Friday, February 27, 2015

Faith Says: Let's Smell The Daisies! An Update.....


My phone rang just as I arrived at the UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday morning ~ a 310 area code, West L.A., where the hospital is located. I always answer those, albeit with some trepidation. It was Elisa, the social worker we were assinged during the liver transplant evaluation last summer. My husband is being considered for the liver transplant list again. (There were a few things he needed to do last year, but didn't, and some conflicts and stuff I don't need to get into here.) When he felt well he also wasn't sure he wanted a transplant, now he does, fortunately he told me so before he became so ill.

It's clear that if my husband survives the infection and sepsis, he will not live for long without a new liver. Unfortunately, his kidneys failed also and I had to give consent to dialysis, which they began on Tuesday. It's a 24-hour type of dialysis that may or may not be permanent. They are giving him much less pain medicine to see if he will fully wake up. 

I talked to him on Wednesday, he looked at me, but I wasn't sure he knew me. So I told him about how Faith spotted her first rabbit, a huge Jack rabbit, and chased it up the mountain. I told him how the rabbit ran, stopped, jumped sideways, and how Faith was so excited, chasing it, but never able to catch up with it. And then I saw a smile of recognition in my husband's eyes. Before he closed them again. 

There was a lot of activity around him on Wednesday, I now believe related to the possibility of a liver transplant. This included a visit by Elisa, the social worker, who needed to confirm who would live with us if hubby came home with a new liver. He would need 24-hour supervision initially. The brothers we assigned last summer will not be able to now, because they are both working again. 

So I called this guy, Tom, hubby's friend in Denver (here watching a train go through the Tehachapi Loop last summer). When he visited then, he said anytime you need me I will be there. So I asked, and he said yes, of course, anything. Then I called hubby's sister, Debra, who is in this with me. She's one of my rocks (I have a few rocks). Debra said yes and recruited her daughter, who can work from anywhere. 

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since he was admitted. Debra said if I have to make a life/death decision, the family will stand behind me, whatever I decide. She would have to help me, I said. After all, she's known her big brother all her life. It is good to have such support from my hubby's family. I know that should I end up alone, they will be there for me. 

I saw this jet this morning and realized that I have not had any dreams of going far, far away from it all. When I was young, I often wanted to escape. Not now, my feet are firmly planted here on this good and sandy earth. And I'm fully present and dealing with everything as best I can.

Wednesday on my way home, I stop at a McDonalds mid-way, to use the restroom, when my friend Rachael calls. "Where are you," she asks. "In Acton, where are you?" She says, "in Mojave, on my way to see my chiropractor in Tehachapi, can I stop by?" "Of course," I reply and hurry home. 

Rachael says she'll pick up a pizza and asks if I want anything. I say beer! I never buy beer now that hubby can't have it. But I suddenly miss it so much. After a while, Rachael arrives with a veggie pizza, a 12-pack of beer, veggies and dip, a pecan pie, and these lovely flowers, with a bumble bee attached, no less. 

I will save that bee forever, remembering a lovely evening with my good friend, so generous and kind. We had a good talk, she is very spiritual and has a wise outlook on life and death. And, of course, she couldn't leave before cutting my hair. A wonderful ending to a day that was both hopeful and not.

Thank you all for stopping by, leaving such thoughtful and kind comments. I know you understand if I don't come by for a while yet. I hope to be able to post more and get into a blogging routine again soon. But who knows what the next day will bring.

No, I did NOT eat the daisies!


  1. i am so glad you have support from all around - family, friends, near and far. whatever comes, we are here for you, too. and squeeze sweet faith and samson for us!

  2. Dear Inger, these are worrying days, but with a dear,dear friend who will come, and family to be with you, one hurdle is done, and all of us out here send heartfelt love and thoughts for you. I can see, that like me, you are looking ahead, and wondering what will happen. The unknown is the scariest. Faith and Samson, let their love warm your heart and feet, while you have some days back home. Hugs from down in NZ.

  3. Praying for the best outcome Inger. Big hugs all around.

  4. Dear Inger, It felt so good to hear about your dear friend Rachael. She is a very thoughtful and generous friend indeed. A fresh haircut is refreshing and seems to take off some weight off our troubles.

    I sincerely hope your husband can get a liver transplant and resume his life with you.

    Thinking of you and your man.

  5. Dear Inger - I'm so pleased to read the update .... particularly because hubby briefly woke and realised you were there, but also for the family and support from friends - thank goodness for them. How lovely of Rachael to come by with such a welcome return and evening goodie bag ... the flowers are lovely aren't they and your bee ... Beer and Pizza - sounds good!!

    We do understand, but we're just so grateful to have an update ... take care, be at peace, enjoy your beloved animals and I for sure hope things work out for you both - with big hugs and love - Hilary

  6. This is WONDERFUL news!!

  7. we know you did NOT eat the daisies but we also know you Want to eat the daisy.. thanks for the update. this post has good news, bad news, happy and sad news.. I pray all of this will work out good for you and that he will heal and be able to get on that transplant list and they will find a match... you are blessed to have Rocks for friends and family.. God bless those that are helping you..

  8. I am happy you found the time for an update. I have thought about you often. And said many prayers for all! I am so glad that you have family to support you. It would be hard to go through this alone. Know that I am on this end should you need me...I can't come to you. But I have a great listening ear.

  9. That is a blessing that you have a good support group around you, especially for the days after the transplant when you need people there 24/7. That sweet bee will make you smile when you look at it and remind you of your dear friend who gave it to you.

  10. Rachel is such a nice friend. It must have been a good break for you. Love that bee on the flowers. It's sunny color is soothing to the eyes.
    I see that you have a good support group, still please take care of yourself. I hope that you have good news coming to you. It is nice that your hubby was able to open his eyes and look at you.
    My family and me are praying for you guys.

  11. Inger, I am happy you are following Faith's lead and smelling the 'daisies'!! Dogs are seldom wrong! Well, most of the time.
    Just want to let you know how inspiring you are, Inger. Through this very difficult year you have had, you manage to keep a 'stiff upper lip' and stay in the moment with what is going on. How fortunate for you to have family there and friends who are helping you through this.
    We are sending continued healing thoughts and energy your way to help get you through this.
    So happy your husband responded when he heard your Faith story and the Jack Rabbit. This will get him through.

  12. It is wonderful that you have such wonderful, willing helpers lined up. Now he just needs to get that transplant so he can come home. It is such a relief for us so many miles away to know you have such wonderful support.
    You both remain in my prayers.

  13. I was so glad to see an update. There is hope and caring from all around you and I know as difficult as these days are, you have support.

  14. It's a good sign that the social worker's name is Elisa. Faith, you are a good girl and as pretty as a flower.


  15. I pray that he gets the transplant soon and he has a complete recovery. I continue to pray for your husband and you each morning. It is good to hear that you have such so many people who are there for you.
    God Bless you.

  16. You're both having quite a struggle, Inger, but as always, it's great that you have such wonderful family support. It's true that you never know what tomorrow will bring. I have come to force myself to focus on the moment, that is, one day at a time. Otherwise....

    And you have such beautiful scenery where you are. In the midst of struggle and pain, there is that serenity that comes from landscape and sky.

    May God be with you and your good husband.

  17. Oh Inger I am so happy you have "ROCK" friends and family you need that and unconditional furry love. Sending hugs and best wishes. HUG B

  18. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are managing all this very well indeed. Just because you don't have time or energy to write a post doesn't mean we aren't thinking about you. Quite the contrary.

  19. I am just getting caught up now ...please know that we are all sending you much love and support across the miles. Your courage and strength are inspiring! XOXOX

  20. So glad you have a friend that can just drop by with pizza and beer since I know you are off the beaten path. Good you also have friends and family to help you through this. Take care, thinking of you daily.

  21. I am praying for some really good news for you both. I am so glad you have a good support system in place. I hope he gets his liver transplant. I will be praying for it! Love, sandie

  22. As i read your words, the Mo'town song came into my head "Reach out, Ill be there"... :)

    Time - each moment passes, and sometimes its not fast enough, or its too fast, so that we always feel like we are out of breath or lagging behind. Im wishing you all the best wishes that you can be in the "Present"; in the moment of today, and get your respite when you need it next XOXOX

  23. I pray that your husband rallies enough for the liver transplant. That you have support is so necessary, and it eases my mind and heart about you. Your husband's family seems extraordinary. And how great that your friend, Rachel was there for you ... with pizza and beer yet. Down Louisiana way that would qualify her for a gold medal!! I pray daily for you and your husband. Step by step you can do this, Inger. :-)

  24. I can only imagine how hard it is to wait to see if your dear husband is strong enough for a liver transplant. You continue to be in my prayers, Inger. I know this has to be incredibly painful for you, and I'm so glad you have Debra and other family members to give you that tangible support, but I do hope you really know how much your blogging friends care for you. And I think that little Hope is quite the charmer! I'm glad she provided a little reason to make your husband smile. ox Debra (breathelighter)

  25. Dear Inger, I have been thinking of you and your husband often and I am glad that you update.
    I truly hope your husband can get a liver transplant and then he will be well very soon.
    I am so glad that you have dear family members and friends to support you. It's is very important. Your friend Rachel is really lovely and is very precious to have a friend like Rachel. These daisies are very beautiful!
    I am sending many healing thoughts and positive energy your way.
    Samson and Faith are always adorable.
    Lots of Hugs and much Love to you all my dear.

  26. Good friends are irreplaceable! Good dogs too. Healing thoughts to you, Inger.

  27. Hello,
    It is so true what you shared about Good Friends!! I am so glad you had the surprise of Rachel. xx oo
    Prayers to you and thank you for keeping us posted.

  28. Really glad to get this update about your husband. I hope he gets the liver transplant, and very glad for the wonderful supportive friends and family you will have when he gets home with his new liver!

  29. Family and friends are precious at times like this. Take good care of yourself... and I do hope he didn't eat the daisies!

  30. thanks for updating Inger - i have you on my side bar so i know when you update now. Hope your husband can get that transplant - and i'm so happy for you that you have such loyal and loving people to help you out. And that friend of yours sounds great bringing pizza and beer.

  31. Bless you! I can only begin to imagine how / worried / tired / anxious / exhausted / angry / frustrated / upset / powerless / you must feel. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

  32. Dear Inger, thank you for sharing with us the names of those who are your "rocks"--those who hold you steady in this difficult time. I am so glad . . . SO GLAD . . . that your husband's sister Debra is so supportive and that Rachel and you got such a good visit. You, yourself, are a rock. Peace.


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