Friday, August 21, 2015

The Adventures of Samson and Faith

Faith: Come on Samson, we're supposed to have an adventure! 

Samson: Says who?

Faith: Mommy says up above. It's our new Co-Blogger headline. Come on you big old fluffy thing, let's play!

Samson: Ouch! What are you doing?!

Faith: I'm cleaning by your eyes. Mommy spills half your eyedrops all the time. Will she ever learn?

Faith: OK, now you're clean and handsome again. Let the adventure begin!

Samson: It's too hot for adventures. Can I sleep now, please? All I want is to sleep and dream of Siberia, where us Samoyeds come from. Where the snow is white, the ice is cold, and a dog can enjoy himself.

Faith: There you go again with your snow and ice. Sounds pretty cold and miserable to me.

Samson: That's because you don't have any fur.
Faith: I do so too, black and beautiful, that's me!
Samson: Hmmmm.........

Faith: I have a big mouth too, you wanna see?

Samson: OK, OK, I believe you. Now, can an old dog get some peace around here?

Faith: OK, go dream about your snow. Whatever that is. Supposed to come in the winter and be a big deal. Well, I lived one whole winter and never saw any snow. Maybe you're making it up.....

Samson: I'm not, good night!
Faith: It's in the middle of the day and we didn't have any adventures at all. Zero! Boring, boring, maybe I go and mess with mommy for a while, heh, heh.......

Have a Nice Day, Everyone!

Samson & Faith


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