairline cracked either. There was a section on the national news last week about the fact that often taking just one pill for pain works as well as taking two. So I'm trying that with my Meniere's headaches and so far things have gone well. I'm glad you are not still taking the Vicodin and having the side effects of those prescription pills.

    I'm sure Samson is worried about you.

    It's great that you have all those letters. I so look forward to the postings you'll do with them. What a treasure trove! Peace.


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