Saturday, January 18, 2014

November Sunset

So many pictures, so little room. I'm purging again and will post some of those I like. I thought these were interesting with the dark clouds and sunset combination. 

Yesterday, we went to Bakersfield, where the smog was horrible, for a medical checkup for me and an oil change and tire rotation for the Jeep. All went well, I took some pictures of the dry landscape, but they didn't come out. Saw two dead coyotes along the highway, hit by cars. And poor cattle trying to make do with what's left to eat in the yellow fields. At least they have large spaces to roam. The landscape has a strange beauty though, yellow, brown, dun colored and dry.  So very dry......


  1. Magnificent photos Inger! The combination of clouds and nice!
    Hope you get some 'weather' soon!

  2. I do hope your area gets some rain soon. poor animals and the fire danger is so high. love that brilliant sky line and the tree in the next to last photo is so pretty

  3. i hate the drought you're facing there. beautiful sunset, though.

  4. Beautiful pictures that evoke such deep emotions. Then reading about the drought . . . Praying you get rain soon.

  5. So very dry, indeed. Wildfires in January? That is new to California. Pray for rain!
    Lovely stark contrast in your photos.

  6. This makes me feel sad. We have an abundance of snow and rain here in East canada and I would gladly share half.
    We have a dairy farm and I know that cattle can drink a huge amount daily.
    I have a blogger friend in Bakersfiled and they are suffering too. It must be draining to have so much heat and no rain.
    My heart goes out to all those affected by the drought.

  7. We heard this was the dryest winter in California of the past 100 years. Do you take precautions against fire in the winter or is it necessary?

    That lovely sunset looks like an image of fire on the horizon. Good catch, Inger! Funny how clouds can lift our spirits when we observe them.

  8. I have a post scheduled for Monday regarding our ongoing drought. I hope you get some much needed rain soon Inger. xo

  9. Wonderful pictures -- I especially like the close up of the pine (?) and how some of the needles are pink-tinged with the sunset.

    And I do hope you all get some rain...or snow. Moisture...

  10. I sure hope you get some rain soon. Love your photos...especially looking at the sunset through the pine boughs! Sweet hugs!

  11. Vilka vackra bilder! Oj har ni så torrt hos er. Hoppas ni klarar er bra med det.
    Kram M//

  12. Sending hopes for rain your way, Inger to help those cattle along...:)JP

  13. So beautiful photos, Inger!
    Poor dead coyotes...
    I hope your area gets some rain very soon.
    Have a pleasant Sunday!

  14. When the TV has broadcast pictures of the fire near LA, I've thought of you and your comments about how dry your area is. I hope you get some moisture.
    I agree with you... the colors of the desert in winter have their own sort of beauty.

  15. I sure hope you all get some rain soon. Have been hearing how dry and dangerous it is.
    The photo does remind me of the TV shots of the fires. Eerily beautiful.

  16. The photos (first one in particular) made me feel like I had been there and experienced it. Thank you.

  17. What a good idea to go back through old photos and share them now! I love the color combinations! Do you think any of the air pollution might have been from the Glendora fire? All that smoke has to go somewhere. :-)

  18. Super pictures! Warm Greetings from the cold Warsaw. Have a look at the new photo album.

  19. What a beautiful sunset, lovely pictures
    Have a lovely week ahead

  20. According to Al Roker the west and northwest will be getting more wet weather. I hope it reaches your corner of the world.
    Beyond Acadia


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