Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Notes From The Canyon

My neighbor, isn't she pretty?

Me with my former tenants, Jordet and Aniko, at the L. A. house.

Mother and daughter. The filly is beginning to lose her dark coat and will, in time, look more like her mother.

My L. A. house. Errol's work, all tongue and groove cedar on the walls, pine on the floor. The kitchen is gorgeous, but I didn't take any pictures. It's an all custom house and I worry, even though so many love it, will buyers want a cabin in the city? Fortunately, it's perfectly situated, so we will see. A little scary to do this on my own. And it feels so strange to call it "my" house. 

My front yard, before.

My front yard, after the tractor guy mowed it.

He also mowed my two lower fields, removed many rabbit brush bushes, did my back yard and another field to the east of the house.  


My life has fluctuated between me being really busy and then totally tired, so tired all I could do was rest. From this I have deduced that I need to pace myself and I'm working on it. My doctor says I'm fine, just old. 

This is how my Merry Month of May went:

On April 30th, I drove to Los Angeles to meet the realtors I hired to sell my house, their handyman, and my former tenants. After I visited with the tenants for a while, the realtors and their handyman came and we walked the house, deck, yard, bonus room, garage and made notes of all that needed to be done. The work is now complete, the house is staged, photos will be taken tomorrow, and it will be listed later this week. 

On May 12th, I went to Ojai with Rachael. On the 13th, I participated mildly, just a little, in the canyon road clean, something our CERT team does a couple of times a year. On the 15th, I went to the Tire Store and got new tires for the Jeep. And found out there are special tires for Jeeps, and also that mine were a size too small. With that taken care of, the Jeep drives so much smoother and handles better in our almost constant wind and wind storms. 

I also put Old Betsy (Errol named her), my 1989 Ford Ranger pickup truck in the shop. She needed some expensive treatments, but is now fine. Then on the 16th, I took the Jeep to the dealer in Lancaster to, finally, get my Takata airbags changed. While in Lancaster, I had lunch with my two nieces, or nieces-in-law, may be more correct, not sure. They are my BIL Glenn's daughters, they are family, their names are Monique and Erika, lovely ladies both. Can't believe they are in their late 30s early 40s already. 

He's looking good in this picture, which is from earlier this year.His eyes are really bad now. But he's getting good care, good vet, medicine, and a mommy who tries her best.

Then Samson got sick again. So we went to the vet twice and we are going tomorrow again. More about him and our girl, Faith, later. 

On the 22nd, Robert, the tractor-mower guy came with his two grandsons, ages 16 and 17. They worked for six hours and did a great job, including cutting back two juniper trees and a lot of weed-whacking. After the horrific, wind-driven, Erskine fire in our county last year, they are not fooling around with the fines: If not done by June 1st (used to be the 15th) a $500.00 fine (used to be $250.00) is imposed, which increases if you're not in compliance when they recheck. So it was a great relief to get all that work done. Great guys, great team-work, no issues. 

That day, I picked up six large trash bags of stuff, old things that were laying (oh, Ms. Junebug, I hope I got that right) around out on the land. Took it to the dump with Old Betsy this morning. 

Somewhere in there, in the middle of the month, my eye started to act up, so I called our local optometrist and got an appointmet. All is well, just a bad case of dry eye in the middle of where the tears are supposed to be, or something like that, which caused an intense and sudden pain. 

On the 24th, my friend Judy came to see me and we hung out in town, eating, talking, shopping, and taking a few pictures. I will post more about our day later.

Are you bored yet? 

Don't worry, I'm done. Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day. How young they are those who give their lives for our country, I thought, as their ages flashed by on the TV screen. Tears came to my eyes. 


  1. No wonder you're tired, you have been busy. It feels good to get thing done and taken care of. Everything falls on your shoulder to get things done but i'm glad you are hiring some strong men to do it.

    Poor Samson, I really feel sorry for him as he's aging. That's the hard part about having a pet. They do get old just like us and they start to fall apart. like us. You are so good to keep on top of things. Good luck with selling your LA house, I'm sure it will sell. It's looks like a beautiful house. Errol did a great job.
    I hope that you have a great month of June dear friend.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Like Julia wrote: No wonder you are tired!! Hiring and delegating duties is a must these days, but it is so hard to find people you can trust. I will pray for Samson's eyes. May your selling of your L.A. house go smoothly. May June be easier on you! :-) Roland

  3. L A Home,it looks so beautiful, built with love and care. Time for new owners to accept the love in their turn. Brush and dry stuff all cleared, doggies continue to have vet visits, and your eye, so glad it wasn't too serious. Hugs from NZ.XXX

  4. Pacing yourself is a good idea no matter what age you are. Good luck selling the house- it's lovely.

  5. not bored at all, but now we know why you are tired. that is a lot to get done.. and now it is behind you and you can rest between doc visits and vet visits. I do hope Faith and Samson are ok and glad your eye was dry eye only... good luck with selling your beautiful home and I for one would love a cabin in the city but maybe not that city. lol

  6. I enjoyed reading about all of your activities this month too. I'm wishing you the very best in selling your house! It will be a step in the right direction! Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. I'm sorry you have to make trips to the vet. Poor Samson and poor you. The house in LA is gorgeous. I'd take a cabin in the city.


  8. I'm sure you will have no trouble selling that beautiful home. I love all the wood -- clearly a labor of love. And, the horses are so beautiful. Many people don't like greys, but I do. I love the way their coats change as they age. Jackson is a grey -- he started out black with a white blaze. Hard to believe looking at his white coat now -- which is changing again, to a flea-bitten grey (speckled) color.

  9. Mercy,you have been busy. Glad there was some me time in there. I love your LA house--it should go quickly.
    I do hope Samson is OK. I know he will get the best possible care.
    Love your new neighbors. I can't help but smile when I see a horse. I really miss the ones my neighbor had.

  10. I'd buy LA house in a heartbeat, if I were a lot younger. Beautifully done.

    Fire is a huge problem here as well. Poor Samson...it feels like we have grown together!

  11. Your LA house is gorgeous. I bet you won't have any trouble selling it. Glad to hear you are getting things accomplished. Remember to pace yourself!

  12. Hi Inger - what a busy bee you have been - but lots achieved and lots done by you and by others ... it sounds like things are coming together. Your LA home is lovely ... but for you I hope it sells easily and quickly. So glad the home area is 'tidied up' for the summer season - it does look different, with grass and tidied out. Love the horses - what great neighbours for you ...

    So glad you and the vet are looking after Samson as best you both can ... and Faith is a great companion for you both. Glad your eye was just that growing old thing ...

    Equally so good to see you've been out and about seeing family and friends - always lovely being able to do those sorts of things in amongst the hustle and bustle of necessities ... take care and with thoughts from a summering up England ... cheers and hugs Hilary

  13. I never get bored reading your posts. That is beautiful work that Errol did in that house. Gorgeous I am sure you will have no problem. We sold our rental house (well hopefully) it is not closed yet. It took six months and I am ready to move on. Renting is too much work and worry. As we age we should have less of that (don't you agree?). Take care of yourself and Samson and Faith and your friends will take care of you too. HUGS HUGS B

  14. The L A house is nice, I love the tongue and groove cedar.

  15. Doesn't look like you will have trouble selling your beautiful house. That wood is gorgeous.
    You've been busy.

  16. Love so much your L. A. house. What a fantastic and beautiful the Errol's work!! Love the tongue and the groove cedar on the walls and pine on the floor!!
    I agree with Annette, I'm sure you will have no trouble selling your gorgeous home!

    As always, love the pictures of adorable Samson and Faith! :)


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