Monday, December 15, 2014

Random Musings From The Canyon

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight ~ oh, well, it just came to my mind..... 

1.  The rains came as promised together with a wild windstorm. Year to Date precipitation: 3.28", of which 2.69" fell in December and 1.64" during the 12/12 and 12/13 storm. I think these numbers give you a good idea of how very dry it has been. We got a steady mild rain here, nothing like the deluge that came down upon so many places in our state. 

2.  Faith had her stitches removed today. It was another cold and very windy day here in the mountains. The wind was blowing like crazy over by the vet's place, howling around the Jeep's canvas top. 

3.  Tomorrow, I go to the doctor for a routine visit, more or less. I have a few questions and need some new prescriptions. Then on Wednesday, I have to see the dentist, so that's three days in a row of trips to our town. Hopefully, I can wrap up the Christmas errands too and be done. 

4.  Today, I got a surprise Christmas card from Mirta, who was my sister's caregiver. My sister had the most severe form of Down's syndrome and required constant care throughout her life. She was very fortunate to stay in really good places with good people caring for her. Mirta is from Chile, an immigrant to Sweden, and she was the main caregiver during my sister's final years. I am so happy she thought of me, as if she knew I had a difficult year. Well, she's a very caring person, so maybe she picked up vibes across the oceans. I last saw her in 2005, after my sister passed away.

5.  We have invited my husband's eldest brother to come up and spend Christmas and New Year's with us. His girlfriend recently passed away suddenly, which is so sad since he met her after his wife died, a gift when you get to be our age. He's happy about coming to visit and I know we will eat a lot of good food and have some nice family time. I think it will work both ways and be really good for my husband as well.  


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