Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thinking Of You In The UK

As I'm sure it was for everyone, it was very upsetting for me to wake up to yet another act of terrorism in the UK. 

Or more accurately, I should say, to an act of terrorism anywhere. 

Which made me wonder why I don't post something when Coptic Christians in Egypt get killed, so many of them; or the airport in Istanbul gets hit by terrorists. I think of those people also, and to no lesser extent, so I wonder. 

Is it perhaps because three cities, Stockholm, London, and Los Angeles have been such large parts of my life? Have helped to make me who I am today. I feel I know these cities, for good, for bad, for better and for worse. I have loved these three cities, they have, in their very different ways, each been a strong influence on my life. 

I know Westminster Bridge, I know London Bridge and, while it may have been over 50 years ago, you don't forget your young life. You don't forget the city that helped you through school, helped you grow up, where you met the first great love of your life. Where you demonstrated against apartheid, where you marched with those who sought to Ban the Bomb, the nuclear bomb. Where you saw the now internationally accepted peace sign for the first time, and so on. London is special in my memories. 

However, and of course, the horrible taking of human life affects me equally, as I'm sure it does all sane and normal persons. 

(Which could lead me to the comments via twitter of our nation's head, politicising yet another horrific event so as to advance his own political agenda. But I will not.)

Instead, I will think of the vicar's family I worked for in Lee Green, Kent, a suburb of London. Their children, grown now, with families of their own, I imagine. I will think of Elizabeth, the Polish refugee, whose family I lived with in Ealing Common, while going to school and looking after little Kai, the cutest 2-year old you ever saw. Learning to boil an egg (not kidding) and saying "thank you" in Polish. Hoping they are all well, even if it means looking over their shoulders, not in terror, but in caution. 

And the same thoughts go out to all my blogger friends in the British Isles. I love you guys and I am thinking of you. 


  1. I echo your feeelings and thoughts. The terror attacks in London and Paris have affected me most and I think your explanation is exactly right. All attacks are equally horrific but the ones that occur where I have walked; where I can picture the street so clearly... those are especially heart wrenching.

  2. The whole terror of these attacks is too hard for me to imagine or accept. Cruelty in the most intense way, so many affected, lives changed forever. My thoughts with you Inger, your memories, and all those in UK and elsewhere where terror is only a few steps away.

  3. I agree with you Inger, our thoughts and prayers for our friends in the UK and anywhere they are forced to look over their shoulders in fear.

  4. Hi Inger - thank you so much ... our early life does influence us so much. So much devastation has happened I just feel so much for those who have lost lives, their families and friends ... here in the UK and around the world in places we've never visited.

    Damyanti wrote an incredibly moving piece on the Manchester outrage - it's so well written ... I will leave the link here for anyone who wishes to pop over to read:

    Thanks Inger - I know your love of your cities ... but your thoughts spread further for all humanity who lose loved ones in horror attacks- why do they not want to live and have a life ... with thoughts to one and all - this is becoming incoherent. Hilary

  5. The world has been made smaller now with electronic devices and travel and when someone hurt because of terrorist attack, we all hurt. We all have family and friends all over the world. When they hurt we all hurt no matter the disaster... We have become more united and each time we gat a little closer. Good will always win over evil en the end.

    You are fortunate to have been to those part of the world.

    Smiles and warm hugs.

  6. I think we all pay more attention to things that happen in cities from our past lives.. or where people we know and love live. it is a horror no matter where or what country it is in. this is a beautiful tribute to London...

  7. A very poignant post. I wish that these acts would stop so that people could feel safer again.

  8. The town where I live is at the end of a commuter train to Manchester. My husband is a Londoner and most of his family live and work in and around London. London has a very special place in my heart even though it has changed very much since the days when I spent more time there. Last night I watched the concert in Manchester given by Ariana Grande and supported by many other music stars. It was not my favourite kind of music, but I found the whole thing very moving and the faces of those young people attending were inspirational. All believing and insisting that love was the answer and the only way to conquer the hatred that caused the attacks of terrorists without conscience. It brought me back to my youth and George Harrison singing 'Love is all you need' and makes me feel quite emotional just thinking about the bond that is created with the young of all ages and all nations.

    1. Thank you for this, dear Broad. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I remember that song so well, those were turbulant times that we somehow survived. Things seem more sinister and evil now and to me inclusion, caring, and love are the things we need and the only things that will make this better. Take care, my friend.

  9. It is so evil to inflect pain and death on innocents. I will never understand the rationale and my heart goes out to the people whose lives are forever changed. Today we are all English.

  10. Why must this killing continue? I have no answers. I don't think anyone does. But I know that not allowing certain groups of people into a country won't end it.


  11. Well said, Inger. I don't know why such hate continues in our world.

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