Friday, December 5, 2014

Samson & Faith

Samson Says:

Earlier, I complained about neglect turning beautiful white dog into common looking beige one. Remember? Now, like most dogs, I'm not fond of baths, but I like my fur white, its silvery tips glittering in the sun. I mean who wouldn't, if they looked like me? Heh, heh, this was just a joke, I'm not vain, I'm just kidding. 

But who likes to be dirty, who likes to bother old and sickly persons, asking for a brush-out at least? So when the rains came and the downpour started, I had an idea:  I'll lay down on my table and let the rain do the work. And it did! My fur color went from beige to snowy, sparkly white, just like it's supposed to look. The tips glitter in the sun and my fur is so soft, silky even. Oh, how I wish my Gracie could see me now! 

All I need now is a good brushing ~ hello, anyone hear me? Then I have to tell you about Faith. First she goes with mommy in the car and then mommy comes home, the car comes home, groceries show up, but no Faith. What the @#$%^, I thought, but I didn't let on. Just pretended not to care. Next day she came home. Wearing the dreaded cone!

Mommy: Faith has been fixed. She's got stitches and you can't play with her.

Me: (Fixed??!! As far as I'm concerned, she was just fine the way she was, but then, no one asks me around here.)  Can I just sniff her a little? 

Mommy: Just her face, you can give her a lick on her nose, but nowhere else.

Me: OK. And I did, then I, being a dog and all, just couldn't help myself, I just had to sniff her you know where.

Mommy: Samson! I just told you, BAD DOG!

Then she snatches Faith away and ever since we've been kept apart. Doors open, doors close, we don't get to see each other. Between you and me, I think mommy's overdoing it a bit. I mean, what can a little sniff hurt?

Mommy, who doesn't know what I just wrote, just asked me to let you all know that Faith is doing great. The vet man said she was in a weird heat (whatever that means) but not a real one, something half-way, and not that unusual when it's the first time. (Well, I could have told them that. Being a dog, I don't need to be a doctor to tell if a girl is in heat or not. Humans!)

Yesterday, after she came home, she was confused, then she fell asleep on the couch. But this morning, she was back to her usual self. Mommy took her for a short walk on a leash. Mommy said "heel," and Faith walked heel like a pro. I thought she might have forgotten, 'cause she always runs loose, but no. She's a smart one, that's for sure. Me, I forget all the time........

Her stitches come out around the 15th, and then we can play and be normal again.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog


Auntie Feral Woman: I'm very glad you got Ranger. He's a fine dog and that picture of the two of you in the corner of your blog is very special. I know he's a lucky dog. Hope you will come by and read this. ~ Your Samson


  1. Hi Inger .. and Samson - so pleased the rain has brushed you clean - you do sparkle! Glad Faith has got through her ordeal and ten days isn't long and then you can play again ...

    Take care one and all .. cheers Hilary

  2. wow on your rain bath for your coat, it worked beautifully.. you are sparkling. and Faith looks so cute in her cone, poor baby... i know it is no fun wearing the cone or having those stitches. thanks for the update.

  3. That cone looks very uncomfortable. I know she'll be glad to get that taken off.

    We just had five of my wife's barn cats spayed.

  4. glad she's doing well. and glad samson is cleaned up a bit! :)

  5. Is that like a false pregnancy?

  6. Samson is such a handsome boy! I just love him! Your little dog conversations are so funny, poor Faith, she will be so glad when she can play around like normal again. Lots of cuddles for her

  7. I imagine it will an extra long time until the 15th. Good luck on keeping things under control. Samson is so handsome.

  8. Hope the healing for Faith is quick! Poor Samson, hard to understand! Beautiful pcitures

  9. The rain bath helped a lot, Samson! Very pretty.
    Oh, the humiliation of the cone, ten days is going to seem like a very long time.

  10. Poor Samson. I thought for a while he was going to have to wear a cone also to keep him away from Faith's stitches. Nice save Mom. You can exhale now. So glad she made it through and will soon be able to play with her handsome friend.

  11. Oh Samson, you are gorgeous :) I just want to cuddle you. Have patience and late Faith get better ... the days will pass quickly.

  12. Samson that bath just made you more irresistible even if she is wearing a cone and you can't get any sniffs!...:)JP

  13. Poor Faith -- but she'll feel better soon!

  14. Samson, please be patient with Faith. She won't wear the cone forever.


  15. Oh Samson, leave Faith alone ...she will need some time to heal. Glad the surgery went well.

  16. I am so glad that is all over, Faith is well, Samson, not se delighted, and you are mighty relieved that nothing happened before her op. Jean.p.s. when one of our cats had a cone, after surgery on a back leg, I had to hand feed her, or take it off, then the dreadful struggle to put it on again, she hated it.In the end we left it off, and treated her leg with TLC and honey ointment.

  17. Love your conversations, Samson! You are adorable and always make me smile! You look beautiful too, Samson, with your fur sparkly white.
    Poor lovely Faith, that cone looks very uncomfortable.
    I hope she will be well soon.
    Wishing you all a nice weekend.

  18. Samson, down here in Louisiana, you would be snowy white all year round with all our rain!

    Yeah, I bet that cone is no fun at all!

    Be kind to Mommy, she has a lot on her. Fun reading your post! :-)

  19. You look wonderful, Samson. Faith? Not so much. Poor, dear sister of yours. I hope you're being nice to her — maybe even bring her a bone. She will be better in a week or so.

    Blessings and (gentle) Bear hugs! Like the ones I give to Ranger.

  20. Oh no, poor Faith has the cone! I hope she won't need to wear it for too long. Clancy just had to wear one a few months ago and I think he's still mad at me about it.
    You look gorgeous, Samson. And you're a smart cookie figuring out how to take advantage of the rain. :)


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