Monday, August 3, 2015

A Day At The Museum

with my friend Jane

A couple of weeks ago, I drove to Los Angeles to spend a day with my friend Jane at the J. Paul Getty Center and Museum. 

Situated on a hill with the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean below, it is the design, layout, architecture, and gorgeous building materials that make this place so special. 

I guess you would expect me to have some pictures of all this splendor, but this was a day to spend with a good friend I had not seen in far too long.

I got tired pretty fast, the drive is long for me, but Jane led me around, treated me to lunch and later to coffee. We mostly just sat and talked. It was wonderful.

I am not sure what this little branch of a bougainvillea was trying to do, but the effect against the wall was beautiful. 

So Jane and I both took a picture of it.

And of this owl as well. 

Growing up, my dad got me interested in books and my mom took me to museums. She loved art, she loved Paris, and she would stand just like this, looking at a painting. It touched me to see myself standing just like she did. I don't look like my mom at all, but she is so in this stance. It's difficult to share how I felt when I saw this picture. I know I'm glad Jane captured the moment. 

Since my camera is broken, I took some pictures with my phone. I couldn't see a thing. Without a viewfinder, the white buildings and the strong sunshine made it impossible to see anything through the phone. I just took some shots hoping for the best. Well, the best didn't happen. 

If you are interested, I recommend that you go to Google images and check out the Getty Center. It's quite a treasure. The blue that meets the sky in the picture above is the Pacific Ocean. I know, not the best, but still, I haven't seen it either in far too long. 

At the end of our visit, I suggested that we try to get together every three months or so. Pick a place and just do it. So we decided on William S. Hart Park, where Rachael works, in October. 


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