Thursday, June 29, 2017

Samson Is OK ~ But I Need A Break

Samson is doing very well. We walked for 10 minutes yesterday and I will keep that up for a week or so and then increase the time. His sway back, that I noticed after he was groomed, is due to loss of muscle and he is weak in general and needs a slow buildup. He's not alone, I do too.

I read up on Cushing's syndrome and will discuss it with the vet. I was actually the one who brought it up with him, referring to my experience with another dog and medicines resulting in liver failure. The vet then said that Samson has the steroid version of Cushing's, but at that point I was done for and ready to go home. I guess I also had to absorb that and think about it before I discussed it further. It was a very long vet visit with lots of information provided and questions answered.

Samson needs a lot of my attention right now, meals and meds at set times, and so on. In addition to this, I am in the midst of an escrow and the ginormous number of forms that need to be reviewed, signed and mailed back (15 miles drive to the post office) or docu-signed. Love that one can now sign online. 

Good thing is that the dangerous heat wave has broken and temps are more normal for June, early July. I normally don't even put on my air conditioner until August, so the June heat was truly an aberration.

So I will take a blogging break for a week or two, but before I go, I want to say this:

Thank you so much, once again, for your friendship and for making me feel so loved and cared for. You are such genuine, caring, and beautiful people. Thanks for being there for me.

Because you know, there's one huge thing that is different for me now: Errol is not here to help with Samson, with the emotional support one needs when someone you love is ill. I didn't think it would matter so much, but it does. 

P.S. I'm not selling my house here in the canyon. 


  1. Hi Inger - I'm so glad Samson is doing better ... but can quite understand you need your time to - for him and for you and then of course Faith ... take care and with lots of thoughts from over here ... you could have been sitting on the Downs in thick mist for most of this week!? Last week - you'd have been baking ... that's the weather for us ... hugs, and huge hugs - Hilary

    1. Love you my friend. So sorry about all the horrific things happening over there.

  2. good luck with your closing and my prayers will be for all three of you and for Samson's healing and you to get rested up and unstressed. Love you Inger

  3. Selling one home and staying in the Canyon, and Samson holding as he is for now, that all sounds good to me. And a very LATE, Many Happy Birthday wishes for you, yes, us out here, we might not ever meet in real life, but are here every time to read your words, hope for all to be well, and see the Canyon in all seasons. XXXX for June. Down here, the 30th already.

  4. I'm sorry about all this that you have to deal with by yourself. I'm glad that Samson is doing well under the circumstances.
    I hope everything goes well for you with final details of selling the house. It's good that you are keeping the home in the canyon.

    I'm glad the heat wave is passes. It's been a different June here too. Hot one day, cold another and lots of rain that inteferes with the haying.

    Take care Inger and be well.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Good to know Samson is doing better. Sorry about the overlap overload, it gets the best of us. Take care and I will 'see' you, whenever.

  6. Take care, rest up & blog when you can. We love you!!

  7. Much love to you, Inger. Please take good care of yourself.


  8. Sending you love and hugs. I truly know exactly how you feel!

  9. Sending prayers your way, Inger! I know you are a strong person and all will fall into place for you.

  10. Glad to hear you are not selling your canyon house, Inger. And so glad Samson is recovering!

  11. It must be hard to have to deal with all this alone but remember you are not alone, God is with you always and will help you get through it all.
    Hang in there. Don't stay away too long.

  12. I hope that everything goes well at the settlement and that you, Samson and Faith have an easy few weeks.

  13. Sometimes you just need a break, take care of yourself, Samson, and all the things you need to, we will be here.

  14. Take care of those and what needs your attention now. A full plate is only good if you are hungry, not stressed. So glad Samson is doing OK and take what time you need. We aren't going anywhere

  15. Inger, one thing at a time. Samson needs you and you need him. Please do take care.

  16. Dear Inger, so many times, I've said to you and to myself, "Let us be gracious to ourselves and to one another." You continue to go through the valley of loss as it now touches what you are able to do for Samson. Please, please listen to your body and your heart. I am so glad that you are saying that you won't blog for a while. Take care. Rest. And know that love surrounds you. Peace.

  17. So grateful the heat has given you a break . . Thank You for Taking Care.
    love & love,

  18. Hello dear Inger, I am glad that Samson is doing very well!!
    Yes, so sad that your dear Errol is not there to help you with his always lovely emotional support...

    I am glad to hear you are not selling your canyon house! Your place is very beautiful!
    Love all photos of gorgeous trees and just amazing to see the great number of birds around your house.
    Sending to you, Samson and Faith many Hugs and much Love!


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