Thursday, August 6, 2015

Notes From The Canyon

This time of year, in this hot canyon, I long for fall, for cooler weather. June was superhot, but July wasn't bad. We had a couple of fabulous rain and thunderstorms, complete with mudslides and a wrecked roadway, but good for the earth and all living things. August has arrived with muggy weather, reminding me of New Jersey summers. We would suffer now, the dogs and I, except for this:

An a/c and heating unit, a gift from friends here in the canyon. Can you imagine getting a gift like this?! It has made such a huge difference. On hot evenings the dogs and I huddle in the former master bedroom, where the a/c is, and watch DVDs. Samson was a bit scared of the noise and wouldn't go in there at first, but now he's enjoying the cool breeze. Faith, smart dog that she is, took to it immediately. 

I've hired Errol's brother Glenn as a contractor to help me with some renovation work that's badly needed here. So far, I bought a new stove on sale from Sears online. I only have electric here and the old stove, also a Kenmore, was probably original to the house, i.e., from 1977. I was so scared of it, I bought a new fire extinguisher even. So when I saw this stove on sale, I decided to get it. 

Good thing too, Glenn said the wiring on the old one was in terrible shape and just fell apart when he removed the stove. It was only a matter of time, he said, before I would have had to use my new fire extinguisher. 

Before I knew my husband and Glenn, I thought guys who worked in construction just worked with their hands. Never did I realize or even consider the amount of knowledge, brain work, calculations, and patience, among about a thousand other things involved in just getting a new stove, slightly larger than the old one, with things butting out from the sides, and so on, to fit into an opening made for a completly different stove. Glenn did a fabulous job and now, of course, I must cook. No more excuses......

I have also ordered new windows from Home Depot. The windows in this house (also original from 1977) are horrible, they let in heat, cold, and worst of all the desert dust. Once they are installed, I  should both save money on my electric bill and not have to dust all the time. I will check rebates too. A guy is coming today to measure. This will make a huge difference to the quality of my life here. I'm excited!

Remember how I was fretting about the Living Trust? I know better than to do that, but I still did. Then two friends suggested I just have a professional manage it. When the time comes and I no longer can. Brilliant! I went with the guy the attorney recommended and turned in my draft last Monday. With no blood relatives here, I really had no choice but to make sure everything is spelled out and legal. 

The junipers are ripe with fruit after a barren season last year. Come fall, this will be food for bears, coyotes, and all the small critters around here. 

You may wonder how I'm doing emotionally and I have a few things to say about that, but this post is getting too long. I'm much more needy than in the past and I talk too much when someone calls. My feelings may be worthy of a separate post. We'll see.....

But I also feel a bit more creative. I want to blog now, take pictures, and write. Crochet, even. I'm getting into it and enjoying it. I'm glad you liked my Thomas story. Your comments meant a lot to me. I am still full of sadness, but I also feel that I'm at the beginning of the road that will lead to the rest of my life. And I want that life to be good. That much I know. 

Then the other night, I did something I hadn't done in a long time. (Except when my cousin was here.) When I saw a gorgeous sunset outside my window, I went out and took some pictures.

Have a great day, my dear friends.


  1. i enjoyed ALL of your photos very much. the juniper is beautiful. the sunset! wow! what a WONDERFUL gift of a/c for you and the pups! i know samson has suffered much in the past with his thick coat so glad he got used to the noise! you are gaining some wonderful folks in your life there in the canyon and all around the world, too. continued moments of good discovery wished to you, inger!

  2. there is no way to stay in the house and NOT take photos of that stunning sunset. so glad you did. that is great about the living trust, i don't even know what one is, but glad you got help with it. and that is a fantastic gift for winter and summer. i bet Samson loves the cool after he got over the noise it makes... and good when it is cold to.. your stove is exactly what i want, i like the controls on the front, not up on the back.. it is really a pretty one to.. windows will really make a difference. our stove is 26 years old and needs to be replaced..

  3. Hi Inger - things are changing and that is probably the best thing ... you'll be more comfortable come Winter. What great folks the Canyon friends are ... giving you that air-conditioning unit - I bet the dogs are delighted with it too.

    The summer sunsets ... but your photos in general ... are all lovely to see - I do enjoy looking around the Canyon - and that is one smart stove ...

    Can I come around for a Swedish meal?! Take care and enjoy yourself .. I'm so pleased Glenn is around helping - he seems to have such a wealth of knowledge, and is obviously an enormous help ... big hugs and happy thoughts - Hilary

  4. What an awesome sunset! It sounds like you are making good positive steps forward. Having an atty handle the trust is a good idea -- Brett and I did that as well. They are complicated beasts! The windows in our house are also old (not as old as yours, quite) and they let in all kinds of dust and drafts. I envy you your new windows!

  5. What a wonderful bunch of friends to give you. A/C - you didn't have it before?
    Now you can cook and bake up a storm! Ancient electrical anything scares, glad it's out of there.
    Happy that you are feeling like doing things again. Lovely sunset!

  6. Friends who know what you need, wonderful, friends who share and care, ditto, and the air-con, maybe the best of all, or is it that shining new stove? Here, we have a friend who is like Glen, always ready to help, with difficult repairs, like the new garage door opener, a new door on a cupboard, and today taking me to the airport ( Hugh is not allowed to drive for another week). I can see some new directions for you, would you think about writing? Your words flow, are so entertaining, when you wrote about Thomas, this was a fascinating story. Can you illustrate as well? And if your post is long,( and this isn't long by anyone's measure) with lots of words and photos..I love every part of it, and talking to people who visit, call or write, all part of your new life that will take time. Hugs from NZ

  7. Lovely new stove :O) and the new windows will be so very nice. I know that AC must be wonderful! I can crochet a little bit, its enjoyable for sure. Photography I am horrible at LOL. I just point and snap the picture and hope for the best LOL. Camera has to have auto everything and I just take pictures till I get one I like ROFL... Hobbies are good to have I think. Thank you for your compliments on my Etsy store I appreciate them :O).

  8. That sunset. What a gift - the one nature provided, and the one that you captured!

    So glad that you are getting your "house" in order. I know I cannot be creative until I do that. With all the "getting in order" over there, your eloquent creativity is going to be flowing out of you all winter long - cant wait to see ! Little things that need to be changed make a HUGE difference; I know you know that!

    And yay Samson for figuring out that AC is perfect not only for humans but for dogs too! What beautiful neighbors you have! XOXOXO

  9. Check with your power company. Many give good rebates for updating windows as it will save on power consumption. They will send an inspector out that may off other ways to save power that they will help pay for.
    Love the sunset. It is breathtaking. So glad with the weather you have had that you have A/C. I could not survive with out it.

  10. I'm glad you have a new stove. A fire would be so frightening. I hope you never need your extinguisher, but it's good that you have it.


  11. Nice new stove!!
    I grew up in northern NJ.
    The summers here are pretty nice and very rarely hot. We don't even need an AC.
    Beautiful sunset.
    That is my step dad in the picture with me and my mom, but he is like a dad. He's been my step dad since I was 18.
    My dad died back in 1999.

  12. New windows will make a huge difference. When we replaced our old windows (from 1977), it was amazing. quieter, energy efficient...Great choice, as is the A/C and new stove. You will appreciate both.

  13. I'm so thankful you are blogging regularly again, because I love reading it. The new stove looks awesome and safe. It's a hot one here in Oklahoma today too, and I'm also thankful for a/c. I love your sunset photo. Thanks for sharing! -Jeff

  14. I'm so thankful you are blogging regularly again, because I love reading it. The new stove looks awesome and safe. It's a hot one here in Oklahoma today too, and I'm also thankful for a/c. I love your sunset photo. Thanks for sharing! -Jeff

  15. I'm so thankful you are blogging regularly again, because I love reading it. The new stove looks awesome and safe. It's a hot one here in Oklahoma today too, and I'm also thankful for a/c. I love your sunset photo. Thanks for sharing! -Jeff

  16. Oh your sunset pictures makes me smile knowing that Inger the woman we love is going to be OK and on her way back to where she needs to be. Lots of new stuff going on for you.You have a lot of "news" going on in your life and a lot of "news" in your house. Enjoy the "news" and the friends that love you. Your going to be OK I needed to see and hear that. Enjoy the air conditioning and the new windows are going to be wonderful. Hug HUG B

  17. Wow! What a gorgeous sunset!! Thanks for sharing that, Inger!! The stove is beautiful. Wish I lived close, I'd invite myself over for dinner ;-) I am so glad you got AC and that new windows will be installed to help with dust and weather, making for a healthier you. Things are moving along for you, I see... and I will be interested in 'hearing' how you are doing emotionally. You are such a strong woman and I am in awe of you!! I love you with all my heart... and Gracie sends her love too. Tell Samson Gracie sends doggie kisses!

  18. Inger, I am so glad to hear that you are getting some improvements accomplished in your home. It will make a difference! Also glad that you have that new heat/ac unit. Emotional healing will come with time. We will all be here when you fee like it.

  19. What beautiful friends you have to give that heart-saving air conditioner and heater!! Sampson must certainly appreciate it with his thick, heavy coat. And that gleaming stove. Yes, no more excuses for not cooking.

    You will notice quite a difference with well-fitting, insulated windows both in summer and winter. That sunset was simply gorgeous. Healing with take time and there is no rushing it. You are always in my prayers. Thanks for dropping by my blog today with such kind words.

  20. I cannot imagine getting a gift like that! I am so happy you have such wonderful friends. And that stove is a beauty. A shame you have to cook on it, really. LOL! I am happy you are doing well. I would love to hear your emotional thoughts anytime. I have walked this path just a few steps ahead of you and I am still very sad. Feel free to email me anytime. My addy is Hang in there. One step at a time!!

  21. Congratulations on bringing your house--& your life--up to date!!

  22. You sound good - enjoy life again and although of course there is loss and sadness i hope you can find a lot of light and happiness on your path. Good windows are definitely important in the desert climate both hot and cold.

  23. You are beginning to heal. I hear it.

    Updating appliances and windows although pricey to start with are a great investment for lower energy bills.

    Glad you have a cool oasis...and double special that it was a gift.

    This is time to discover who you have become. As sad as it is you have been half of a whole for a long time. It will take adjustment but you may discover a entirely new person you didn't know was there. Enjoy the journey. Your husband will be with you in every thing you do.


  24. You are on your way! Not drowning in despair and self pity, but looking forward, longing for joy and pleasant days, who partly have already arrived. Over time memories will be comforting and not hurting anymore, you will be glad to have them, your husband will be always with you. To follow your journey of strength is very inspiring and giving hope for being able to cope with life's dealings.

  25. What a beautiful sunset! Sounds like you are getting into the renovation of your home. That is great - gives you some good stuff to focus on which is sometimes what we need when we are hurting. What a beautiful new stove! We have been thinking of buying one quite similar to that. How nice that friends gave you an AC unit to make the hot days more comfortable. Sounds like you are getting to a good place - step-by-step. Prayers from Arizona. Have a good week.

  26. You're getting a lot done there, getting your house fixed up and your affairs tidy. That's good and will benefit you in the future.

    Did you know that sometimes, when things haven't gone my way here, I come look at your blog and just look at your pictures of the desert? They help me to get centered again. Your photography is excellent, and your landscapes are very calming. I can almost feel the breeze ....

  27. Wow! What a stunning sunset!
    I like your beautiful new stove too!
    I am glad you are feeling more creative and now enjoy to blog, to take pictures, write and did crochet too!
    I know that you are still full of sadness, but I am glad that you also feel that you are "at the beginning of the road that will lead to the rest of my life!" For sure your life will be good and nice!
    Lots of hugs and much Love!


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