Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Thousand And One Posts

I wanted post number 1,000 to be something special, but I messed up and forgot to check to see where I was in the post count. This, post number 1001, will just be an update on our lives here in the canyon, and sharing some gratitude. I'm immensely grateful for these two hounds. I love them so, they are really good dogs, taking care of me and doing a such good job. I'm grateful for many things in my life: my friends and family, my health, and for all of you, my blogger friends, who have been so wonderful to me this past year. 

Yes, the manhunt is over and the fugitive is dead. I have never before been so glad to hear that someone was shot dead, seriously. I surprised myself with that one. Saturday, he went into a Mini Mart in the desert town of Inyokern, some 35 miles from where they focused the search, and far away from here. There, he encountered a very, very cool and fast-thinking store clerk, who after he recognized him, texted his sister to call 911, then proceeded to chat with the man to keep him there until sheriff deputies arrived. He didn't quite succeed in that, but the deputies found the man, Benjamin Peter Ashley, and after he pulled a gun, they shot and killed him.  And the longest manhunt in Kern County's history is now over. 

Two of the guns he carried belonged to the man he killed. The victim, Dr. David Markiewitz, a retired dentist from our town, will be laid to rest on Sunday. There will be a huge celebration of his life with many, many Tehachapi residents taking part. 

It was interesting to read your thoughts about guns. Thank you for your feedback and thoughts. This guy made me feel vulnerable, which made me think about guns. I have never felt afraid or apprehensive here before. I doubt I will get a gun, but I will be thinking about protection in different ways than I did before this manhunt took place. 

I have finished reading the first draft of my Living Trust. And I will see the attorney on Friday. I also told my tenants in Los Angeles that I have to sell the house. That went well, and I hope they will want to and will be able to buy it. 

Friday, I drove down the mountain and eleven miles on this deserted and beautiful road, maybe through land of the Tejon Indian Tribe, not sure, to the small town of Arvin. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, it was like coming back to Mexico. But I wasn't touristing, I was on my way to the DMV.

Once there, I changed title on my four vehicles. Earlier in the week, I had old Betsy, the 1989 Ford Ranger pickup smogged and repaired at a high price and all is not well yet with her. Ouch! I also paid the registration for the Jeep, due in October. Now it has to be smogged and have the oil pan replaced or repaired. I have to take it in next week, so I won't have to worry about that pan and oil leaks any longer. 

In addition to these planned costs, there's either a conspiracy brewing among my appliances, or we are being visited by Murphy. You know which Murphy I mean, the one with the law..... It's as if they all discovered that I now have a few dollars, not to spare, exactly, since they need to last, but still. First the stove, then the microwave, and now the washing machine conk out. All within a month! Glenn checked it out and it is gone, so I had to buy a new washing machine. I got the most basic and next to the cheapest, old fashioned, kind. A fancy one would not do, since it has to live in the shed.

The house, which has looked, not quite this bad, but almost, for years now facing south, will get new siding where needed only. Glenn just bought it today. He will install and then paint the entire house a lovely sage color. He got the paint today as well, so I hope it will be pretty. 

The windows are horrible too, and the ones in the dining room broken after Errol once swatted a fly on them. That's how secure they are! Home Depot guys are coming on September 1 to install the new windows. That's what will make the biggest difference in my life here. 

When I came back home from the DMV, they were pouring new asphalt on our road here in the canyon. Following these trucks, I had to stop every two minutes, so the guys in the first truck could jump off and fix some uneven spots. Boring, so I took pictures with my phone. I like the colors in it, which is why I'm posting it.

Finally, Microsoft offered a Windows 10 upgrade for free and I accepted, sort of surprising myself a bit since I'm always the last one to get new stuff. I don't use Windows much, but changes have been made to my picture files and some cool new features added at sign in. I think I will like it and will explore it more as the rest of my life quiets down a bit. 

Have a Nice Day, Everyone!

Samson & Faith


  1. enjoyed your update post, love you.

  2. Good to hear you are working things out. It's difficult and it's sad but it will give you strength. Know your husband is with you.

    You have wonderful companions and live in a beautiful part of the world.

  3. It looks like you have projects to keep you busy, and good your community is celebrating the victim.

  4. First of all, I'm so relieved that the manhunt is finally over and you can feel safe again. What an ordeal...
    I'm glad that you're getting fixed and painted. I guess your appliances wanted to be replace and oh yes that Murphy is always around when you least expect it.
    All this should keep you busy for a while.

    Congratulations on your 1001 post. Wow... 'Take care and hugs those furry companions for me.

    1. It should read "I'm glad that you're getting things fixed and painted" lol. My fingers are slow tonight.

    2. I may just need to get fixed and painted myself too! That was a FUNNY slipup!

    3. Where can I go to get fixed & painted?

  5. Glad that guy has been disposed of.

    August used to be our month for Murphy to visit - now he comes in January and February. Sneaky devil!

    Happy you are getting buttoned up and ready for the weather this fall and winter! I need to look for an alternate heating source, but unsure just what. Flames eat up the room oxygen.

    Sage green sounds great!


  6. So glad that murdered was caught. Good thinking on the part of the clerk. You will sure enjoy having your home painted and new windows do make a lot of difference - especially in heating and cooling. Hope things continue to go well.

  7. Having all these repairs done will keep you busy for awhile and you will feel so good when they are completed. A new coat of paint on the house will surely make you smile.

  8. I have been thinking a lot about you since your post about guns. I tried to comment and fell foul of my in and out internet connection here in rural France. Anyway, it is a relief to know they caught the villain. The gun question is such a thorny one, especially for those of us who think they are a terrible blight on American life.

    I am full of admiration for your positive and life affirming attitude for life. The place is going to be great when you finish and it sounds as though you have good people to do the work. And those precious dogs! There are o words for the wonder of them!

  9. That guy Murphy travels far and wide!!! Well done to get all vehicles checked and paper work done, love the road works photo, and Windows 10, my next project, but think I might need to save some hundreds of photos and then have more room. I think of you so often, and wonder how far are your neighbours? Samson and Faith, loyal and faithful friends, I'm sure they bask in all the praise we heap on them, and so well deserved. Hugs from NZ XXX ( p.s. Hugh doing well so far after his surgery, a wait and see, with some activities forbidden!!! I need strong ropes to tie him down)

  10. I was pleased to learn that the "manhunt is over" from the LA Times the other day. thought of you. It sounds like you are gracefully taking the reins of your new life and making it your own. samson and Faith make all the difference, I'm sure!

  11. OH!! PeeeeS: 1001 Posts?!? Wow! Congrats :-)

  12. I'll be grateful when you have new windows. They are important for safety and protection against the elements. Congratulations on 1,001 posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


  13. Hi Inger - congratulations on 1001 posts ... some posting. Your dentist will get a very good send off - especially in the light of the latest outcome (for the best) - and your dentist will be sorely missed after such tragic circumstances.

    Gosh Murphy's Law is having a right fling around ... still I suspect getting all things done and sorted will make life easier for the next few years ... but having the house sorted, and the windows in will be a very good repair and fixing up.

    Sad about the house ... and I hope the tenants will buy it from you ... so good to see the two dogs being totally faithful and looking after you so well ..

    Take care - and all the very best - Hilary

  14. Inger, Glad to hear the fugitive has been caught and just as well dead if you ask me. And life goes on, back to normal thankfully dull things like ordering windows and waiting for road construction crews to let you pass. I installed Windows 10 and REALLY like it. I'm glad they made it so widely available. Windows 8 is gone from my computer now and I don't miss it one bit.

  15. Looks like you are getting a lot done there, and when you are finished the place will be spectacularly squared away.

    Guns are tools, Inger. If you don't feel like you need one, then don't mess with it. If you want the added security, find a friend who is a shooter and get a little refresher training. I can't imagine being without one.

    As always, I liked your pictures.

  16. adore your sweet companions. :) the manhunt sounded very unnerving! i am glad, too, he was 'apprehended'. glad you are getting repairs done to your home. and hoping the mutiny of appliances is over!

  17. I am very relieved that the manhunt is over and you can feel safe again! I am sorry for the poor victim, the retired dentist from your town.

    Many Congratulations to your post number 1001! It is just great for sure! Love your blog and I have much pleasure visiting you. I wish I could to be there in person!
    Thanks for the update on your live on the canyon!
    Love always to see your adorable and lovely friends Samson and Faith! They always look very happy!
    I am glad that you are doing repairs in your home too. My house need many repairs, it was building 39 year ago...
    Many hugs and much Love!

  18. enjoyed your update and it's always great to get things taken care's going to feel so good - the doggies are so darn cute - and glad they got the guy.

  19. Hi Inger - lovely to catch up with you again - 1001 posts is some going … I hadn't heard about the manhunt - that must have been so frightening - glad it's been resolved and it's wonderful to celebrate the man's life rather than mourn such a tragedy. There are a lot of very sad and disturbed people in the world.

  20. Congrats,1000 posts is one heck of a milestone. Way to go. I am so relieved that they dispatched that fugitive. Now I won't worry about you out there with no weapons. How about a big can of bear spray. Should work on a man.
    House repairs do come in bunches don't they? I always reason that the good things eventually do also. Hang in, you are due.

    1. Will get some spray if I remember. It should be good for close encounters at least. And the bears. The should be here soon, as the juniper berries are ripening. Must take some pictures of them, so pretty.The berries, not the bears.

  21. So glad to hear you won't be worrying about that fugitive anymore!!
    New windows and siding and paint will make the world of difference. : )
    I have no idea how many posts I've written. I'm going to go and check that out.

  22. Really enjoyed this 'road trip' post with you, Inger. Getting important things done with our home and 'toys' is important. You will rest easy now.
    Congrats on your 1001 post!!
    LOVEd these photos!

  23. The first two pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.
    Love the faithful friends of yours. Some one was not kidding when they said that a dog is a man's best friend. Well , people's is what they meant.
    Please take care of yourself. I am glad that o are keeping busy.

  24. I meant I am glad that you are keeping yourself busy.

  25. Good to catch up with you. Your dogs are such sweet things, It's so nice they are good companions for you.

  26. Hello Dear,
    So glad you shared with us about the manhunt ending. WOW, what a brave clerk! I always wonder what I would do in a situation like that.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  27. I am glad that they found the murderer at last. And things always seem to break down in a bunch -- no fun!! I love the photos. And I got Windows 10, too -- it was free and it will be constantly updated -- how cool is that?

  28. none of your comments can be read ... hope this goes through. i can tell you got Windows 10, i did mine 2 days ago. i am so glad the buy was caught and you can stop fretting over that. the headers is totally awesome shot of Samson and love all the pics of the pups. there are no words showing on your blog at all. your print is white and your background is white.

  29. everything is fine now all the print is visible... what a story on that murderer. glad that is over and done. you have so much going on, wow on all that you are doing.. from trust to house to other house to buying all new things because of Murphy. i pray now that murphy will go away and leave you to play with Windows 10. i got it yesterday. so far the only thing i don't like it getting the photos out of my camera. i like the way i always did it and it will not do it. it gets them but i don't like the way it does it...

  30. It is good to know that you are jumping into doing these things. I am still rather slow about it all. I have an oil pan leak in my car too. But I'm not going to fix it. Just keep adding oil. LOL. I have to concern myself first with fixing the coolant leak I have. Your phone takes lovely pictures. I am happy you are fixing up the house. That is what I'm going to do this fall and winter. I think I will be selling in the spring/summer 2016.

  31. I'm so glad that man is no longer someone you have to worry about. Once one thing goes in the house everything else goes too. Your house will look lovely when the new windows are in and it's painted.


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