Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  I never heard of Harry and David Gourmet before our niece and her husband gave us a magnificent gift from their gourmet selection for Christmas. It was called a tower and consisted of the prettiest boxes, from small to large, in the shape of a tower, wrapped with a pretty bow on top. In the boxes we found different chocolates, popcorn, nuts, and the best pears I have ever tasted. You can find Harry and David here. In case I tempted you.

2. It's so dry here that on a trip to town, I could imagine a caravan of camels trotting through the barren fields. Not quite Lawrence of Arabia yet, but we may be getting close as our neighbors just got

3. a pair of llamas. Not these two, they belong to another neighbor, but probably from the same stock. An elderly woman, who lives up above us in the hills, raises them.

4.  Samson's fur sprouted and multiplied many times over during the coldspell of early December. Now that daytime temps are in the 60s F, our house, our clothes, and ourselves are covered in incredibly soft and fluffy white fur. And I brush, and I brush.....

5. My friend Judy gave me several books for Christmas. When I opened this one, Russian Winter, I found that the author had dedicated it to the memory of a Hungarian couple I knew in the 1960s. Friends of my first husband, who was also from Hungary. Now, what's the likelihood of that, I wonder.

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  1. Those 'treats' look wonderful! What a lovely gift.
    I have an idea Inger, we will 'ship' a ton or two of snow your way....that should dampen things up!
    Llamas are such gentle looking creatures. And you are right.....closest thing to a camel for your arid surroundings.
    Look at Samson! Too bad you couldn't have his fur 'spun' and made into yarn......a beautiful sweater it would be.
    have a great weekend Inger.

  2. That is really neat about the book Inger !
    Sorry things are so dry I know that can be a big problem down the line~ I'll mail out a bit of snow to you ;)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. oh, the book looks interesting. i hope it will be a great read for you. happy weekend. ( :

  4. what a strange coincidence in the book. I don't need to be tempted by any more treats so I will not be clicking on your link no matter how good it may be.

  5. You made my day! Before we started our full time travels in our motorhome, I raised Llamas and Alpaca. My heart actually gave an extra beat when I saw the photo of Llamas you posted. Thank you so much. I really do miss my big fur kids.

  6. Wow. That is amazing about the book!

  7. between samson's hair and the llamas', you could have quite the yarn factory going on there. :)

  8. I agree with others that you could have a great business making all kinds of yarn.

    And did you know that Llamas are excellent protectors of sheep and other livestock. Better than a dog; better than a donkey.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  9. So you are heading into spring ahead of us here.

    My grandson LOVES Llamas - why I don't know, but loves them.

    I love foods from that David's.

    Everyone has their own thing - right?


  10. number 5 is really unusual.. and way cool.
    i did pop over to the other site and there prices are reasonable and it all looks wonderful.. hope you get a little rain and i would love to pet those llama

  11. LOVE your 5, Inger! I also love Harry & David--We get their goodies at Christmas in our office from referral offices, and we always enjoy them, even the fruit! I'd also enjoy the chance to have llamas as neighbors and you too! :-)

  12. That goody place... oh, dear, I need to stay away from there. It does look terribly dry there. I wonder what the odds are about finding #5.

  13. Well, of course you tempted me, you evil woman. Chocolate? Nuts? Pears? What's not to love?

    Even more, I love the serendipity that led your friend to give you a book that was dedicated to people you once knew. Some say there's no such thing as coincidence, so maybe you were "meant" to own that book.

  14. Your gift is beautiful and well deserved, Inger and I am sure you enjoyed it. All of their product line is delicious!! Samson must be shedding like crazy if it's that warm and dry...:)JP

  15. Your gift is beautiful and well deserved, Inger and I am sure you enjoyed it. All of their product line is delicious!! Samson must be shedding like crazy if it's that warm and dry...:)JP

  16. A business acquaintance used to send us Harry & David fruit every Christmas for years--it was ALWAYS wonderful!! I love that you could connect with the book dedication.

  17. Hej!
    Sö söta lamorna är...härliga vyer från dig. Här börjar det bli lite kallare nu. Åkte till jobbet idag (har ju bytt jobb) och det var snöigt. Hemma är det inget.
    Men vi får se snart kommer det..
    Kram Majsan//

  18. That book looks great.. I do hope you enjoy it. I LOVE the photo of the Lamas. They are such a unique looking animal. I have never been close up to one.. Maybe one day.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  19. I use to get the H&D catalogs but never purchased any of their products. It did look quite yummy.
    Wow that is one dry looking area.
    Llamas look so pretty.
    How awesome about the book dedication, that is really something to know the people it was dedicated too.

  20. I have been a fan of Harry and David's for years and have enjoyed both giving and receiving their gifts for years - especially the towers. You can find one in most of our larger shopping centers around here in PA.

    How lucky you are to have llamas in your area. They are beautiful creatures.

  21. I give Harry & David occasionally. Everyone says the pears are the best ever. I met a llama once. He was nice. He took crackers very gently.


  22. Llamas are sweet creatures. An attorney brought one to an office party once, and it was very well behaved. Sure looks dry there, where you are, and though I'm tempted--plenty--I won't go near that website! :)

  23. The dogs fur is definitely very confused with this weather. How cool about knowing that couple.

  24. Too bad all that excess fur can't be recycled (from cats and dogs). It is super soft.

    I'd love to ship some of our moisture from the Rainforest to your area, if only I had that power. . .

  25. I'm quite amazed and intrigued that the book, given as a gift, would include such a close-to-home dedication. That's an amazing coincidence! Enjoy your Harry & David. I've previously received such a gift and they are such a treat. Some of the outlet centers (like the ones at Cabazon on the way to Palm Springs) have H & D outlet, too. Lots of goodies at a very reasonable price!

  26. Happy facts! I love it!

    well, except for the fur :P

    unless you start to knit like buttons?


  27. With 3 cats and 2 dogs in the house, I'm sweeping up an extra pet at least 2 times a day. Oy!

    What a cool coincidence about the book. Small world indeed.

  28. Hi Inger, happy new year to you! Those llamas look so cute, I hope they are well behaved!
    I am also very glad and grateful that you helped share my story here on desert canyon, our mutual blogger friends are just wonderful aren't they?
    All the best to you for 2014!

  29. I think it's great that we both photographed candy this week!

    That is so neat that you know the couple the book was dedicated to. Small world after all.

    Love the fluffy pooch.

  30. Love your random 5 Friday!!
    The llamas are adorable and
    Samson's fur is so beautiful too.


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