Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rust ~ Post No. 10 (And A Few More Things)

Rusty yard art found at my friends' house.

I have a fair amount of stuff to decorate my yard with as well, but first I want to clean up the place as best I can. The tractor guy was here yesterday, grading my front and backyards. I'm not sure it's called grading, he got rid of the weeds he cut last month, using that part of the tractor. What do I know about tractors? City woman moving to the country, that's me. There used to be a TV show about that, Green Acres, I think it was called. A long, long time ago. What I do know is that my front and backyards are now just dirt. I'm so glad I don't have to rake weeds like I did last summer. 

 How I spent my summer in 2016.

While it was good for me to be out there, for weeks on end, raking and building up my strength, this year, I have other things on my mind. There's still a lot of junk and other stuff out on the land. Most of it from previous owners. But some that I'm responsible for as well.

Closeup of last summer's weeds.

The tractor guy asked if he could take some of my scrap metal in payment for his help. I was really happy at the prospect of getting rid of some more stuff, so I said OK, take whatever you want. Except, I said, for these, and showed him the items I want to keep for yard ornaments. While he liked the idea of rusty yard art, he thought his wife would not be too happy about all the stuff he was bringing home. I told him I knew the feeling, having had a husband who couldn't say no to anything either. 

I am happily discovering how many people there are in this world who cannot say NO to stuff! 

Finally, fluffmonster Samson went to the groomers yesterday. It took over three hours because he hasn't been there for a long while. I visited my BIL Glenn and his wife, while I waited. And I stopped by Jiffy Lube to ask them to get rid of a lot of corrosion from my battery. Which they did, so that's good. 

White as the driven snow, I tell my boy. Wish it would snow some, says he. At least he has his tummy shaved now and most of the undercoat gone, and his pants, or whatever the fur on his legs is called, cut way back. 

He couldn't jump in the jeep, so the tractor guy helped. I notice a weakness in his legs, much like mine, getting up is becoming harder. So we will walk more and eat less. And tomorrow his Prednisone will be reduced from two pills to one pill per day, half in the morning, half in the evening. I hope that will make him feel better. 

Home from our walk, we lie down on the cool tile and take a long, long snooze. Ah, it's a dog's life, after all.


  1. Green acres is the place to be
    Farm livin' is the life for me
    Land spreadin' out so far and wide
    Keep Manhattan just give me that countryside

    Then the wife sings: New York is where I'd rather stay
    I get allergic smelling hay
    I just adore a penthouse view
    Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue.

    Then they do some back and forth about the advantages of country v. city life.

    I remember the theme songs to all those shows I watched as a kid.


  2. Green Acres wasn't a show I liked, but I prefer the city, too. I'm allergic to hay and other grasses. Samson looks great, hope all goes well with his health. He's a nice contrast to Faith, whom I hope is also well. When I last lived in the 'country', we saw lots of rust art and vehicles used as parts of fences. Creative recycling.

  3. Can't imagine raking up all those weeds last year, that was quite a chore. Nice that you don't have that mess this year - also nice that some will help take off some of that old scrap.
    Have you considered shaving Samson for the summer? I can't begin to imagine how hot that fur coat is. Of course, it could be insulating him from the heat - what do I know? He sure is pretty after visiting the beauty parlor.

    1. His tummy is shaved and his undercoat pretty much gone. You can't cut the top coat because it will not grow back. His tail was cut back a long time ago because it was too matted to save (bad mommy) and I cut some around his neck before I knew. That fur has never grown back. His tail is about half of what it should be. But then he isn't in Siberia where these dogs use their tails to cover their noses in the winter cold.

    2. Oh, my, he will need it in the winter won't he? Thank goodness he is not in Siberia! You do have A/C don't you? I hear it's going to be quite hot out there.

  4. Hi Inger - Green Acres sounds like a light-hearted fun watch ... we had the Good Life way back when. The yard looks way better doesn't it and finding your tractor guy is happy to help you out with removing stuff he feels can use - makes total sense.

    Samson does look fluffy white as snow - I feel for you and him ... not easy this ageing lark ... take care and all the best with thoughts from a hot day in England ... cheers Hilary

  5. I love the photo of the truck. AWESOME... and the last photo of the two tired pups on the cool tile made me smile. Samson looks fantastic with his new hair cut..and I bet it feels better to... poor guy about getting in and out. Jake has to be helped in the truck now, but he only weighs 50 pounds. I can't help him, but Bob can.

  6. We always watched Green Acres, it was always good for a laugh, Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor if I remember correctly.

    The old Chevrolet truck looks good sitting there, I like that.

  7. Good morning Inger!
    I am glad that the tractor guy was there and grading your front and backyards. Love the photos!

    Did you know that my husband couldn't say no to anything either? Lol!
    There are a garage on my house in Enseada Azul that has many stuff!!
    Now in the apartment, there are no space and place to have much stuff! Lucky me!

    Samson looks gorgeous after to went to the groomers! I am glad that the Prednisone will be reduced from two pills to one pill per day and I hope that Samson will feel better!
    Love the photo of Samson and Faith taking a long snooze near the door.
    By the way, love so much the color of the walls and it is so beautiful the door with the colorful stained glass window!
    Wishing you, Samson and Faith a lovely weekend! :)

    1. Thank you my dear friend, it is so good to hear from you.

  8. Samson looks beautiful. The groomer did an outstanding job. Brett is the collector of stuff in our marriage.

  9. I remember Green Acres and used to watch it.
    Yes, grading is the correct word. Ken just loves his tractor!! : )
    Like the rusty old truck.

  10. Dear Inger, like you, I like art, but not clutter. Still my house is in need of a good de-cluttering. Not the yard, but the drawers and cabinets and closets. Samson must feel so much cooler. Of the three cats with whom I live, Maggie, has the long fur. About three weeks ago I cut out all the snarls and so she seems to feel cooler also. It's our gift to them. Peace.

  11. I love looking at desert property yard art. You don't see it in the city and suburbs, so it's interesting and novel. Like your husband, I can't say no! LOL at the Green Acres reference. My wife and I still joke about some of the characters. Remember Mr. Haney? []

  12. A dog's life is a good life... lying on the cool tile is a sweet pleasure for a dog in the summer. I can't wait to see your yard art, and I'm so happy for you that the worker wanted the rest. It's not easy getting rid of "stuff", which is part of why it builds up, I think...

    Have a good weekend, and I hope that Samson does feel better soon.


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