Monday, December 8, 2014

Notes From The Canyon

How I love a foggy day. In Stockholm, where I was born, when the sun shines strong in spring, park benches are full of pale Swedes with their faces turned up, catching every last ray of sunshine. Not me, not even when I lived there, and certainly not here in the desert mountains where the sun shines ALL the time, or so it seems. 

Faith is doing very well. Samson not so much, he definitely picked up on my nervousness as he interacted with Faith when she first came back from the vet. I have kept them apart since then, but the few times they have met up, he tries to avoid her as she comes at him with all her usual exuberance. His attitude is not good, he's nervous, and I don't trust him. I know he picks up on my emotions, so I let hubby deal with the two of them. I'm just not good with dogs, they are far too able to pick up on and react to my worries. Her stitches come out a week from today and I can't wait.

Since Faith has to be on a leash now, I walk each them for half an hour, so an hour for me. This morning, Samson and I climbed the tall hill to the north of our house. Samson is like a mountain goat out there, he truly loves to climb and has a special way of doing it. The way down was steep, and since I didn't have my ski pole with me I shortened the leash, grabbed some fur on his back, and with his help made it safely down the hill.

My husband had a setback that we traced back to food and drink. It began on the 17th of November when we headed to Denny's for lunch after a trip to Bakersfield. We were hungry and tired and he drank two cups of coffee, after not having had any since May. Then there was Thanksgiving at our neighbors. Then there was Rachael's peanut brittle, which he adores. He gobbled up all of that in record time. And then had some spicy New Orleans food that really did him in. I have been so worried, but he is now feeling better. This is the first time since May that he's slipped up on his diet. I must say, he's been extremely good about not eating any of the things he always enjoyed: no spicy food, salt, red meat, sweets, coffee, tea, beer, wine, and you get the picture. He will not repeat his mistakes, the consequences were that bad.

Finally, a note from the UK: My blogger friend Hailey-Eszti, who has M. E. and whose picture I have at the bottom of my blog, made four of the national papers in the UK the other day. Please click here to read the story of her battle with M. E., of how she's not taking it laying down, and how she's making it as a disabled model (she is stunningly beautiful, but better yet, amazingly courageous, and very talented). Her story is uplifting and I know that if you click on the link and read her story, she will inspire you as she has me.

Finally, this is a word verification free blog, has been for years. Please let me know if you are being asked to verify a word or some numbers. I am worried because I see it sometimes now when I check your comments from the front page of my blog. 


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