Monday, December 15, 2014

Random Musings From The Canyon

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight ~ oh, well, it just came to my mind..... 

1.  The rains came as promised together with a wild windstorm. Year to Date precipitation: 3.28", of which 2.69" fell in December and 1.64" during the 12/12 and 12/13 storm. I think these numbers give you a good idea of how very dry it has been. We got a steady mild rain here, nothing like the deluge that came down upon so many places in our state. 

2.  Faith had her stitches removed today. It was another cold and very windy day here in the mountains. The wind was blowing like crazy over by the vet's place, howling around the Jeep's canvas top. 

3.  Tomorrow, I go to the doctor for a routine visit, more or less. I have a few questions and need some new prescriptions. Then on Wednesday, I have to see the dentist, so that's three days in a row of trips to our town. Hopefully, I can wrap up the Christmas errands too and be done. 

4.  Today, I got a surprise Christmas card from Mirta, who was my sister's caregiver. My sister had the most severe form of Down's syndrome and required constant care throughout her life. She was very fortunate to stay in really good places with good people caring for her. Mirta is from Chile, an immigrant to Sweden, and she was the main caregiver during my sister's final years. I am so happy she thought of me, as if she knew I had a difficult year. Well, she's a very caring person, so maybe she picked up vibes across the oceans. I last saw her in 2005, after my sister passed away.

5.  We have invited my husband's eldest brother to come up and spend Christmas and New Year's with us. His girlfriend recently passed away suddenly, which is so sad since he met her after his wife died, a gift when you get to be our age. He's happy about coming to visit and I know we will eat a lot of good food and have some nice family time. I think it will work both ways and be really good for my husband as well.  


  1. The sunset is so beautiful, Inger. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm glad you'll have a special Christmas visitor.


  2. I like your new header and your sailor's delight!
    I would imagine Faith is happy to get those stitches out. (You too)
    She and Samson back to being friends?

  3. Your sunset picture is beautiful. I remember my mom saying that about red skies and sailors. Glad you have a visitor coming for Christmas. Thinking of you, my friend!!

  4. Oh company for Christmas is going to be good for all of you. Faith will be full of mischief now:)
    That is so nice to get a card from your friend Mirta she sounds like a very special person. Take care and enjoy those days in town. Hug B

  5. The sunset is so beautiful! Sunsets in the mountains are so extraordinary. I'm glad Faith is doing well. Hope your doctor appointment goes well, too!

  6. i love your fence views. :) glad you had good, soaking rain. and really glad your brother-in-law can come to spend holiday time with you both!

  7. The rain sure is welcome! I hope your week goes well....looks like you have good plans for next week! Holiday hugs, Diane

  8. Mirta sounds like a lovely person. So glad you kept in touch. Sorry for the loss in your brother-in-law's life. Life has its challenges. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
    Play off the Page

  9. so glad you will have family for the holidays... and tha you got the card from Mirta... God bless her and others like her... those rocks are FANTASTIC in your header... really beautiful... sorry you have 3 trips in 3 days.. stay safe. i just said to bob yesterday the opposite of your saying, red sky in the morning sailors take warning. our sky was awesome like this.... but early morning and there was no bad weather

  10. I wonder how Faith will take to your Christmas visitor -- just remind her it is family, and she will be all right. :-)

    That sunset was beautiful. You certainly have a lot of road trips in the month of December -- to go with all the rains! How is Samson doing? May your Christmas Holiday be healing and happy!

  11. Hi Inger - gorgeous sunset - the sun really does make the most amazing colours ... nature is the best at creativity. That's good you've had rain .. not sure how much you need to get the water levels back to a degree of normality ... but at least you weren't deluged, like some were.

    I hope Faith will recover quickly now and the dogs can be together again ... three trips to town - a nuisance, but still at least things are being attended to ...

    I'm sorry about your brother-in-law's loss ... but I'm sure the Christmas break will be enjoyed and be beneficial to one and all .. enjoy it .. sounds like it will be fun.

    How wonderful to hear from Mirta - that was good of her ... but even better to know your sister was well cared for ... with big hugs and lots of thoughts - Hilary

  12. Dear Inger, I so loved this posting. It was a quiet summing up of what is happening in your life this week and next. I so hope that the visit of your husband's brother will bring new life to both of them--the life that is the light you wrote about with St. Lucia. And I'm overjoyed that you heard from "Mirta," who, I suspect, remembers you fondly. I'm not surprised that she perhaps had a realization that this past year has been difficult. After all, we are all connected as One and so we have intuitions about those we've come to care for. Take care. Peace.

  13. I love your photos, Inger! I'm so glad you're having company for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time! -Jeff

  14. Hope you doctor's visit is uneventful and reassuring. It is so thoughtful of you to have your brother in law join you for Christmas .Being around family is the best medicine. when suffering a loss. Sounds like a win/win for all concerned.

  15. So sorry for your brother in laws loss. Very sad. I'm sure it will help being around family for Christmas.
    Glad to hear you got some rain and the sunset picture is beautiful.

  16. Hi Inger, thanks for the update on how things are at home. Having thoughtful friends showing they care is special.
    I'm sorry about your brother in law's loss. How thoughtful of you inviting him for the Holidays.
    I'm glad faith is now free to roam with her stitches removed and that you're finally getting some much needed rain.
    All the best for the Holidays.

  17. Surely you hubby and brother-in-law will comfort each other and be uplifting. You are having a very busy week. We had just a bit of rain this afternoon here in the Anza Borrego Desert. Wish California could get a nice gentle light rain for a few days to help the dought.

  18. I hope the visit to the doctor and the dentist go ok. You can get all that out of the way and just relax during Christmas. I hope all the animals there benefit from the rain. I remember that you said the drought had been very hard on them.

  19. Inger, I always love your photos! The sky photos and the fence with the drops of rain are just gorgeous!
    I hope the appointment with the doctor and the dentist will be ok!
    I am sorry about your brother in law's loss. Will be nice to have him on Christmas and New Year with the family!
    A Very Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!
    Lots of hugs and Love!

  20. Here's hoping the doctor and dentist appointments are routine visits one has to get out of the way. Your brother-in-law's losses are sad. It will be good for him to be with family this Christmas, also good that warm memories and gentle laughter will linger. I'm sorry about your sister. Don't think anyone ever fully recovers from such a loss. The older one gets, the more a tinge of sadness permeates so much. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas! Hugs and Love!

  21. You do have a lot going on there - good luck at all the doctors - and how nice to have your BIL there. It's feeling like Christmas in the canyon!

  22. I love your fences and where they are - the landscape :)

  23. Thanks for sharing my photo here Inger! I love how you are one of my biggest supporters! How lovely to get a card from Mirta too, it warms your heart doesn't it!

  24. how nice your sister had someone like Mirta to care for her. I always love your photos from "up" where you live.

    Nice that your brother s coming for Christmas. I hope you have a great time.


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