Friday, June 2, 2017

Samson ~ An Update

Those of you who read my blog back in 2012, may remember that Samson went blind for a day or two, but thanks to the quick action by our vet he recovered his sight fully. Then it happened again this past March. Fortunately, I recognized the symptoms and took him to the vet, who prescribed Prednisone, plus an increase in the NeoPolyDex eyedrops I have been giving him since 2012, from twice a day to four times a day. 

Samson did well for a period of time this spring, but last week I took him to the vet again because his eyes did not look good. Once again, he was put on Prednisone, at a higher dose, for a longer period than before. I took him back on Wednesday and he has responded well to the medicine. The vet thinks he may have to stay on a low dose for the rest of his life.

I discussed side effects with the doctor and learned that there is risk for liver, kidney and heart failure. Now our vet is very much into holistic healing, acupuncture, and so on. When my German shepherd, Angel, got lupus, he had no problems with me getting, I forget what now, from a holistic place that treats dogs. Apparently nothing else will work for Samson's illness though. 

So then I said, OK, so what if he goes blind? Lots of dogs do as they get older and seem to get along just fine. Not so with this illness, said the vet. He believes that there's severe pain accompanying the eye issues and eventual blindness. That devastated me and I felt so guilty for every time in the past that I may have forgotten to give him his eyedrops or been too busy or whatever. 

But then, if this is the reality, I say to myself, let's just take it a day at a time. And hope he will do well on a very tiny amount of Prednisone.

So, I am grateful that Samson is doing better. We will take it a day at a time, be diligent with the eyedrops and his walks to keep him as healthy as he can be. Because the drugs supress his immune system, Samson didn't get the rattlesnake vaccine this year. Since he doesn't run loose, I'm not too worried. I haven't seen any snakes at all this spring, and this is the time they are most visible. When it gets hot, they become nocturnal, to show up again at the end of September. 

Samson in 2012. His eyes are clouded blue here. They are brown normally.

Samson was diagnosed with UDS in 2012, something he will have for the rest of his life. 

He did well, with no eye problems for 4 1/2 years. Something to be grateful for since he was so young when this started.

This is UDS:

Uveodermatologic Syndrome (UDS) is an immune-mediated canine disease characterized by inflammation of the eye, de-pigmentation of skin and whitening of hair, well, white fur wasn't a clue here. Morbidity is related primarily to the eye inflammation, which can result in secondary ophthalmological disorders that lead to blindness. Treatment involves both topical and systemic immunosuppression.

Although generally considered to be more common in Northern breeds, such as Akitas, Siberians, and Samoyeds, there have been reports of the disease in a wide range of breeds, including the Dachshund. 

Samson Says: Have a nice day everyone!

Faith Says: What about me? Did you tell your friends Samson beat me up? 

Me: No, that will be in another post.

Faith: What's a post?

Me: Never mind.....


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