Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Just A Quick Note

to thank you for your comments and to let you know that we are OK.

Samson is feeling great and that's such a joy. I attribute it to the change in food we put him on during the summer. It's called Wellness and Chewy's have it. The vet also recommended Zukes for treats. These tiny tidbits smell so great, your dog thinks he got a steak. Samson will have surgery on the 10th. His vet has never done this surgery before, but I trust him. Instead of the cannula he inserted into Samson's tear ducts without success, he now will insert a catheter that will enable him to take X-rays that can be forwarded to the veterinary ophamologist in Los Angeles. But one day and one thing at a time and right now Samson is so happy and feeling so good and that's all that matters.

Faith had her wellness exam and weighed in at 61 pounds of sheer muscle. The vet left this comment on the receipt: "Continue excellent care." This made me feel good even though I don't really do anything for her, except throw balls and let her run around.

I'm feeling good too and will take some time to visit all of you and also prepare a proper post to update with pictures of the floors and house. All that's needed on the house is a second coat on the top of the east side of the house and paint on the front door. Then both the pump house and the dog house need roofing material added, which Glenn may do tomorrow since rain is predicted for the weekend. The rest of the renovation work will be done in the spring. I'm very happy with the colors I picked for the house and it feels great to have come this far.

And, yes, I do love trains and many, many come through here each day.  The cement plant, not so much, but it's been here for a very long time and provides employment for locals. 


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