Monday, December 1, 2014

Random Musings From The Canyon

"I'm trying to overwhelm my pessimism with optimism."
                 ~ Josh, a contestant on Master Chef Junior 

1.  Unfortunately Josh was eliminated from the competition last week on this show, which I have come to adore. It has inspired me to kick hubby out of the kitchen, at least a few times a week, and begin to cook a little. It has been such a long time, but I know I can't expect him to do it all the time any longer. So, if these little six to twelve-year olds can do it, I should be able to as well. 

After downloading the Advent Calendar, you click on this snowglobe and a magical place opens up. Being a child at heart is the only requirement for enjoying it all.

2.  My friend Dee sent me a virtual Advent Calendar from  I don't know if she had any idea how perfect this gift would be for me. After a difficult year, one where I wasn't sure my hubby would live to see Christmas again, I will revel in going back to my childhood, where opening one little window each day before Christmas was the highlight of my day. Some games and puzzles are included as well. If you know someone who's a child at heart, this is the perfect gift.

3.  Puppy Faith has managed to hold off on going into a full-blown heat. So far only hormonal changes are taking place. Tomorrow is the day she goes in for her spay surgery. I hope nothing will happen before then.

I'm hoping for puddles like these (from a long time ago), but no more.

4.  Rain is supposed to come to Central and Southern California (that's us) tomorrow. It's already raining further north, all the way up to Washington state. I hope we get a good soaking, but no flooding. 

5.  It looks like a glorious morning outside, cold and crisp, with sparkling sunshine melting frost on the ground and ice on our cars. I will take the dogs out soon. Yesterday, we scared up a coyote that took off, running up a hillside.

An old picture ~ these days, we hear them at night but see few during the day. The drought has changed everything related to nature in the canyon.


  1. I'm trying to do the same thing Inger, to hold off the pessimism with optimism. I'm having to do all the cooking again too, as hubs is now home. He's mostly coping well, and occupying most of my time.

    Cooking is good therapy, you know. Take care of you both and the pups!

  2. i hope good rains come, but without flooding or traffic troubles for you. hope faith's surgery goes well without any trouble!

  3. Perhaps some snow would be good, in time for Christmas. If it doesn't make a hugs mess of things. Just a couple of inches, to let the world know it is winter.

    And I trust Faith's surgery goes well tomorrow.

    Advent calendars: we used to make those when our children were young. Ancient history.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to all of you, Inger!

  4. Hi Inger - I have a note re Advent calenders here .. and tomorrow (I know I'm late!) must do something in that direction ...

    I sure hope you get good rains ... and that Faith's surgery goes well - should be 'a piece of cake' .. and all will be over by the weekend ...

    Glad you're enjoying being back in the kitchen a little ... it is therapeutic .. cheers Hilary

  5. Tack för din kommentar hos mig ,jag hoppas att det går bra att skriva på svenska till dig .Intressant ställe du lever på .Växterna jag ser på dina bilder känner jag igen ifrån vårt besök i Canada för 10 år sedan .Nu bor jag ju inte i Sverige men nästan ,jag bor i den svenska talande delen av Finland,på västkusten, 40 kilometer söder om Vasa om du tittar på kartan .Det ska bli intressant att följa din blogg .Jag har också släktingar som jag aldrig sett där dom bor i Arizona ,ha en fin dag ,nette

  6. Hope the surgery goes well and that you get some rain, but not too much rain.

    I really like that first quote!

  7. I do hope your drought is broken for the sake of all those wild animals that are hungry and thirsty. and of course for you to... i am a glass half empty person, hubby is half full. on a movie last night i heard a good one for me. she said if i did not see the glass half empty who would buy the milk.. loved that one. i am not pessimistic but a Realist...optimism is false reality... or so I think

  8. I have never been an optimistic one. Probably never will be. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your husband. It is a hard thing to go through. And if affects you right to your core!!

  9. I hope Faith's little surgery goes well.

    Raining here - I hope you get just the right amount. I think it's a little over-done here.

  10. I hope your hubby is supervising--he could give cooking lessons!!

  11. Hoping all goes well with Faith's surgery. Hoping also you get the rain you need. All of us animals need that life giving water especially the wild ones that can't go to a store.

  12. Cooking is good therapy for most. As for me ... well, meat loaf should not glow in the dark!

    My fingers are crossed for little Faith who isn't quite so little anymore, right?

    I gave myself that Advent Calendar last year. It was the Edwardian One.

    Do you have it? You can pretend you are aristocracy with it! :-)

    If the House of Lords ever accepted me then it would be a true LOW in HIGH Brow!

  13. Good luck to Faith with her surgery. Man - - - - where did the time go? Poor baby!
    Wishing you gentle and happy sprinkles of rain, enough to satisfy the thirst of the Earth but not too harsh( tried to translate my thoughts from Hindi to English here, so go figure.) This prayer for rain is used in some dry parts of India too.

  14. Yes - we are getting rain soon - had a little yesterday but today just cloudy and I know it will be coming in strong tomorrow. I always enjoy seeing photos of your area. I have watched Master Chef Junior a few times and really enjoy it - i just don't remember when it is on!

    Your puppy is so cute and hope she handles surgery well.

  15. I love the J. Lawson cards...they are all so gorgeous! I hope you have a beautiful week my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  16. It is good to hear that it will rain in California. I hope it will be a gentle rain and one that does not bring any more problems to your beautiful state.

  17. Coyotes scare me! And I had a friend send me that calendar and i can't get it downloaded.

  18. Hope the surgery goes well. And that next year is a much better one than this year has been...

  19. Yes, its been raining here since last Friday. We have a break tonight and then a bigger storm moves in tomorrow -- and will last until the weekend. There are flash flood and mud slide warnings out for the areas burned in the King fire. I love Advent calendars. I used to get them for my children every year when they were small.

  20. We just had five of the barn cat females spayed. What a logistics nightmare!

    As always, I am envious of the beautiful terrain you live in. I always have to keep one eye peeled for bears, hogs etc even around the homestead. You can see them coming!

  21. Great comment for me to hold in my mind as I recover from surgery. My darling hubby does not cook so it is harder--why didn't I train him? And he is starting to show some memory problems that are troubling. And the Master Jr. Chefs are a delight to watch, great diversion.

  22. Love always your news and photos of your place, Inger!
    Very nice your friend Dee sent you a virtual Advent Calendar!
    I love snowglobe too, it's magical!

    Just great to see a coyote around...


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