Monday, August 10, 2015

Manhunt In The Mountains

not too far from here.

This raises the question: To own or not to own? A fully functioning gun that an old lady like myself can handle. 

I have guns here that I can't even lift and were I to attempt to shoot someone, I would fall flat on my behind. That is if I had cleaned them, practised, and had some bullets around. Oh, Harry, I know you must wonder: What!!! She lives in the mountains, isolated, and she doesn't have a gun?

This is what happened: This man kidnapped three guys and held them for some time. They escaped and reported him. Then he moved on to Jaw Bone Canyon, a canyon sort of behind ours, behind mountains, where he entered a cabin and killed a retired dentist from our town, Tehachapi. 

A week ago Saturday, he en encountered two law enforcement officers, shot and injured them, and got away. Since then they are focusing the search on a five square-mile area, around where the deputies were shot. Not close to here, but he has not been found.  

Today is day 13 in the manhunt. According to local TV news, there are 18 agencies involved, including The U.S. Marshals, and police, sheriffs, swat teams, fire departments, and so on from all over California. The mountains are rugged, there are caves, old mines, and rocky terrain. Because they can't find him, they think he may be a mountain man, a survivalist, or that someone is helping him. He may be dead too, of course. It's hot and dry out there.

Three local schools are closed and so is a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. And I saw an amazing piece on TV of a lovely spiritual retreat where the guests had been evacuated, but where young men, long-haired and sort of hippie looking, were patrolling the grounds with rifles. 

Now you know I don't scare easily. I lived alone here for four and a half years before Errol moved up in 2011. At that time, I didn't even have a gate. For my protection then, I had four large dogs, including a German shepherd and a German shepherd cross. I also live at the end of a very long road. Most burglars prefer a fast exit and that I can't provide. So I have never felt unsafe here and certainly not afraid. But now we're not talking burglars, not talking someone coming from the road, in a car, but rather someone armed and dangerous coming across the wilderness that surrounds me. 

Are you scared yet?!

But I have Samson and Faith. Samson is an excellent guard dog. I can trust him to alert to anything or anyone moving outside. He will bark, except for bears. Don't ask me why. I don't know what else he would do. Faith would kill, if she could. But she's small and most likely will not scare anyone. Giving her the advantage of surprise. I believe there may be a pit bull in there somewhere in her DNA. 

So even if they find this guy, I feel more concerned about my safety than I ever have since I moved here. It is, of course, so much safer than living in Los Angeles, where I reported an intruder once (dogs alerted) and it took the police 45 minutes to show up. Oh, well.....

So, to be or not to be a gun owner? When I lived in the mountains of New Jersey, well, hills, I guess they were, we had a lot of guns. My first husband had escaped from communist Hungary, and once he became a citizen, first thing he did was arm himself. Just because he could. And I learned to use them. So I'm not a stranger to guns, just don't really want to own one. 

Please send good thought out to all the agencies looking for this dude. I feel tension in my body and mind and really wish they would find him. Soon.....


  1. I hope he is not reading your post!

    I could not survive that long in that country.

    You will be safe.

  2. Inger, I don't know what kind of guns you have, but if one is a shot gun, and a 20 gauge, that would be good for a woman. Having it handy would relieve your mind of some of the worry. I'm assuming, of course, that you remember how to use it. Things like that can slip away from a person over the years.

    If not, I'd recommend maybe going into town til they catch the guy, stay at some decent motel. If he's armed, and I would presume he is, it might be best to just lock up the place. They'll catch him soon I would imagine. If he comes there, and you are unarmed, he could just shoot your dogs and come right on in. That wouldn't end well.

  3. Saying prayers for those looking and for your safety. I am not in favor of owning guns but your situation is not like mine living in a city. Take care!

    1. I find living in a city far more dangerous than living here. I'm not in favor of guns either, one reason I posted this was to get some feedback.

  4. Oh gosh, this is scary. I'm sending you much light and love and asking all the angels to surround you and keep you safe.

    Like Paula, I'm not in favor of guns either, but I live in a congested area with lots of people around, which actually makes me feel safer.

    Stay safe! And keep us posted.

  5. Keep your doors locked and hopefully the dogs barking would scare someone off. I don't know how to use a gun either. Brett has one (of course, retired cop and all) but I haven't a clue. I'd be feeling exactly like you in this situation if he weren't here. I hope they find the guy soon!

  6. Hi Inger - sounds like you're making light (to a point) of a difficult situation. I guess keeping the phone charged at all times and in your pocket - ready for a call should it be necessary ... and having friends ready to 'dash up' and check in should you call unexpectedly.

    Take care and with thoughts ... guns horrify me ... I'll be thinking of you - and sincerely hope they catch him soon ... Hilary

  7. This is really a scary thing to be happening so close to you. the thing is, these days it can happen any time day or night and anywhere. I vote buy a gun and learn to shoot it. a dog alerting you will not help if you have nothing but a phone, you are to far for help to get there. i would not live alone without a gun. there is to much going on in our world... we live in the city and we have guns... we also have gangs and drive by shootings ... only you know if you would or could use a gun though. praying for your safety and that they catch them

  8. You already do own guns. They are in your house and you cannot use them

    sell them. That actually protects you and in the case of a robbery, will protect someone down the line

    get a small firearm you feel comfortable using. Perhaps pay a visit to a gun club for a tune up and suggestions.

    peace of mind.

  9. I used to be alone here by myself - I kept the shotgun handy - the trigger is easier to pull for me. My thought was not to wait until [the bad guy] broke in, anyone not my husband was going to get it if they came through my door. The sign may say 'protected by Smith & Wesson' but I lie - it's an old shotgun. I do have a pistol - trigger is too hard to pull takes two hands, of course, with an adrenaline rush, it might not be a problem.

    Good idea to go to a gun club - gain some confidence.

  10. I have owned guns off and on all my life. My house fire got my two handguns. If you have shotguns, clean them, load them, and try practicing with them (the furry friends safely tucked away).Upupaepops has a good point: purchase a small handgun that you will comfortable to shoot. Better a gun that you will feel safe to use than one than scares you.

    I have a 9 mm automatic on my bed-stand. It does not pack much of a recoil but will do the job -- it has 14 in the clip -- allowing you extra shots for peace of mind.

    The idea of a gun club is a good one. A good gun club owner will help you pick the gun right for you. Remember: an invader had no qualms breaking into your dwelling. Whatever he gets will be the consequences of HIS choice.

    A gun you cannot easily get to is a gun that will not do you any good.

    I pray the Father surround you with His Presence and Protection. May they catch that madman soon. I will pray extra hard for you each day until they do. :-)

  11. I hope they find him. You are brave because I would be terrified I think! I say get a gun you can shoot because you never know when you will need it!

  12. I HATE guns but I think you need one!! Go to a gun club & see what they suggest.

  13. This is a complicated issue. We have guns in the house, locked in a steel cabinet, and the key is . . . not sure where that key is. Anyway, I think the bigger question is whether you would use the gun. The downside is if the gun gives a false sense of security too. You would want to be well educated and trained as to the legal conditions for using the gun since you don't want to spend your golden years in prison for firing when it wasn't legal. Decisions, decisions . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Sorry you are in this situation. It sounds quite scary. You could use this in a book!

  15. I read about that man and wondered if any of my blog buddies were in that area. I do hope you find a working gun and take some lessons. Samson may alert you but it would be up to you to do something about it. I do own two guns. A pistol and a rifle for varmints. Take care, be safe and please arm yourself.

  16. That would worry me too although I guess the odds against you encountering this man are still pretty high. If you're not used to guns, do you think they might be more dangerous than not having one? Maybe the answer is to take some lessons.

  17. Inger, I'm scared for you out there all alone except for the dogs and I'll be praying for you. I'm so glad that you have the dogs there with you. I hate guns although my brothers love guns and hunting, but this situation is a different situation. If your life is in danger, you have to do what you can to protect yourself. This man is armed and dangerous. I hope he will be found dead or alive very soon for your saftey and peace of mind.
    Please keep us updated on the situation.


  18. Sounds like a scary situation. I they catch the guy soon. I would get a gun that I felt comfortable with and take lessons.
    I grew up in northern NJ. Where did you live?

  19. I'd get out of there until he's caught.

  20. Feeling sad after hearing this news. Be safe!

  21. Keep us posted.
    Please stay with your dogs!

  22. I don't blame you for being nervous, and I'm glad you have dogs! My sister told me yesterday she had a loaded gun by her bed because her husband was going to be gone for several days and they live out in the country. I was so shocked since I didn't know she even had a gun let alone how to use it! My husband doesn't like guns and has never gone hunting, despite living in Utah for 20 years where EVERYONE goes deer hunting. But if I had the chance, I'd like to get a gun and learn to use it. It just seems like a cool skill to have and I'm not anti-gun. In fact, it bothers me that so many in our country want to outlaw handguns or keep citizens from having guns if they choose to. Being armed would make one feel more secure in a situation like you're in.

  23. Hi Inger!
    Just read this and I can understand that you are worried! Stay safe out there. Normally Im against guns as I think it feeds more violence but in this case being so isolated out there perhaps it would make you feel more safe? But im sure nothing gets passed those dogs of yours so they would hopefully scare intruders off. Im appalled to hear that you caught an intruder in your house in LA! I would have had a heart attack!

    I hope they catch the bastard soon. Take care and stay safe! We miss u! Kram!

  24. I suppose that I feel if you aren't familiar with a gun, don't bother, you'd be more of a danger to yourself than 'the bad guy'. If you just haven't shot in a while, take a refresher course, as was mentioned. I would say locking the doors, and being aware of what the dogs are barking at is vital, as well as keeping a phone near. So, I guess that I wouldn't be against it, but be absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Hugs and good thoughts~ Cat

  25. Just came by to check on you. I hope the situation has resolved itself.

  26. Oh dear Inger! This is a very scary situation!
    Take care and stay safe!
    Lots of hugs!

  27. Living in the UK owning a gun doesn't even cross our mind. I think we would be prosecuted if we used it on a burgler. Things like that have happened here before. Given the fact that you are on your own and isolated and if you would be ok about using one then I think having a gun for protection is a good idea. I hope they find this man soon.

  28. keep your dogs close! and I hope they catch the guy fast. I'm not a fan of guns but it really sounds like you need one just to be safe.. I hope all is well!

  29. NBC is reporting Sheriff's Deputies found and killed the psychopath that was haunting your area. Glad it's over and you can relax now.

  30. wondering if they found him yet - ....oh I just saw the comment above and they did - thank God - you breathe a sigh of relief and continue to enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of your place up there with your doggies. Stay safe and enjoy!


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